Heeding Warnings


For the last few months, I’ve been warning you about ANTIFA security.  I pointed out that they are armed, that they are confrontational, that they will target and follow you, and that they are prepared to use violence against anyone they feels opposes them.

Now a man is dead, stalked and murdered by an ANTIFA security leader, just as I predicted and warned.

I noted that ANTIFA security staff follow people to their cars and confront them while armed.  Once, I detailed how I was followed by an entire ANTIFA security team, but was able to evade them.  I warned that this would lead to violence at some point.

Here’s what the Ultimate Tactical Handbook of Life has to say:

….and he sees the sword coming against the land

And blows the trumpet to warn the people,

Then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not heed the warning,

And the sword comes and takes their life,

Their blood will be on their own head.

Ezekiel 33:3-4

Last Saturday night, Michael Reinhoehl and his security steam stalked, followed, and ambushed Aaron “Jay” Danielson.  Danielson was part of a Patriot Prayer protest, and Reinhoehl’s team was there to counter-protest.

Now Dead Michael Reinhoehl

Reinhoehl was interviewed by Vice News less than 2 hours before his death at the hands of US Marshals (which I find HIGHLY convenient, but that’s another article), and in that interview, he alleged that he acted in self-defense, stating that he feared that Danielson was about stab an unnamed friend of Reinhoehl.   

When the Portland Police detectives searched the body of Danielson, they recovered an expandable baton, a can of bear spray (that had been struck with a bullet), and a handgun, BUT NO KNIFE.  This renders Reinhoehl’s entire self-defense story false.

It’s worth noting that Reinhoehl was arrested on July 5th, at another protest, for unlawfully carrying a firearm, but the charges were dropped.

The police and prosecutors in this nation are scared to DEATH of the left wing mob, and they bend over backwards to not engage.  The converse is not true, they rapidly drop the hammer and over-charge when anyone even remotely right wing does anything.  

Why is all this important?  Because while history doesn’t always repeat itself, it frequently rhymes.

On October 16, 1859, John Brown and his band of abolitionists & freed slaves attacked the US Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, hoping to incite a general uprising with ultimate goal of establishing their own autonomous zone (sound familiar?).  On October 18th, a company of US Marines, led by Army Colonel Robert E Lee and Marine Lt J.E.B. Stuart (both would go on to serve the Confederacy), re-took the arsenal, killing 10 and capturing Brown.  Brown was convicted of treason and hung.

As he was walked to the gallows, Brown slipped a note to his guard, which read:

I, John Brown, am now quite certain

That the crimes of this guilty land

Will never be purged away but with blood”

John Brown, December 2, 1859

Man, does that like something we’re hearing from the left right now?

But that’s just the publicly known history of John Brown.

In May of 1856, a group of men raided the abolitionist town of Lawrence, Kansas.  A few days later, on May 21, Brown and his sons raided the homes of people they thought were responsible, killing 5 men.  This attack triggered a series of guerrilla attacks on both sides.

Interestingly, the murder committed by Reinhoehl was committed just days after Kyle Rittenhouse killed 3 ANTIFA/BLM rioters in self-defense.

History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it frequently rhymes.

Since they heard the sound of the trumpet

But did not heed the warning,

Their blood will be on their own head.

If they had heeded the warning,

They would have saved themselves.

Ezekiel 33:5

My point in highlighting these similarities isn’t to vilify the left or justify the right, it’s to warn you.

Regardless of your politics, heed the warning signs that are in front of you.  Pretending that a wide-open civil war isn’t impending will not make it stop.

A modern civil war in America won’t have front lines, or organized groups.  It will have roving bands of fighters from both sides, struggling for local control, which is infinitely more dangerous to the general public than large battles between organized armies conducting campaigns.  

Fighting could literally pop up in any neighborhood at any time.  The organized forces of order (the police and courts) have indicated that they won’t intervene, and when they do, it’s against the side actually defending itself, because that side won’t resist.

Portland Police literally said this publicly.  A few weeks ago, when the Proud Boys and ANTIFA/BLM held dueling rallies that spiraled into violence, the Portland Police Bureau issued a statement that they couldn’t control two large groups fighting each other, so they wouldn’t even try.

Warn a divisive person once,

And then warn them a second time.

After that, have nothing to do with them.

Titus 3:10

Prepare.  Prepare as if no help is coming, because it isn’t.

Establish emergency plans for your family and your mutual aid group.  Rehearse them.  Gather supplies and keep them in a ready state.  

Most importantly, stop pretending this ins’t happening or that “It’s all going to go away after the election”.  No matter who wins, there will be violence.  If Trump wins, the left will crank up the violence to 10.  If Biden wins, the right will exclaim that the election was stolen and fraudulent, causing violence.  Prepare.

Stop under-estimating ANTIFA/BLM as well.  So many people laugh at their weapon choices and their lack of training, but ANTIFA has street experience, they ARE buying weapons, and they ARE training. 

As the Reinhoehl case illustrates, they are indeed willing to hunt down and kill those who oppose them.



Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

4 thoughts on “Heeding Warnings

  1. I agree 100 percent. November is going to be bad regardless of which party wins. And you can’t rely on the police. In a small community, they will be outgunned. In a larger community, politics will bind their hands.


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