The NFAC….Again

GrandMaster Jay

The illustrious NFAC made an appearance in Lafayette Parrish, Louisiana this weekend, and there were the usual hilarious photos of the knuckleheads with ridiculous magazines, WalMart optics, and airsoft vests.

Several people came out on the internet right away, dismissing them once again as clowns and dismissing GrandMaster Jay as a fraud trying to glorify himself and the Black Hebrew Israelite ideology.

While I don’t disagree with these on a straight analysis basis, I think there is a real danger here that we are overlooking because we’re so busy laughing at them.  I’d like to discuss the danger here.  Don’t worry, we’ll do our fair share of laughing along the way.

Before they even began marching, one of them, right in front of the cameras, dropped his shotgun.  Listen, if you’re going to carry a long gun into battle, invest in a sling.  Hell, tie a string to it if you have.  I once learned at a training center that shall not be named in Moyock, North Carolina, “Always look cool, always look like you know what you’re doing, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, at least look cool.”  Dropping your primary weapon system violates all those rules at the same time.

While moving to the park, at least one member had a magazine fall out of his gear while running, right in front of the media.  The difference between real gear and airsoft gear is that real gear allows you to actually secure your magazines.

Heavy Weapons Section

I think the guys above were taking the term “Heavy Weapons Section” a bit too literally.

Don’t be fooled by their fancy posturing during their “patrol”.  If you watch the video, you’ll see that there are fences erected all the way along the route.  That’s because the NFAC got a permit and they walked along a route that was secured by the LaFayette Parrish Sheriff’s Office, who they were allegedly protesting.  Real defiance to authority is apparently getting a permit and walking only where they allow you to.

I heard one guy as the march began shouting “Keep your head on a swivel”….cool movie quote, bro.  At least he didn’t say “Stay Frosty, gents”.

At one point, during a security halt, they had the main body kneel, while the personnel facing outboard stood.  If you have ever served in anything other than Motor T or Food Services, you know that this is backwards.  If there was a threat, the people in the center of the formation would have had to return fire through their own people.  

Cool Mag, bro…

Then, there’s this gem.  I guarantee you that the 90 round AK magazine was empty, otherwise this cat would’t have made it 4 blocks carrying it.  Also indicative of an empty AK mag is the fact that this guy kept drawing his pistol and holding it in his hand during GrandMaster Jay’s speech.  Now, if I had been on Jay’s detail, and a man within 10 feet of Jay had drawn a loaded pistol, he’d have only done it one time.


It certainly wouldn’t have been an NFAC march without an accidental discharge, and this one did not disappoint.  While the Sheriff’s office claims that this guy (Terrance Jones) was not affiliated with the NFAC, he was armed and inside their perimeter when he accidentally discharged his handgun.  Twice.  It’s worth noting that he was illegally carrying the firearm.

Now, let’s get onto the danger part.

Watch out for false prophets.

They come to you in sheep’s clothing,

But inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 7:15

Grandmaster Jay is a good public speaker, for his target audience.  He was a US Army sergeant (an admin clerk by his own admission on Saturday, “I was the S1”).  I can remember a time in history when a corporal from the Austro-Hungarian army who happened to be a good public speaker set the entire world on fire and launched a genocide on a massive scale.  

Those aren’t the only similarities between Jay and Hitler.  Both openly proclaimed the superiority of their race.  Both believed that their race was unfairly policed, unfairly persecuted, and deserving of it’s own exclusive territory.  They both believed that every member of their race deserved guaranteed employment, healthcare, housing, and the right to self-police their own community. They both also, interestingly, believed in occultist religious ideology.

I’ve always maintained that no matter how ridiculous you think the NFAC is, they can still kill you, and they can still cause widespread disorder, death, and destruction.  The British laughed at the ragtag band of men who gathered on the green in Lexington with mis-matched gear, hunting rifles, and no formation.  It didn’t work out very well for them.  ISIS was about as disorganized as modern forces can be, but they seized most of Iraq and Syria after starting with just a few pickup trucks by being more committed and willing to die than the other side was.

I want to take a few minutes to point out some of his more egregious quotes, that most will overlook, because they are too busy laughing at the NFAC.  

Grandmaster Jay led several chants of “BLACK POWER”.  He also admonished the crowd to “Be BLACK first”, which got him thunderous applause.  You see, it’s not Jay and the NFAC we have to worry about; it’s who his racist rhetoric INSPIRES TO ACTION.

At one point, Jay said don’t vote for anyone who doesn’t make promises to do something for your race, which is a very racist statement.  I prefer candidates who will do something for EVERYONE.  But the scarier part came just after…Jay said that after that person gets elected, if they don’t deliver for the black race, you have to be prepared to do it “old School” and go and physically remove them from office.  That violates 18 USC 2385, for those keeping score.

From there, it took the turn that scared me the most.  In reference to Black Lives Matter protests, he said that the black community is doing it wrong.  He said that the black community needs to stop “bringing signs to a gunfight, and stop singing and dancing for the police who are killing you”.  These are specific calls to violence.  

Now, we all know that Grandmaster Jay himself isn’t going to take violent action; he loves the spotlight and attention that freedom and stages give him.  But make no mistake, he intends to incite violence by others.

Grandmaster Jay also said, in reference to interacting with the police, “If they put their hands on you, put them in the hospital or in the morgue”.  Again, while he isn’t going to do anything, he’s specifically calling for violent resistance to any police contact.  That violates 18 USC 2384.

We all know that Grandmaster Jay himself is all talk.  He said they’d burn down Louisville if they didn’t get charges within 4 weeks; that deadline came and went.  Then, he said they’d overrun and shutdown the Kentucky Derby; yet all they did was march around on the route the police allowed.

However, rhetoric like his is why a young man in Louisville opened fire on police during the protests there, wounding two.

It’s so easy to look at the images and watch the NFAC march and laugh, but that is dangerous.  Pay attention to what he’s saying and encouraging others to do.  Like all race hustlers, he isn’t going to risk arrest and take action, but he hopes others will.

It’s very easy to write off the American sergeant, but remember the lesson the world learned when they wrote off the Austrian corporal.   They are far more similar than they appear.


Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

One thought on “The NFAC….Again

  1. One of the things the skateboard spergs that attacked me the other week said was, in regard to my now broken stun baton I was using to deter them: “why don’t you fight fair?” Direct response: “I don’t fight fair.” You never know one person’s or groups true abilities until it’s too late, therefore act accordingly.
    Same applies here: they will not stop until they start paying for their actions, and even then they may be so zombified they STILL might not stop. The spergs didn’t stop until I kicked one of them, and although they kept their distance afterward, they still kepted up the sperg fest.
    I now carry my Dead On Hammer and now bear spray at all times, have both machetes much closer by while still concealed (they’re just in case I somehow end up in a root I can’t drive out of, which I narrowly avoid a BLM/Antifa march which consisted of all black clad & helmeted humans literally the following night), and am getting other armament on top of that. These might have been white kids, but make no mistake: if they don’t stop when you comma d them to, strike first; “They’re Not Gonna Stop.” – I Am Legend


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