Let’s Talk Self Defense

Stillwater, MN

Just when you thought this place couldn’t get any crazier, the last 2 weeks have thrown us for an even bigger loop.  Today, we’re going to talk about the declining self-defense situation, the revelation of the lie that this was all about George Floyd, I’ll offer some practical tips, and throw out a few items of Tactical Wisdom.

First, the only thing left to do on the book is the cover and then we’ll go live.  The Tactical Wisdom Series will begin with the “Base Line Training Manual”, in a convenient pocket size to carry with you while training.  Further volumes are rapidly being developed to move you beyond the Base Line.  This first book is a set of bare-minimum standards for gear and training, and then we’ll add on as we move forward.  It will be available on Amazon.  As usual, if you’d like to contribute a few coins to the production, use the donate link at the bottom.

 On Tuesday, we all saw the video of a police officer arriving and a young lady attempt to murder someone in his presence.  He immediately engaged, killing the attacker.  And the world went absolutely insane.  Thankfully, he was wearing a body camera and the footage should fully exonerate him.

King James Threat

Meanwhile, LeBron James directly threatened the life of the officer.  Now, I know, he claims that he was just talking about court accountability when he said “YOU’RE NEXT”, but millions hang on every word he utters as if he’s a leader.  Someone is going to take action, because King James told him to.

The entire situation reminds me of a situation in southeast Michigan last year, as all this nonsense was starting.  A couple was out to dinner and got into an altercation with a couple of black females, and the wife drew her lawfully carried firearm to defend herself and extricate themselves.  The world went nuts, drawing national attention, demanding that the couple both be arrested.

When the video first came out, I said “wait…there’s a lot more to this story”.  Sure enough, after a few days, the police released the rest of the video and it showed that the black women instigated the entire contact and tried to prevent the couple from leaving, thereby making the self-defense lawful.

Last week, we saw the selectively edited video of the Staff Sergeant ordering the young man off his property and the young trying to walk on it anyway.  Again, the police responded, took no action because the Sergeant’s actions were lawful defense of his property, but because of the mob madness, the Sheriff ordered him arrested.

So this brings us to my first piece of advice, and one I’ve mentioned before.  Buy a small, wearable camera, today, and keep it with you.  Having your own video is vital.  No, don’t rely on your cell phone, because that ties up your hands.  I have the one below, it looks like a pen in your pocket and activates with a tap.  It takes high quality video and places a date/time stamp on the video.

Buy This

If you carry a firearm for personal defense, spending $40-$50 on a wearable camera is vital legal self defense.  It should be with you if your gun is with you, just like a first aid kit should be.  If you never use it, good.  But if you need it, and don’t have it, you could be putting yourself at the mercy of the mob, who may edit their video.

A couple of weeks ago, ANTIFA surrounded a house in Lansing, Michigan, and this weekend they surrounded the Sergeant’s house.  Wouldn’t a body worn camera, showing what is happening from your perspective, help you defend your actions in court, if you were forced to take action?  Wouldn’t it have helped the McCloskey’s?

Immediately after getting the verdict they demanded on the Chauvin case, BLM & ANTIFA revealed that getting the conviction was the first step, and only a complete and total abolition of the criminal justice system will do. They’re winning; have you considered what life will be like if you cannot call the police for help and there are no penalties for criminal acts?

We saw on Tuesday night the crowds returning to the habit of rushing restaurants and harassing guests.  The police follow along, not to protect you, but in all honesty, to arrest anyone who disagrees.  If you don’t believe me, just go review the video; it’s happened time and again.

The next piece of advice comes as result of seeing the mob returning to the restaurant harassment.  Every time you go somewhere, stop and locate every possible exit in the building and remain aware of where they are in relation to you.  If the mob enters one door, go out another.  In the current climate, Don’t -Be-There-Jitsu is a good option.  I can’t star in their next viral video if I’m not there.

When a strong man, fully armed,

Guards his own house, his possessions are safe.

Luke 11:21

Now, last week I said make yourself and your house Gray Man, and I got a comment that someone said he’d never do that and I was wrong to even suggest it.  Fair enough; I’m not a leftist who tells people that their OPINION is wrong.  However, for all the things this guy said he’d do to ANTIFA, I have yet to see him out there with me and my associates when we are out among ANTIFA, counteracting them by gathering intelligence, protecting speakers at events, and getting information out to you all.   I meant my Oath, and I’m taking action.  

We also saw on Tuesday a large number of cars getting trapped inside the protests that developed the evening that the verdict was read, and this one is really silly.  I can’t imagine why on earth anyone was anywhere near the Hennepin County Government Center once deliberations began.  We even saw the crowd attempt to stop and forcibly remove a truck driver from his truck.

From a preparedness perspective, pay attention to local news.  The minute they announced deliberations, I would have been canceling anything that I had to do downtown.  I live in Detroit and as soon as I heard that the verdict was going to be announced, I packed up what I was doing and headed to the homestead, so that if things went sideways, I wasn’t trapped in a public place or on the roads.

Learn your local protest groups and monitor their social media plans.  This can keep you from getting caught up in a planned protest.

Arrested for self-defense

The last issue is one that I already discussed, but once again, we need to have in the front of our minds. A man, trying to get home, encountered a BLM roadblock at the end of his street.  He got out of the car, and got shoved.  When he pushed back, he was detained by the police.  

In all honesty, the police are afraid of the negative backlash of resisting the mob.  Here in Metro Detroit, I’ve seen suburban departments turn around and drive away when they see a BLM march.

The prudent see danger & take refuge,

But the simple keep going & pay the price.

Proverbs 22:3

When this happened, someone replied to me on Twitter, saying “That’s Stillwater, Minnesota, that’s not going to go well for BLM”.  Yes, it did.  The police prevented the local people from resisting BLM, so it went just fine.  People keep thinking these are normal times, AND THEY ARE NOT.  A violent Marxist revolution is underway, and you need to realize that.

I was asked what I would have done, and I honestly would have driven around the roadblock, on lawns if needed, and into my driveway. As long as I didn’t damage any property, I doubt any action would be taken. We are not living in normal times.

For us, from a preparedness perspective, it’s time to realize that for the most part, the Without Rule of Law situation that we have been preparing for is HERE, it’s just not at scale, yet.  With racial tensions at an all time high, an impending Russian invasion of the Ukraine, and open conflict brewing between Iran and Israel, we don’t have much time left in this strange twilight.


Up your awareness, keep a body camera on you, and remain totally aware of your surroundings.  This place can go from the weird semi-normality we’re in to full-WROL in a matter of minutes and you will have to start with what you have.  Make sure that what you have will enable you to get back to the rest of your supplies.

Understand that the self defense climate has changed. Knowing and acting within the law is no longer enough to prevent you from being arrested. Be careful, and wear a camera to document everything.

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Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Self Defense

  1. Like you told me, “I can’t just sit and watch “. Made me get up and go. Too many mouths running and asses sitting..


  2. I’m in pretty close proximity; would like to have a cup of coffee and talk sometime….shoot me an email. Hopefully wordpress will let me leave the comment.


  3. Living in “up north”, we are only pretty safe. Living in a dead end street complex (at the CP no less) isnt the best place, but its what I’ve got. I’ll need to do some landscaping…
    As for egress, that will be on foot…

    Great article. Good to see you here as well, DTG!


  4. You do make a valid point with a body cam. However, consider the condition of the courts and those who comprise the justice system. This may sound harsh but here goes. If I am ever in such a situation, where there is no way out BUT to take defensive/offensive measures, everyone in vicinity holding a recording device may as well be holding a weapon, and WILL be treated as such. And, if time allows, devices will be collected and destroyed. We must make every effort to AVOID a courtroom.


  5. Thank you. I get a “Kindle” “We’re sorry, this link is not working” display and a blank rectangle. Maybe my Amazon settings are messed up.


  6. Pen pocket camera. SD card. I like it. Gonna get one. I always pack…no permit required in Alaska. Stay grey.


  7. The Amazon product links seems to change – Here’s a link for Amazon site search for camera pen: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=mini+camera+in+pen

    Also being from SE Michigan, I’ll just post this story here that I’ve posted a coupleof other places:

    A black girl who was 17 years old stabbed another black girl who was 16 years old to death using a kitchen knife in a classroom during classes at Fitzgerald High School in Warren, Michigan in 2018.


    The adults were unable to save her before she bled out once she got stabbed.
    Anyone, even a teen-aged black girl, who is armed with a knife and is determined to use it, is a deadly serious matter.
    A stab that cuts or even nicks the carotid artery in the neck or the aorta that supplies the heart in the chest is quickly fatal and can be delivered by an amateur without military or martial arts training with a knife found in the kitchen.
    Such an attack needs to be ended immediately and decisively.


  8. I like/subscribe to the “Grey Man”attitude but feel we may be outed by violence and then the camera a nice idea.That said,am usually not a pen guy excepting writing estimates,most of me shirts ect. do not work with a pen thus other models(perhaps a coat button (at least in cooler temps.)ect. needed.

    I would though like something sending a copy at this point to a e-mail/site ect.,crowd or perhaps even some cops may ruin said device and recording.

    As for others recording with phones ect. many are also doing this so short of say a pocket EMP not sure even collecting devices would help much.

    Anyhow,thanks for some good thoughts and at least gets me thinking a bit more.


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