Yes, It Can Happen Here

Kenosha After the Riots

I frequently get called an alarmist. When I discuss our current situation, people say, “That will never happen here” or “This is America, they can’t ever do that”.

It frustrates me to no end, because in America before March of 2020, if someone said, “The state governments here in America are going to order all businesses to be severely limited and order citizens to remain in their homes, for a prolonged period, unless they have some valid reason to be outside of their home”, anyone would have said “That will never happen here”, yet it has. We are well beyond the realm of “That can’t happen here”, yet people say it to me day after day.

As an example, Javier Goya (not his real name) and I began talking months ago about how issues with the supply chain and disturbing indicators in the commodities markets were pointing towards a looming food shortage. We were roundly laughed at & told that we were being alarmist. Today, the Twitter feeds are full of pictures of empty shelves, and the press is telling us to get used to it because it’s the new normal. Normally, this time of year, grocery stores are brimming with turkeys. This year, if you are lucky to find one, it’s double the price of last year.

Why do I mention this? To say I told you so? No, it’s to warn you about normalcy bias. Normalcy bias is the tendency to deny that something is happening, despite evidence to the contrary. Normalcy bias is what causes people to say, “I just don’t see that happening”. Did you see complete and total lockdowns happening and did they happen even though you didn’t?

Closely related to normalcy bias is hope. Hope causes people to believe things that just aren’t realistic. There are many who hope that things will just go back to normal in America, so they suggest just “waiting and seeing” what is going to happen. This is the “don’t make waves” group. Many people hope that by “going along to get along”, the extremists on both sides will magically moderate their positions and everything will default to the “normal” setting.

If anyone hears the trumpet but does not heed the warning

and the sword comes and takes their life, their blood will be on their own head.

Ezekiel 33:4

The socialist progressives, every time that the conservatives compromise, rather than moderating, have then made an even more extreme demand. Winston Churchill once warned about the Munich Agreement compromise, which handed an entire nation to the National Socialists without a fight, but Chamberlain did it anyway “to preserve peace, no matter the cost”. Did Chamberlain prevent World War 2? Did his appeasement of the demands of the far left (Yes, Hitler was Far LEFT not right) lead to peace? No, it led to more demands and eventually war.

Here’s where history provides my next example. Despite the glaring example of the Munich agreement, what did the Soviet Union, another far left nation, do? They entered the Non-Aggression Pact with Germany and banded together to divide up Poland (boy, does history repeat or what).

Once Germany got what it wanted (a unified front against Poland), did it then say, “Thanks for the compromise, let’s get back to normal”? No; as soon as they got what they wanted, they attacked their ally in Operation Barbarossa and the only thing that saved the Russians was her size and the weather (winter).

This isn’t exclusive to the left, the far right does the same thing. When granted compromises on illegal immigration, it led to the formation of even more extreme groups and political parties that demanded an end to ALL immigration, which is unrealistic.

Great Book by my friend Peter:

On a side note, for the leftists that love to read my articles and comment, I’m not talking about Neo-Nazi groups: those belong to YOU. When you read the platform of any Neo-Nazi group, their platform is ALWAYS socialist. They ALWAYS call for nationalization of banks and businesses, they call for social welfare programs, and other things that only the left demands. Their racist policies towards Jews and other minorities are the same restrictions that the leftist woke mob wants to put on white people. Two sides of the same coin. And if you doubt my opposition to these groups, check out my very public expression of revulsion at one such group on Twitter a few days ago.

So, what does this history lesson have to do with today’s events and preparedness? Well, it tells us that compromise and going along are not guarantees of safety. We must continue to plan and not rely on compromise.

Jack Lawson, the author of the Civil Defense Manual recently authored this article: In it, he points out these same issues. For the record, buy his books.

The most important takeaway is to stop thinking “It can’t happen here”. Civil War has already happened here once, and now there is open talk on both sides of secession and “peaceful divorce”. Let me just tell you: A national divorce will NOT be peaceful. Both sides would see it as validation of their worldview, and we live too inter-twined lives to just all separate and go on our merry ways.

A national internal conflict here will play out like the Balkan Conflict, but on a far larger scale. It would be unprecedented.

Pay attention to the indicators around you and understand that it CAN and MAY VERY WELL happen here and get prepared. Stock up on food, no matter what. Mountain House is currently having 15% off, so use my affiliate link below (I make a few pennies to support the site) and get some. Keep the car fueled up.

Be aware that the extreme BLM/ANTIFA crowd are every bit as anti-Joe Biden as the right. Look at their websites and Twitter pages. They believe that a violent Marxist revolution is the only solution.

It’s just been revealed that the FBI is indeed opening counter-terrorism investigations against parents who speak out at school board meetings. The other night, a socialist parent threatened conservative parents with “1000 armed soldiers, ready to go”. If everyone else is preparing for a civil war, shouldn’t you?

Lastly, the one-two punch of the Rittenhouse and Aubrey cases ending at the same time is BOUND to cause mass street violence. By the way, those two closing at the same time is most likely BY DESIGN. We’re already seeing both sides in the streets, ready to fight. Prepare.

Oh, and don’t think the FEDS aren’t stirring the pot. This vehicle has all the markings of a false flag to raise tensions. The vehicle belongs to a paper copany and what Nazis are driving around in Japanese trucks?

It’s the FED-Mobile!!

I hope this has opened a few eyes and helps a couple of you start seeing the world as it IS, not as we would like it to be.

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I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

6 thoughts on “Yes, It Can Happen Here

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    None of that should be outside Bio Weapons Laboratories… unless they’re Chinese (Joke).

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  2. Any suggested links for the Sarracenia Purpurea Extract? All I see is on eBay and one sketchy looking link. Would like to find a reliable link to purchase.


  3. Hello from the UK.

    Thank you for this post. It is very helpful. As regards a civil war in the USA it has already started, only it is a war of words. I put the USA as 160 years ago as it were, 1861.

    I appreciate your comment about Hitler being far left, although I say that the Nazis are so far right they are near the bottom where they meet the communists. They are both 2 sides of the same coin.

    And both arose out of Germany. Marx was a German Jew which people forget. In the First World War Germany funded the Bolsheviks (essentially Jews) to start a revolution in Russia. Hitler had Jewish ancestry which people forget or ignore.

    I have written much on my site regarding Covid 19 from the health aspects and who is behind it all. If you are interested her is my link to Covid 19 Summary from which you can access the sub-links on the various aspects.

    Perhaps this may be of interest too.

    Please note I do use humour as necessary on my site to lighten the mood and to help make the points. And as you know the truth will set you free even if it seems bizarre at times.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


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