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We have produced an entire series of books called the Tactical Wisdom Series. They are designed to serve as Field Manual type books. They are small enough to take out into the field while operating or training, and each covers a different topic.

The first volume, TW-01 Base Line Training Manual is designed to be the bare minimum standard for anyone interested in preparedness. It describes the minimum food, water, gear, and skill requirements that each person should have, as well as some training ideas. Each chapter contains a Base Line Standard, which could be used as an action checklist.

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TW-02 Fieldcraft, consists of actual field skills you will need. No matter how you envision a WROL situation, having some basic individual movement skills and tactical field living (camping, but with a twist) skills will be vital. Our pioneers were “Militant Farmers”, content to live their lives peacefully working their farms, but they were able to field a formidable and well-trained fighting force at a moment’s notice. That’s where Fieldcraft comes in.

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TW-03, Defensive Operations discusses ways in which to secure your property, neighborhood, campsite, or compound in a “Without Rule of Law” situation.  This Volume of the Tactical Wisdom Series covers the skills and knowledge to conduct local security operations either for an individual location or for a community.  The book focuses on protecting your people, supplies, and properties in an environment where help may not be coming. This Volume builds on the gear and organization developed in Volume 1, Baseline Training Manual, and the individual & team skills learned in Volume 2, Fieldcraft, to begin true defensive operations to maintain our self-sufficiency.  

Contacts & Notes is a Companion, not a stand-alone book in the series. It is a notebook to keep your preparedness contacts and team organization at hand. It has planning pages designed to help you organize your team and plan your defenses. It has reference sheets and planning guides, as well as general notebook pages and dot grid pages for sketching.

Volume 4 of the Tactical Wisdom series will help you develop skills in the area of Scouting and Patrolling.  These are the skills to get out into the area around you and find out what is happening, while remaining undetected in a Without Rule of Law situation.  We can’t just sit in our houses and hope no one comes along; we must get out and see who is around us.  Also, should bad things begin to happen in your area, this book gives you the skills to make a stand away from your home base and take the fight to the hostile groups, before they come knocking on your door.  We don’t ever want to use these skills, but we need them in our toolbox.

The best place to buy our books is at Amazon, particularly if you have Prime. There is an Amazon Affiliate link below each book description above. However, many don’t want to give the Amazon beast any money, and I get that. If you choose, you can buy the books here. The book is $15, plus $5 for shipping & handling, for a total of $20 per book. Each book bought here will be signed by the author.


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Base Line Training Manual – Signed Copy

Signed copy of the Base Line Training Manual, Tactical Wisdom Series TW-01, by Joe Dolio.


Fieldcraft – Signed Copy

Signed copy of Fieldcraft, Tactical Wisdom Series TW-02, by Joe Dolio.


Defensive Operations – Signed Copy

Signed copy of Defensive Operations, Tactical Wisdom Series TW-03, by Joe Dolio.


Set A: Books 1-3 Tactical Wisdom Series

A set of signed copies of TW-01, TW-02, TW-03 by Joe Dolio


TW-03A Contacts And Notes – Signed Copy

TW Series Companion Contacts & Notes


TW-04 Scouting And Patrolling – Signed Copy

A signed copy of TW-04 Scouting and Patrolling


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