Facing Reality

Today, 3% and Militia groups made appearances in Portland, Louisville, and in Virginia.  It’s time to face reality about our movement and take quick corrective action.

In Virginia, Militia and 3% groups marched to oppose new guns laws proposed by the State Legislature.  This one appeared well-organized and disciplined, however, as a Marine, I have to speak about professionally wearing uniforms.  

When you are conducting an operation, that may result in conflict, such as an armed march, everyone wearing combat fatigues of any type, should be required to have the sleeves fully rolled down and secured.  The reason is that during operations, there are a lot of harmful things flying through the air and if you have to jump into a hedgerow, you’ll be grateful for sleeves.

This current trend “cool-guy” look of rolling up the cuffs once or twice is ridiculous and not very practical.  It also opens your professional militia group to ridicule by the media.  

In the group that marched, while they did well, I saw a mix of people in full combat gear and some people in jeans & T shirts.  Mandate a uniform of the day, one way or the other.  That’s the ONLY positive mark I give to Grandmaster Jay and the NFAC boys, they ALL show up in uniform.

The best mark of the day goes to this group, because at one point, as they began to march down the road, the police stopped them and ordered them up onto the sidewalk, and the militia refused.  They should have.  

The police never demand that BLM or ANTIFA get up on the sidewalk.  They only confronted our side, because we are generally law-abiding and more likely to comply with law enforcement.  We need to do more of this, forcing the police and local governments to treat us the same as they treat the leftists.

In Louisville, things went downhill.  The same group that showed up to oppose the NFAC arrived.  

I’m only going to say this one time.  If you want to be taken seriously, as a paramilitary organization, you CANNOT ALLOW your personnel to arrive at an operation in shorts and t-shirts.  JUST STOP IT.  You showed up with personnel in combat fatigues, yet you allowed guys in shorts and t-shirts to join your formation.  CLOWNS.  Even the NFAC doesn’t.

This group showed up, allegedly planning on marching, but then they never left the parking lot.  They didn’t seem have any actual plan and never really took action.

This is my biggest problem with most 3% or militia groups.  I’ve gone to events with some, and attending training with others.  Most of the groups just give a date and time to show up for “training” and everyone shows up and stands around talking for the first hour, arguing over over the plan the next hour, conducts a rambling lecture and maybe finally goes for a hike or shooting for about an hour, before getting back together for food and drinks to end the day.

Then, when you show up for an ACTUAL OPERATION, without a real plan, the media watching you can tell you have no plan, and they will mock you mercilessly as backwards country people, which is exactly what they are doing tonight.  Even Ford Fisher, an independent media personality who supports our side, was mocking this group today.

But I haven’t even gotten to the part that sent me screaming through the office today.

When it began to rain in Louisville today, the hard-core militia group broke ranks and sprinted to their vehicles, seeking cover from the rain.  Now, the media filming them didn’t and they had a great time covering this mercilessly.

Hear me out….If you stop conducting an operation because of LIGHT RAIN, how do you possibly expect to fight a war, defend your town, or whatever?  Are you going ask the Chinese or UN troops to come back on a better weather day?  

I will give this to the leftists….they are in the streets every day, rain or shine, heat or cold.

These guys deserve to be mocked.  Seriously….How do you propose to defend or reclaim your nation, which is what you claim your purpose is, if you will ONLY do it as long as you can be comfortable?  

“Sorry, General Washington, I hear it’s going to be a particularly cold winter here in Valley Forge.  I’ve got a new series to binge-watch on Netflix.”

They also, for fratricide avoidance, I suppose (I hear Louisville is RIFE with friendly fire incidents), put runner’s green reflective bands on both arms.  Imagine how ridiculous it is to have a team in ultra-Tacti-Cool Multi-Cam uniforms, with bright green bands on both arms.  I get the idea, but a better way is all wear the same gear in the same fashion, with the same patch.  Some might say that is the entire point of calling it a UNIFORM.

A bigger threat with this is that the item they used for a recognition flash is readily available at every store that carries sporting goods.  If I wanted to commit a false flag attack and blame it on your group, I just had to pop into a store and spend $5.  

After surviving the brutal rain deluge, the group left the area and gathered for pizza, allowing the media to film them eating pizza in a parking lot.  Yes, really.

At the other end of the country, in Portland, right wing groups squared off against ANTIFA.  The police rapidly vanished and very publicly stated that two large opposing groups fighting was beyond their capability to control, so they were just going to withdraw and let the groups “sort it out”.  

Yes, really.  But more about that tomorrow.

After initially pushing ANTIFA back due to the sheer shock of an opposing group appearing, the alleged militia and Proud Boys groups were then driven away by ANTIFA, into headlong retreat.

You know why that happened?  BECAUSE THEY UNDERESTIMATED ANTIFA.

I’ve been warning against that for months.  ANTIFA has over 2 months of combat experience fighting the US Marshal Service and the DHS and they learn every week.  They are organized and committed.

The second reason is that our side is reluctant to break the law and use severe violence.  ANTIFA has no such aversion to violence.  There’s a lesson in there.


So, how do we salvage anything from this?

Well, first, we had a win in Virginia, so we accept it.

We need to apply the following lessons learned:

  1. You are either a para-military group or not; demand professionalism.
  2. Establish uniform requirements.  It develops teamwork and esprit de corps as well.
  3. Set a uniform of the day and ENFORCE IT.
  4. Establish a standard recognition device such as a unit patch.
  5. Plan ahead.  This applies to training and actual operations.
  6. Stop backing down.
  7. Understand that preserving your freedom might actually require you to be less than perfectly comfortable sometimes.  This is why we don’t fight as well.  Too lazy.
  8. Understand that violence may be necessary.
  9. If you aren’t willing to use violence against your fellow man in advancement of our cause, then kindly stay home and go back to being a Twitter Warrior.
  10. Stop underestimating the opposition.
  11. Get off the couch and into the field.
  12. Don’t let the media make video that they can use to mock you, and certainly don’t invite them along.

Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

4 thoughts on “Facing Reality

  1. One argument. In Portland, antifa did not push us out, we were scheduled to be there till 3 as security for political speakers and the event was to end then. We do have some respect from from law enforcement and attempting to maintain that relationship especially during a back the blue event. Antifa did overpower out poorly laid exit strategy, but it’s a learning lesson. Next time, we are just fighting and I will push your suggestions into my group of Patriots.


    1. Hey… Thanks for the input, and thanks for being out there. We need more of it. I’m out every day among them, but undercover and gathering data.


  2. Very sound advice. We have small unit but have been complimented on our discipline be a local Shariff department. We were asked to participate in an event by a lll% group and another militia unit. We saw first hand the unprofessiolism of the other units. As the 1st Sgt. Of our unit, I will be passing much of what you have stated on down to my unit members.


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