Being Honest About WROL Comms

Let’s get a little housekeeping out of the way…my dear amateur radio friends, please refrain from the hysterical screeching about how wrong I am until the end; I think you’ll admit that what I say here has merit. Also, if you feel the need to discuss the FCC in the comment section, please understand thatContinue reading “Being Honest About WROL Comms”

Preparedness & Integrity

As the war progresses in Ukraine and the country devolves into a total Without Rule of Law situation, the question has arisen: In a true WROL situation do morality and integrity matter? If civilization collapses, isn’t everything justified? The answer is an emphatic yes, morality and integrity matter, and no, not everything is justified. IfContinue reading “Preparedness & Integrity”

Civilian Lessons Part 2 – Ukrainian Boogaloo

Last week, we talked about key civilian lessons from the Russo-Ukraine Conflict. Today, I would like to discuss some more. While the lessons are from the Ukraine conflict, they can be applied to any armed conflict, civil disturbance, or emergency in general. This brings us to today’s Tactical Wisdom: You will hear of wars andContinue reading “Civilian Lessons Part 2 – Ukrainian Boogaloo”

A Look at the Horizon

Today, I’d like to talk about where we are now, where things are headed, and what we should be doing. No, it’s not meant to be “fear-porn” or doom-saying; it’s meant to be a realistic look. Time to take off the blinders of normalcy bias and take stock of the REAL situation. No, we aren’tContinue reading “A Look at the Horizon”

Civilian Lessons – Ukraine

First, I hate saying I told you so, but I got all kinds of negative feedback on social media for my article, “The Russians Are Coming”, calling me alarmist and “fear-clickbait”. I was simply telling you that the Russians were indeed coming. February 23rd made perfect sense for a date because it’s the date ofContinue reading “Civilian Lessons – Ukraine”