Gear Shakedown – Field Time

One of the biggest challenges we face in preparedness is in actually getting in some time using our gear. I spent last week at the Von Steuben Training & Consulting Jager Course. You can find the course review on the Tactical Wisdom Locals Page. This article is more about the use and adjustment of myContinue reading “Gear Shakedown – Field Time”

Building Community

I love getting out and meeting more people in our community. I enjoy spending time learning and training with others. It’s important that we all get out and do this to build a community wherever you plan on weathering a WROL situation. It’s vital whether you plan to bug out or bug in. We’ve talkedContinue reading “Building Community”

Training – Physical Skills

Bruce Lee famously said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks one time…I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”. This quote is about getting in physical repetitions to master a skill. This applies not just to martial arts, but to every physical skill in life. It’s why skilledContinue reading “Training – Physical Skills”

Should I Stay or Should I go?

One of the biggest debates in preparedness is the bug out or bug in question. The question can’t be answered in a definite way because every situation is different, and everyone’s personal environment is specific to them. Where I have difficulty though are the absolutists on either end. First, not every situation requires a fullContinue reading “Should I Stay or Should I go?”

Recognizing Your Team

The Russo-Ukrainian War (Slavic Civil War) has brought to the forefront a vital issue. If everyone is driving the same vehicles, using the same weapon platforms, and wearing the same uniforms, how do you identify your own side? As a side note, countless militias are fighting on both sides of that conflict, too, with someContinue reading “Recognizing Your Team”

Sad Hams are Killing GMRS

I will admit, I was unduly harsh in the original article. While it was factually accurate, I wasn’t fair to the hams in the area…gents, I am sorry for that. Your criticism there is fair and I accept it. Let me reword, I have regularly encouraged new people to get on GMRS to learn. IContinue reading “Sad Hams are Killing GMRS”

Prudence in Uncertain Times

Banks are on dangerous ground, the Russo-Ukrainian War risks escalation, and China is expanding it’s challenges. What more could go wrong? Well, the Manhattan DA claims he’s about to arrest Donald Trump. Rather than calling for calm, Donald Trump, as usual, decided to play right into their hands and call for protests to “take backContinue reading “Prudence in Uncertain Times”

Review: Brushbeater Scout & Recce Courses

I recently attended the Scout and Recce courses at Brushbeater. While NC Scout is a friend, he didn’t ask me to write this, and I have received nothing for it. This is an unbiased review. The TLDR of it this: TAKE THE COURSES. I know you’re afraid of the feds. Go to the class anywayContinue reading “Review: Brushbeater Scout & Recce Courses”

Seven Nights in the Field

Last week, I spent 8 days and 7 nights in the field attending NC Scout’s Scout and Recce courses at his facility in North Carolina. Later in the week, I will do a review of the courses, but for today, I want to talk about the gear and review some of it. “…The Lord is with you, mightyContinue reading “Seven Nights in the Field”

Wake Up Call

After the East Palestine train incident and the string of balloon shoot-downs, including one over Michigan, I was already working on upping my actual “walk out the door” preparedness. Then, this morning, I woke to text messages from the local police. They were advising residents that a Norfolk Southern train had derailed ON THE STREETContinue reading “Wake Up Call”

Normalcy Bias is Bad, OK?

I’m convinced that the vast majority of Americans (and people in the West in general) are OK with literally anything, as long Netflix still works, and Amazon still delivers. This whole spy balloon saga just reinforced it. Before I delve into normalcy bias and ways to avoid it, let me give you two pieces ofContinue reading “Normalcy Bias is Bad, OK?”

Uncertain Times

With us all already on edge from the Russo-Ukrainian War, an impending Chinese blockade on Taiwan, and potential riots over Memphis, the weekend was bad enough. Then, out of nowhere, an “unknown party” launched a series of drone strikes across central and northern Iran with absolutely no warning. The attacks went on all night and,Continue reading “Uncertain Times”

Our Heritage

As the SHOT Show winds down, I’m reflecting on our heritage and what the Founding Fathers would think of what we’ve become. I’m certain that they are disappointed and incredulous. Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Matthew 7:15 The worst part is that manyContinue reading “Our Heritage”

Low-Tech to No-Tech is The Way

Being a public figure in the preparedness world, I get swamped with people asking me for my recommendations on the latest and coolest cool-guy Ultra-Tacticool gear. Which night vision should I buy, what’s the best range finder, and what rifle accessories do I need top the list. While I give the best answers I canContinue reading “Low-Tech to No-Tech is The Way”

The Surveillance State

Every week, we get closer and closer to a social credit system. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scores, once called a right-wing conspiracy theory, are now an actual thing used to determine if businesses get loans. How long before it gets down to private citizens? The US was founded on the principle that individual freedom,Continue reading “The Surveillance State”

Winter Preparedness

As I write this, word is coming out that NY Police are finding bodies frozen in vehicles all along the highways in areas impacted by the storm. Buffalo is finding frozen people buried in the snow. It’s a horrible tragedy, but all the more so because it was 100% avoidable. Over the weekend, we alsoContinue reading “Winter Preparedness”

Stranded in Peru – Lessons Learned

As Peru devolves into civil war, tourists, including Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, found themselves stranded in a remote region that was experiencing a full Without Rule of Law situation. There was no law enforcement, and armed groups & protestors were on the roads. Some of these tourists were forced out of vehicles and had toContinue reading “Stranded in Peru – Lessons Learned”

Principles Over Fear

A few days ago, I shared the video of NYFD Lt. Alison Russo-Elling being murdered on the street. I lamented that no one stopped to help her or engage her attacker. She was walking to lunch when a man stabbed her 19 times, killing her. Multiple people drove by or walked by, without even slowingContinue reading “Principles Over Fear”

It’s Not Hyperbole

Normalcy Bias is a killer. No matter how bad things get, most people think that “it” can never happen here. The entire world is devolving into civil war or open conflict, yet folks in the West, and the US in particular, just believe that those are problems for “over there where those people live”. Now,Continue reading “It’s Not Hyperbole”

Are You REALLY In?

I know a lot of people in the preparedness space. Some people are dead serious about it, some are not. The truth is, a lot of the folks allegedly into preparedness are actually just collectors and gear junkies, rather than actually into preparedness. How do I know? Well, I’m glad you asked, because it’s timeContinue reading “Are You REALLY In?”

How Ready Are You – Minute Men

Consider our world for a moment, as I did on Wednesday morning. Russia shows no signs of pulling out of Ukraine and is threatening the UK. China is becoming more and more bellicose in relation to Taiwan and the US. North Korea is off the chain (again). Iran is threatening both Saudi Arabia and AzerbaijanContinue reading “How Ready Are You – Minute Men”

Brazil – Lessons and Observations

On Sunday night, the Brazilian run-off election got underway. Bolsonaro supporters were thrilled because Bolsonaro maintained a commanding lead all day. While it wasn’t a rout, he had it in the bag. Something happened in those last few hours though. Lula made a surprising comeback in just one region. Although Bolsonaro won 6 of theContinue reading “Brazil – Lessons and Observations”

Snapping In

When you go to US Marine Corps Boot Camp, after the first few weeks of Phase 1, if you survive, you get sent to Recruit Field Training Duty for Phase 2, or as I call it, THE FUN STUFF. At RFTD, you learn individual movement techniques, basic infantry tactics, and marksmanship. During the 2 weeksContinue reading “Snapping In”

Getting Out There

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’d like to meet like-minded people, but I’m worried that everyone is a Fed”? I hear it every week, and to be fair, I begin every class I teach with “For the Fed who is inevitably among us reporting on this class…..”. We’re all a little gun-shyContinue reading “Getting Out There”

Testing Yourself

I’m a big fan of the Vikings TV Series. Yes, I know it’s not 100% historically accurate, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some Tactical Wisdom in it. In fact, the plot line from Season 1 is very instructive for the moment we find ourselves in and can guide you in getting ready. Ragnar hadContinue reading “Testing Yourself”

It Will Just Be OK….

Friend, I know it seems like the economy is crashing all over the world. I know your grocery bill that was $150 is now $245. I know gas is over double what it was before the election. I know that every petty dictator in the world is pushing their boundaries. More importantly, I know thatContinue reading “It Will Just Be OK….”

Making A Stand

There’s a country song (No, not a country fan) that says, “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” The events of the last year in general, and the last 2 weeks, tell me that it’s time to revisit that idea. As our country continues to call anyone who criticizes the governmentContinue reading “Making A Stand”

Mobile Lifestyle – What is it?

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at S2 Underground posed this question: Are you prepared RIGHT NOW, to walk out the door with the gear you have and live a mobile lifestyle for the next 3-5 years? That’s a solid question, but a lot of you may not realize what we’re talking about here,Continue reading “Mobile Lifestyle – What is it?”

Establishing Daily Routines

With the chaotic pace of world events and the rampant speed of the collapse we seem to be hurtling towards, it’s easy to lose focus and miss things. As the next big headline drops, we can be so surprised by it that we forget to take basic precautions or to continue to prepare. What weContinue reading “Establishing Daily Routines”

Upgrading Comms – Retevis RT97

We had some pretty significant storms this last week, which left tens of thousands without power for days. The storms came up suddenly, with no notice. It got me back to thinking about comms. In trying times, we need to stay connected to each other, as this piece of tactical wisdom tells us: Not givingContinue reading “Upgrading Comms – Retevis RT97”

Safety in Public – Immediate Actions

In the last couple of days, we’ve had some mass shootings (both stopped by good guys with guns), a lot of protests, and an explosion at Hoover Dam (they say it was a transformer). During this same period, we’ve seen Iran, Turkey, and Russia hold meetings as China threatened to shoot down Nancy Pelosi’s plane.Continue reading “Safety in Public – Immediate Actions”

A Momentous Moment

It’s time for a chat. Grab a chair and your favorite holiday weekend drink. I was in rural Kentucky and stopped at the Maker’s Mark Distillery because it’s my Dad’s favorite drink, and this took me along on another route to my friend’s house. As I was rolling along a two-lane backcountry road among thoseContinue reading “A Momentous Moment”

Technology is Not Your Friend

As you all know by now, I advocate a low-tech to no-tech approach. Mostly, this is because we can’t rely on having the ability to connect to a network, or to even charge and power our devices. Being low-to-no tech keeps us able to function. Recently, however, a couple of events have me leaning evenContinue reading “Technology is Not Your Friend”

It Can’t Happen Here

When I talk about food shortages, a lot of folks roll their eyes and call me alarmist. They say, “Yes, but this is AMERICA. It can’t happen here.” Ok, let’s talk about that. As I type this, around 290 thousand Ohioans are in the dark and without power on the hottest day of the yearContinue reading “It Can’t Happen Here”

It’s Time, Christians

I won’t share photos or video here, but over the weekend, as Pride Month got into full swing, we saw footage of allegedly “Family Friendly Drag Shows” at adult bars all over the country. As if a strip show is ever “Family Friendly”. The videos included small children sticking money in the underwear of strippingContinue reading “It’s Time, Christians”

Answering Gear Questions

When I wrote about getting out and testing your gear last week, I got a lot of questions about what gear I used and what worked well. I thought I would share some of the things that worked out for me to help you decide. Now, I will use some affiliate links here, which meansContinue reading “Answering Gear Questions”

Readiness – Get Home Bag

Earlier today, Watcher and I were on the Sniper’s Nest YouTube Channel (link below), discussing how to set up a Get Home Bag. We analyzed Sniper’s bag and helped him better organize his gear. A Get Home Bag is a bag designed to carry the supplies needed to, as the name applies, get home. WeContinue reading “Readiness – Get Home Bag”

Gear Review – Toor Knives

I own a lot of knives. I mean, A LOT of knives. As a martial artist, I’m interested in knives. As a United States Marine (Once a Marine…you know, the thing), I’m VERY interested in knife combat. In the fantastic “Gray Man” book series, Courtland Gentry frequently remarks “If I have a knife, I canContinue reading “Gear Review – Toor Knives”

Standing on Principles

If you watched The Last Kingdom, you know about Uthred Ragnarson. Uthred was trusted by both the Saxons and the Northmen, because they both knew him to be a man of principles and a man of his word. Once Uthred swore an oath, you could consider it done. In fact, the only time he wentContinue reading “Standing on Principles”

What Is Happening In Food?

While the world is currently experiencing supply chain issues, there is a shortage of fertilizer and analysts are predicting serious shortfalls in world agricultural production. At the same time, a series of fires and industrial accidents keep happening in and among our food production and distribution facilities. Now, every time I post about one, IContinue reading “What Is Happening In Food?”

The Summer of Love (Again)

Just like the lyrics to ‘Pride In The Name of Love” by U2, “Early Morning, April 4, a shot rings out….”, a tragedy occurred the morning of April 4 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Just after 8 AM, a GRPD officer stopped a vehicle driven by Patrick Lyoya for improper plates. Lyoya would fail to provideContinue reading “The Summer of Love (Again)”

Gear Testing in the Field

Gathering a bunch of gear you’ve never used is a bad idea. Every single item in your preparedness gear stash needs to be something that you know how to use, have used, and can use without thinking or refresher courses. This goes for tents and radios, just as much as it does for simple thingsContinue reading “Gear Testing in the Field”

Preparing with Kids

A few years ago, my son asked me to teach a Concealed Pistol Class to him and his friends, to meet state requirements. They were all living in a rough part of town while going to college, so I agreed. While we were at the range portion, one of the young men was using aContinue reading “Preparing with Kids”

Vetting Information

One of the biggest challenges we face in preparedness and trying to respond to situations is information overload. We have phones that provide us with instantaneous access to intelligence information that would have taken weeks or months to produce in World War 2. The problem, though, is the inundation of raw data and confusing thatContinue reading “Vetting Information”

Being Honest About WROL Comms

Let’s get a little housekeeping out of the way…my dear amateur radio friends, please refrain from the hysterical screeching about how wrong I am until the end; I think you’ll admit that what I say here has merit. Also, if you feel the need to discuss the FCC in the comment section, please understand thatContinue reading “Being Honest About WROL Comms”

Preparedness & Integrity

As the war progresses in Ukraine and the country devolves into a total Without Rule of Law situation, the question has arisen: In a true WROL situation do morality and integrity matter? If civilization collapses, isn’t everything justified? The answer is an emphatic yes, morality and integrity matter, and no, not everything is justified. IfContinue reading “Preparedness & Integrity”

Civilian Lessons Part 2 – Ukrainian Boogaloo

Last week, we talked about key civilian lessons from the Russo-Ukraine Conflict. Today, I would like to discuss some more. While the lessons are from the Ukraine conflict, they can be applied to any armed conflict, civil disturbance, or emergency in general. This brings us to today’s Tactical Wisdom: You will hear of wars andContinue reading “Civilian Lessons Part 2 – Ukrainian Boogaloo”

A Look at the Horizon

Today, I’d like to talk about where we are now, where things are headed, and what we should be doing. No, it’s not meant to be “fear-porn” or doom-saying; it’s meant to be a realistic look. Time to take off the blinders of normalcy bias and take stock of the REAL situation. No, we aren’tContinue reading “A Look at the Horizon”

Civilian Lessons – Ukraine

First, I hate saying I told you so, but I got all kinds of negative feedback on social media for my article, “The Russians Are Coming”, calling me alarmist and “fear-clickbait”. I was simply telling you that the Russians were indeed coming. February 23rd made perfect sense for a date because it’s the date ofContinue reading “Civilian Lessons – Ukraine”