The Surveillance State

Every week, we get closer and closer to a social credit system. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scores, once called a right-wing conspiracy theory, are now an actual thing used to determine if businesses get loans. How long before it gets down to private citizens?

The US was founded on the principle that individual freedom, and thus privacy, were the paramount ideals. We have amendments that are alleged to protect us from unwarranted government intrusion into our private lives. We used to be able to transact business with whomever we chose, and it was a private matter.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Galatians 5:1

Now, we see banks announcing that they will no longer allow you to spend YOUR OWN MONEY at businesses they deem unworthy. We have seen banks deny funding to and decline transactions at gun shops. Ironically, they don’t decline them at marijuana shops or liquor stores, do they?

We used to be able to get around a lot of this by using services like PayPal and CashApp, but even now, the US government has demanded and gotten access (yes, I know it’s delayed, but it’s on the books) to all of your private transactions with these services.

Well, the next way we used to get around pervasive surveillance of our transactions was to use cash. Governments and banks are feverishly working to end that by trying to force you into cashless systems and central bank digital currencies. Resist that, my friends.

For those of you who deny this will happen, go to your bank without an appointment and try to withdraw $3,000. They will demand to know why and will likely limit you to $1,500 or $2,000. Rest assured, there is no law that they have to document your reason for wanting your own money until $10,000 (which is still ridiculous), but they will tell you they are “required” to ask. It’s your money, and they don’t want you to have it – you might spend it in a socially irresponsible manner.

On another note, police agencies all over the country are installing license plate readers at intersections and on their cars, and then driving through parking lots recording plates. Now, this is a violation of the 4th Amendment, but they get around it by saying that they aren’t storing the data, a third-party company is. Yes, but they can simply ask that company to provide a list of your movements. Defeat this, if you live in a rear license plate only state, by backing in everywhere you go. Park in hard to see places, always facing out of the spot and pointed towards the nearest exit.

Another surveillance overreach area is Ring or Google Home cameras. Officers are asking for consent to access your data through the service at neighborhood watch meetings to “prevent crime”, but once consent is given, the reason for them searching your video is irrelevant. Never hook these up to the internet, but if you do, read the agreement carefully. Many say that the video, once uploaded to the third party, is no longer yours.

We have also seen that the Moscow, Idaho suspect was caught (once again) using DNA that he sent to a DNA/Ancestry type service. While it seems like a good thing that a murderer was caught this way, you should realize that it means that if you ever use one of those services, your DNA is now in the public domain, meaning you no longer have a right to privacy in it. It’s searchable. Never use these services.

Our Constitution forbids the Federal AND the State Governments from ever passing an “ex post facto” law. This means that they cannot rule that something you did legally is now a crime. The biggest glaring example of this are the states passing assault weapon bans or magazine capacity limits. They are saying that if you don’t turn them in or register them, you are committing a crime. That makes these “ex post facto” laws, and therefore unconstitutional.

Unconstitutional or Constitutional mean nothing at all unless we decide to hold the State and Federal governments accountable for their illegal actions. If we just keep shrugging our shoulders and saying, “but what can we do”, the Constitution becomes a nice bunch of words on paper. Make your own decisions here. You have a choice on whether to comply with unlawful laws or not.

Stop accepting the growing surveillance state by opting out. Don’t hook up your cameras to the internet. Don’t give consent to anyone for anything. Never use DNA services.

The biggest one here, though, after reviewing hundreds of January 6th indictments chock full of Amazon and bank-supplied purchase information is to maintain cash on hand and use it to make purchases. Use cash or cash equivalents whenever you can.

Another reason to maintain good old cash is Moore County, NC. When the power went out, all the ATM’s and credit card processing machines immediately went offline. If you didn’t have cash when the grid went down, you had no way of getting any. Having cash, gold, or silver on hand could have helped. Research Goldbacks or spendable silver to have some on hand in spendable fashion.

Talk to your like-minded business partners and start building barter networks. In the coming troubles, one of two things will happen. Either the grid will go down and the dollar crashes with it, or the government will use mass surveillance of transactions to hunt those who dissent. Either way, having worked out a deal to fix a guy’s well pump in exchange for 6 chickens will help. Some associates and I have worked out security services with farmers in a certain area in exchange for meat and produce, should things go bad. A patrol visit earns a certain amount of food payment and escorting them to market earns even more. A similar deal was struck with a provider of fuels. Make the surveillance state irrelevant.

Another controversial opinion of mine comes up as we see increased mask usage all over the country. I know it seems counter-intuitive but stop fighting the mask. Wear that full face gaiter and DEFEAT FACIAL RECOGNITION.

Until we collectively stand up and say ENOUGH, the state and the big corporations will continue to erode your privacy and surveil you. Coincidentally, this is actual fascism.

Do everything that you can to limit their ability to control or monitor you. Be fiercely independent. I know, it’s far less convenient, but it’s worth it. For example, over the last few weeks, I’ve taken to leaving my phone in a Faraday bag when I leave the house. If I need it, I can still get it. First, it limits the pervasive tracking that goes on and second, it improves my situational awareness everywhere I go, because I’m not distracted by it. Be less of a slave to convenience. Some of you have noticed, because if I’m off social media for 4 hours in a row, I start getting DM’s and texts. By following this pattern now, I’m denying anyone who tries to track me the pattern of life data needed.

Turn off location access on all your apps or set it to “only when using the app”.

If you really want to upset Google, turn off all Google services on your Android tablet. It will send you nasty warnings every 3 minutes or so that the tablet won’t work properly unless you enable Google Play Services, which is where your advertising ID (surveillance tracker) is ran from. It’s somewhat amusing. But the tablet works just fine, other than the annoying notification.

Friends, things are bad and getting worse. Start working on detaching yourself from the surveillance state and reclaiming your freedom. Live as a rebel.

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Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

6 thoughts on “The Surveillance State

  1. Great advice. A tip for Android devices: you can get de-Googled devices too. They are not fail safe if you don’t use them properly. Of course that wont avoid network side tracking (ie by the cell towers), a good faraday bag will do that as reliably as you use it. Remember, a cellphone is just a radio with a computer running it, and its always broadcasting.

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  2. I’ve withdrawn $10,000 (ten thousand) from my bank without any questions. I have also not been allowed to cash a $3,000 check at a bank because I didn’t have an account there.

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  3. Great article & concur with the comment above on De-googled android devices. Since banks and merchants are moving into entirely digital platform, one may want to consider keeping few thousand dollars in Monero (untracked, private and anonymous) in your Tails OS USB stick which can be converted into digital or physical VISA card anonymously and still keep your purchased anonymous.

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