It Will Just Be OK….

This is fine.

Friend, I know it seems like the economy is crashing all over the world. I know your grocery bill that was $150 is now $245. I know gas is over double what it was before the election. I know that every petty dictator in the world is pushing their boundaries. More importantly, I know that political violence is up and there is open talk of a civil war, but it’s all going to be fine. As long as everyone stops rocking the boat, and stops trying to assert their rights, everything will just go back to normal. Ignore the last 400 years of historical evidence to the contrary.

This is literally what people are saying right now. This is called “normalcy bias” and it’s downright DANGEROUS. Normalcy Bias is why people wait too long to evacuate during hurricanes and fires, and its why people die when denying that a robbery or assault is happening. This 3,000-year-old Tactical Wisdom from the Bible proves it’s been going on forever:

then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not heed the warning and the sword comes and takes their life, their blood will be on their own head.

Ezekiel 33:4

Hoping for “cooler heads to prevail” is how world wars start. Hoping for people to “come to their senses” is how civil wars start.

Normalcy bias is what happened in the German Jewish community up to and even after November 9, 1938 (Kristallnacht). They all thought that as long as they cooperated with the Federal authorities and kept quiet, they’d be left alone. Sound familiar? How did that work out in the end?

I want to address something. This week, an avowed Democrat man pursued, cornered, and killed an 18-year-old because he thought the kid was a “Republican Extremist”. The man is legit ANGRY that he had to post $50,000 bond, because he thinks the attack was justified. He practically bragged about it to the detectives who interviewed him.

More importantly, if you peruse Twitter or Facebook, the greater left as a whole agrees that this attack was justified. Why? Because the President of the United States said that MAGA Republicans are a clear and present danger to democracy. Those words are specifically used to justify violence. Pretending that there are NOT people out there who want to kill you is DANGEROUS. This is also exactly how the non-Jewish citizens of Germany generally felt about the Jews. We need to realize that violence IS coming, whether you want it or not.

But what can we do? We can prepare. We can be aware. We can stop hoping because hope is not a strategy.

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If you hadn’t been stocking up on food when guys like Mike Shelby at Forward Observer, Bear at Bear Independent, NC Scout at Radio Contra, and all of us on the Council on Future Conflict told you to, get on it. It’s going to cost you A LOT more right now. You may need enough to get your family through the winter, given that South American nations will not be exporting food to the US this winter.

With another refinery fire (I’m sure it was a coincidence), gas prices have gone back up by a full dollar in Michigan in the last two days. Make sure that you fill your car each day to keep your tank full and overall cost down.

The next thing to finish is an Area Study. I know, it’s hard and there is a lot to cover, but you NEED to get it done. Now. Identify local agitators on all sides of the political spectrum and start monitoring their social media posts. Learn where crime is happening in your local area. Learn the areas in which groups come into conflict or where protests frequently occur. Develop escape routes.

On that note, earlier we mentioned the young man that was pursued and killed. A few months ago, I mentioned doing Urban Scouting hikes where you hike behind shopping centers, retail areas, and built-up areas in your local area. I’ve always recommended knowing where the emergency exits are everywhere you go, so we’re going to combine that with urban scouting.

Since this man specifically targeted and hunted the young man, you need to prepare for that possibility. Take a walk down the alley in places you frequent. Learn what it looks like where the emergency exits and back doors let you out. You need to know what your next step is once you get outside. As an example, one business I consulted for on active shooter response had an emergency exit that channeled employees into an area with a high fence. That’s dangerous. Know where the exits dump out at and plan your next steps.

Find areas near places you frequent that you could run to that vehicles cannot follow. What happened in the North Dakota incident was the kid got trapped in a dead-end alley. Know your local area. I get called a human GPS when working on protective details because I ALWAYS know the local street layout. It’s not from an inherent database in my head, I devote serious time to map studies of everywhere I go.

These are skills discussed by both Ferfal and Selco. These are authors who wrote books about their own true experiences in WROL situations. Ferfal writes about the Argentinian economic collapse and Selco survived the Balkan Wars. There are links to their books above.

Learn about downtown areas and business areas. Parking ramps are a counter-surveillance dream because you can enter on one street and exit on another. If you’re on foot, you can even hop the wall and exit wherever you want, making you harder to track. Learn what buildings have connecting walkways or which ones allow you to enter on one street and exit on another. These can help you avoid someone following you.

The next issue involves a raid by the FBI on a man named Mark Houck. Houck was conducting counseling outside of an abortion clinic in October 2021, when he was involved in an altercation with an abortion escort who yelled at Houck’s son. Houck pushed the man and he fell down. The local police declined to charge Houck and when the escort worker sued Houck, the judge dismissed the case because the man suffered NO INJURIES.

Here we are one year later, and the FBI showed up in body armor with rifles, surrounding the house and beating on the door. When Houck opened the door, the agents forced their way in and arrested him, refusing at first to show any warrant. Eventually, they showed an arrest warrant, charging Houck with a federal crime of assaulting an abortion worker, which is now apparently a federal felony. Houck is facing 11 years in prison for what is a simple assault in every jurisdiction.

It’s important to note that a Federal Arrest Warrant does NOT authorize them to force entry into a structure. The only way in which they can is if they saw a suspect flee into the building. The VAST majority of federal arrest warrants are handled by the agents calling the suspect and advising them of the warrant and then arranging a surrender. In other cases, they conduct surveillance until the suspect is driving and conduct a vehicle stop, which is far safer than a house raid. This man, according to his wife, had NO prior notice that the FBI was even looking into the case.

We need to understand the moment we are in. Justice has become entirely one sided. That tyrannical government everyone worries about IS HERE. You need to understand that, and stop pretending, like the meme at the top says, that everything is fine. We need to be getting vocal, we need to be making our voices heard.

I know, it’s scary. I’m scared…several people I know have been arrested or had subpoenas served. I very prominently led the security details for several “Stop the Steal” personalities. It’s a scary time. That’s the point, though. That’s WHY the FBI is doing this. They couldn’t care less about Mark Houck – his raid was directed at YOU. And by saying, “But I can’t risk arrest, so I can’t speak out” or “I can’t intervene in the lawlessness in my town because they’ll sue me or arrest me”, you are playing into their hand and giving them what they want. For the record, the Jews who were quiet and cooperated were taken last, but they were indeed also taken. They also didn’t say or do anything over fears of arrest or financial ruin. They got both anyway.

Carry a first aid kit with you everywhere you go. Crime is getting rampant (we’ll talk about that later this week) and political violence is getting worse, so carry one to treat yourself or others just in case. It does you no good at home. We are into preparedness for THIS MOMENT, not something down the road.

A few posts ago, we discussed the lives saved by AMRRON members carrying their radios and calling for help after a vehicle accident. Rolling power outages are happening and cyber-attacks are up, so make sure that everyone in your preparedness group not only knows the radio communications plan but is carrying their radio everywhere. Just toss the radio in the backpack or car.

These cases both illustrate, once again, the need to always have a body-worn camera available. I’m not saying wear it non-stop (although I keep mine on my backpack strap) but have it available. Being able to start recording at the beginning of an incident without tying up your phone or your hands is a GOOD THING. Besides, the FBI is now just walking up to people and taking their phones, so having a recording device that is NOT YOUR PHONE has become vital. On that note, as I mentioned last week, secure your phone and data and stop saving your secure messages on the device. Delete them if they are truly secure. Stop backing up your photos to cloud storage…. They’re not yours anymore when you do that.

Friends, things are bad and getting worse. We are already in a slow-moving collapse and World War 3 has already started. Prepare NOW and start operating as if you are in a hostile environment because you may not get time to ramp up later. As the Boy Scouts used to say, “Be Prepared”.

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I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

11 thoughts on “It Will Just Be OK….

  1. Normalcy Bias. I’m afraid a large majority are affected by it. By the time they see the problem, they’re way too late. I’m actually tired of trying to convince friends and family of the coming dangers. Great article JD. I appreciate your quotes from the ultimate survival manual.


  2. Thanks Joe. I appreciate your thoughts. Question. How do you wear the ILBE ruck with the USMC war belt? Doesn’t the bottom of the ruck hit the belt? Thanks very much.

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