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We focus a lot on the bad that is happening and that is coming, but it’s important to celebrate the wins when they happen. The other night, on Sniper’s Nest, several of us were on, and Sniper made this statement. Now, his language is rough, but he’s a work in progress. I’m proud of his efforts to get back into church, and this monologue is all the better for the rough language. He’s not wrong here. I want to open with a piece from the Ultimate Tactical Handbook, then the rest of the post is his monologue, written by our friend Sniper.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24


Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I said something the other morning and I feel like people misunderstood what I said, or at least didn’t grasp the context of where I was going with it.  The context was meant quite simply. I said, be careful what you wish for, you might just fucking get it. The left, for a significant period of time now has been rising up and been poking the bear. They state over and over again, in various different ways, that they want to kill the right. that they want a war. They want us dead; they want, as Sam Hyde puts it, “They don’t just want you dead, they want you broke, dead, your children raped and indoctrinated, and they think it’s funny”.

And then a couple of things happened. The supreme court stood up and went “you know what, fuck it you guys are coming for us anyway, we’re gonna do a bunch of things”. Following that, you saw one weekend in which the left thought it would be a good idea for them to go out and do the bad things and find out what it’s like when they don’t have enough cover behind them. Then, the right came out and started going to state capitals in significant numbers and saying, “So this is our miracle, this is what we’ve wanted and prayed for 50 years and fuck you if you don’t like it.”

I believe the momentum has been changing for a while. I think it’s been hard for a lot of us to see it. It was certainly hard for me to see it for a while, I’ll admit. Being in the middle of the thick of it, and being a little busy unpacking first aid supplies, well, you don’t always see the 10,000 ft view. But it’s there.

So for all the depression there’s been, and there’s been a lot of depression, for all the black pills there’s been, and there’s been a lot of black pills, and for all the fortification that happened; the fortification didn’t go unnoticed. First, it put a half a million people in D.C.

Then it put a quarter million people in D.C. Then it put a million people in D.C. A fair amount of whom were in the mood to fight and all they needed to do was be provoked.

Fast forward: The supreme court does its things, and all across the country thousands of people have come out to the different states legislatures that had these ‘trigger’ laws in place and said “Yes! Thank you! Thank God!”. They’re staring at the sky and screaming “Hallelujah!”

And I feel that we’re far too willing to see the black pill of it and see the “we’re gonna die” of it, and you know what? Maybe we’re not going to.

Maybe, we’re not alone. Maybe there’s a lot of people who think the same way we do or feel the same way we do about an awful lot of things, who aren’t willing to speak often, but when they do speak, they speak in large numbers.

So, I look at all the unrest around the world and God knows there’s a lot of it, and I look at the things going on in our country and there’s an awful lot of it that is actually awful, and Fourth of July was no different. But I’m struck by the fact that where I was, in my red state, it doesn’t matter that everybody’s going broke. They spent their hearts out. They still had their World War Three sized Fourth of July. Because they’re happy that they finally got a win.

And a thousand of them showed up at my state capitol and prayed at the sky and said “Thank you for this miracle you’ve given us”. It happened in eight or ten other capitals that I’ve been able to find and this is on the heels of a million people showing up in D.C. A couple of years ago, or near about.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s something out there moving people that we can’t see. We’re too deep in the mud and muck of it, but it’s there. And hey, maybe they don’t agree with us on a hundred percent of everything; but do they have to? Isn’t it enough for them to agree on most of it? Isn’t it a thing that we all said, more times than I can remember, that this is a generational fight, this is a fight that is not going to stop when I die, or when my kids die, and that it would take the rest of my lifetime to move ten years in the right general direction, much less twenty or thirty? But there’s people finally standing up, school boards being overrun, a million people showing up in Washington, D.C., people praying to God thankful for the salvation of little children. And people around the world realizing that they’re the target of all this in real time, and standing up and saying, “Enough of this shit”.

I don’t think I fully have the words: I’m just some dumb wrench turner that some of y’all watch for some damn reason, and I’ve never been able to figure that out to be honest. But thank God for all these people, and thank God for you guys, and thank God for those of us that have been trying to say for a while, some version of “stand up and be counted”. Some of us are starting to be.

And don’t get me wrong; the left, the globalists, the communists, the corpo-fascists, whatever right wing name squad game you want to come up with, they’re not going to give up without a fight. But by God I’m on Watcher’s stream tonight, and I’m watching them revolt around the world.

I’m looking at Clint Russell (Liberty Lockdown) who stood up and said, “Look, I fled California, but you better stand up and fight now because they’re right behind me.”

Don (the Pleb) who was willing to say, “I’m going to D.C. and if any of you come with me, great but I’m going either way”.

Myself, who went “For the love of God somebody help get me to D.C.”

And a million other people. And then thousands across the country. And then, hundreds of millions around the world.

Maybe, just maybe, you should take your cue. Stop being so black pilled.

I had to get slapped around. I was black pilled. Dobbs happened and I immediately said, “well this and this and this is going to happen” and even Don, king black pill himself had to slap me upside the head and say, “God Damn it Sniper, be happy for five fucking seconds.”

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to take the hand of the guy who’s standing up and stand beside him. To go forth and do whatever you can with it. Maybe, just maybe, we can get through this and most of us can come out the other side. And being honest, a month ago, six weeks ago, I wouldn’t believe that, but the last six weeks have been what they’ve been.

You should take the lesson.

And to the left: The right wing never stood up and said much of anything en masse until 2020. They never stood up and celebrated anything this way until Dobbs.

Maybe you should think about that too.

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