Who is JD?

Welcome. Have a seat.

My name is JD and I’m a professional investigator in the corporate security world. I’m also a KyoSaNim in the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. When I’m not doing those things, I’m an NRA Defensive Firearms Instructor, and a Krav Maga defensive tactics instructor.

I’ve worked as an investigator, an executive protection agent, and a US Marine.

What I’m hoping to do is share some tactical lessons learned, share some self defense tips, some defensive training tips, some gear reviews, and even some biblical tactical wisdom (yes, really).

Some many people focus their preparations on all their fancy cool-guy guns and the latest night vision gear, that they’ll NEVER USE IN REAL LIFE.

I’m hoping to share some real world knowledge with realistic people.

I’ll hope you’ll join me on this quest.

Published by JD

I'm a defensive firearms and martial arts instructor, as well as a professional security & loss prevention consultant. I train people on how to defend themselves, their workplaces, and homes, as well as how to be prepared & aware. I offer corporate active shooter defense training as well.

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