What is Tactical Wisdom?

This is a site where we discuss preparedness, self-defense, tactical ideas & training, and gear. It’s NOT a cool-guy, shoot-em-up, unrealistic site. Here, we will discuss real world applications and what true preparation means…. Skills, not just the coolest guns and gadgets.

All the coolest gear in the world won’t help you if you get attacked while packing your car or if you don’t have the skills to apply those tools.

We’ll address unarmed self defense skills, which are really an absolute requirement for self defense, confidence, fitness, and a Warrior mindset.

We’ll also review some of the gear that can help you with a focus on real world uses, not the specialized high-level high-speed stuff that has no real world use for the average person.

We’ll also address tactical knowledge from a couple of angles. First, we’ll discuss tactics that a small group of people can apply to defend and secure their homes. We’ll also discuss everyday carry and self-defense.

A unique area we’re going to dive into as well is Tactical Wisdom from the Bible. There is a wealth of advice and skills discussed in the Bible, aside from basic Christian beliefs, that are just as applicable today as they were when it was written.

I hope you’ll join us on our journey.

Published by JD

I'm a defensive firearms and martial arts instructor, as well as a professional security & loss prevention consultant. I train people on how to defend themselves, their workplaces, and homes, as well as how to be prepared & aware. I offer corporate active shooter defense training as well.

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