Normalcy Bias Will Kill You

Normalcy bias is the tendency to not believe that an event is occurring, because “It couldn’t happen to me”, or, on a larger scale “it can’t happen here”.

We’ve all heard stories of people standing still while an active shooter begins attacking, or people not defending themselves during a home invasion, because “that won’t happen to me”.

Every time we see it, we log on to Twitter or FaceBook and give all the things we would have done and ridicule the people involved for not taking action.

And yet…

Our nation is falling quickly down the path to either Balkanization or total socialist control, and we’re all sitting here saying “just wait it out, that can’t happen here”.  They thought that in South Ossetia, Yugoslavia, and the Ukraine, too.  Inevitably, despite overwhelming evidence of the danger, we are waiting too long to react.

I recommended an immediate law enforcement or military response to CHAZ, because it was direct challenge to the sovereignty of the United States and would lead to more autonomous zones.  I was told by virtually everyone, “No, too soon.  Just wait it out”.  There have now been 5 people shot, 2 killed, and autonomous zones keep popping up everywhere.  

People said “let them starve”, but the vast majority of the people inside CHAZ aren’t there voluntarily…they live there and are being denied the equal protection under the law that the US Constitution guarantees via the 14th Amendment.

We’ve been told, “these protests are scattered and disorganized; they’ll die down”.  They aren’t; they are getting worse and the police aren’t engaging.

For the last few weeks, I’ve decided to take a more active role and get out and observe the protests.  What I’ve witnessed first hand is detailed in several of my blog posts, but I have a few more observations from today that complete the picture.  Despite appearing decentralized, I keep seeing the same key personnel everywhere I go, no matter what “group” puts on the event, there are designated HEAVILY ARMED security teams, they employ professional counter-surveillance, and are given free reign by local government (police stand down).

Today, openly armed personnel took up positions on the grounds of the state capitol, which I have no issue with, given the Second Amendment.  Where the situation took a turn is when those heavily armed personnel began intimidating anyone that they thought wasn’t from their group and they began following people, openly brandishing their arms as they did so.  

At the protests to open the state back up a few weeks ago, while armed protestors were present, they didn’t try to force anyone else away from the capitol.  See the difference?

These people went the extra step of using heavily armed personnel to follow people all the way to their cars and then visibly writing down their license plate numbers.  The implication was that the group would track you down.  Every citizen has an equal right to be on the capitol grounds, without fear of intimidation.

We’re seeing this kind of behavior all over the country.  

We’re seeing these formations of protestors, some of which are openly armed, travel out into the suburbs and marching down our streets, with police nowhere in evidence or just clearing traffic for the protestors.

What happens when the police do happen to make arrests?  The protesters threaten violent action and the charges get dropped, so there is absolutely NO CONSEQUENCE for rioting.

Rioters in Portland have TWICE tried to barricade the police inside their station and set the station on fire.  That’s not protest, that is WAR.

They are trying to stage additional incidents to further inflame their base into open rebellion.  Last night, in Detroit, one of the groups I monitor surrounded some Detroit Police scout cars, and began beating on the cars.  When the officers drove through the crowd to escape, the “protestors” (instigators) immediately took to social media with the video of the incident to proclaim their victim status and accuse the police of trying to kill them.  Not one of them mentions what would have happened to the police if they hadn’t driven away through the crowd.  The intent was obviously to provoke a violent reaction from the police, but the left’s base doesn’t care about that.

I’ve been saying for a few days that the left has been waging a civil war for weeks and the right is not showing up.  “Being the bigger person” isn’t going to win us any points, it’s going to get us a socialist regime with almost no resistance.  

Normalcy bias can kill you.

Our politicians are tripping over each on both sides of the aisle to offer as many concessions to the protestors as they can, just to be seen as “woke” or “understanding of their plight”, but that only leads to more and more demands from the protestors to push our system of government further to the left and to erase more and more of the Constitution.

Yes, it CAN happen here.  Yes, it REALLY IS happening here.

Normalcy bias will kill you, if you let it.

What does God’s Ultimate Tactical Handbook have to say about normalcy bias? Alot.  You don’t remember the Bible mentioning normalcy bias?  Let me give you a direct quote about normalcy bias:

The prudent see danger and take refuge,

But the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

Proverbs 22:3 & Proverbs 27:12

It was so important that David put the exact the same wisdom in the Proverbs twice.  It’s directly speaking about normalcy bias.

The question then becomes, what do we do about it?

First, look to your own safety:

  • Ensure that your vehicle has emergency supplies in it
  • Ensure that you have 72 – 96 hours of food and water at home
  • Develop a communication plan with your friends and family that doesn’t rely solely on cell phones
  • Develop an emergency plan and a home defense plan
  • Develop a tribe – a group of like minded individuals that will mutually support each other
  • Decide RIGHT NOW what you willing to do to defend your life and property
  • Sign up for Nixle or whatever local emergency notification service is in your area

Then, look to your community:

  • Call your elected representatives and let them know how you feel about concessions
  • Speak to your local law enforcement and let them know your expectations
  • Get out and find out what is going on in your community and what the opposition is saying/demanding
  • Let your government representatives know where you stand on those issues.

I know, many of you will say that talking to government representatives does you no good…but that’s exactly what the other side is counting on.  Why are we letting them only hear what the protestors want, which has nothing at all to do with police brutality, and everything to do with a leftist agenda?  Let them hear you, too.

Most importantly, understand that normalcy bias will kill you, and GET PAST IT.  

It can indeed happen here, and it is.  Choose to see reality.

Hope is not a successful strategy.

Be safe.  Be aware.


Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

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