Increasing Escalations

I really hate being a guy who keeps saying I told you so, but….I really did tell you so.

A couple of weeks ago, I put out a post titled “Organizing a Tribe”.  In that article, I warned that militia and 3% groups are far too reliant on platforms that hate them, such as FaceBook, and that was causing a huge organizational risk for militias.  

Today, FaceBook conducted a massive purge of militia and 3% groups, some ANTIFA-related groups, and many right-wing pages, such as The Silent Majority private group.

It’s not a good strategic move to rely on your opposition for your communications and organizational backbone.

Another I-told-you-so was about the left arriving prepared to commit violence.  I pointed out that my personal observations from getting out among them included seeing more of them armed and a majority in body armor.

This weekend, everywhere across the country, ANTIFA & BLM showed up in body armor and committed a lot of violence, set a lot of fires, and caused a lot of chaos.  

I’ve been warning you about getting trapped in your vehicle inside of a protest and I gave a lot of advice on how to learn what is planned in your area and to NEVER STOP YOUR CAR.  This weekend, a guy stopped his car to help someone when he accidentally got caught inside a protest, tried to get moving again, and they caused him to crash.  They pulled him from his vehicle, stole his stuff, and beat him nearly to death.

Marquise Love

Portland Police are currently looking for Marquise “Keese” Love, because despite receiving multiple 911 calls, the police didn’t respond to the attack, just like I said….THE POLICE ARE NOT COMING TO HELP YOU.

The prudent see danger & take refuge,

But the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

Proverbs 27:12

I know I keep using that same piece of Tactical Wisdom From the Bible, but y’all aren’t getting the point.

The reason these I-Told-You-So situations keep happening is that despite my warnings and those of several others, everyone still has normalcy bias and keep saying “We have to win the election to stop this!!”

What exactly is winning the election going to do?  Is Donald Trump not currently the President?  Are the ANTIFA & BLM idiots going to just say “aw, shucks” and go away?  Get real, it’s going to get WORSE.

That’s enough of the I-Told-You-So, but let’s please start acting like things are getting dangerous, OK?


About 3 weeks ago, I noticed that the local ANTIFA at the events I was attending in Detroit handed out red placards/stickers with large red numbers on them, so that they could identify each other over the radio by number, rather than by name.  I found it interesting and reported on it in my blog and to a few militia groups in the area.

A few days ago, Bacon from reported seeing the EXACT SAME NUMBERS on ANTIFA vehicles in SEATTLE.  I had him send me photos, and the numbers appear to be the same.  We also received reports of them in St Louis.

What does this tell us?  There is a national-level coordination on issues of security organization and communications security.  That is a HUGE indicator of an escalation and intent to continue to escalate.

If the enemy is upping their coordination and comsec, shouldn’t you?


I can’t say it enough, attend local protests and observe.

Attend some, but use a radio or scanner to identify the radio frequencies that ANTIFA is using.  You will learn a lot that will absolutely open your eyes.  They are actively conducting counter-surveillance.  The way I locate them is by using the scan function on a Baofeng radio pre-programmed with FRS/GMRS/MURS frequencies, as well as the standard frequencies that BF-888 radios come programmed with.  You’ll find them in a few minutes.

Now, several people commented on one of my posts about reporting them to the FCC.  That’s a silly idea, because you can gather tons of intel by just letting them talk.  As Sun Tzu said:

Never interrupt your enemy

When he is making a mistake.

Don’t toss your advantage away by reporting them or by sending “spoof” transmissions over their frequencies…just listen and document the intelligence.  If you interrupt their transmission, they’ll  switch channels and you’ll have to start over.

Take photos of vehicles clearly involved and record license plates, developing a persons of interest list.  Know your enemy.

I’ll say it again…track local agitators and BLM organizations on FaceBook, and check them every single day.  This way, you won’t find yourself trapped inside a protest while driving.

If you live an area where protests are frequent, make sure you have emergency gear in your car, including an escape and evasion kit.  An E & E kit should contain a change of clothes, either a reversible jacket or a hoodie, and a couple of hats, along with a GPS/compass, a paper map, and some food and water.  I keep mine in a plain black backpack.

As fitness expert Drew Baye ( reminds me daily, do something everyday to make yourself harder to kill.  That doesn’t mean you have be in top shape, just DO SOMETHING.  Literally anything is better than nothing.  

Train.  Now, when I say train, everyone says “YEAH!” and runs out to the local shooting range and shoots 100 rounds at a stationary sheet of paper in slow fire, because that’s all the range allows.  Get out of this mindset.  Learn tactical skills, not just shooting.  The ability to conduct observation is far more important than shooting skill.  Communication skills…train with your mutual assistance group on radio or Zello protocols.  Learn to drive in a convoy.  Learn to conduct a security patrol or an urban gray-man surveillance/recon.  Learn escape and evasion.

More importantly, learn unarmed self defense skills.  No, attending a self-defense class once isn’t enough.  Earning your green belt isn’t enough.  Even earning a black belt isn’t enough, if you don’t continue to train.  I have a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, and am certified as a KyoSaNim (instructor), while working on my third degree belt.  I’m also a Krav Maga instructor and train in it a few days a week.  I’ve also started working on a Hapkido black belt.  Constant training keeps the skills fresh.  Remember also though, that theoretical martial arts doesn’t make you invincible, just more aware & capable.

The most important actionable isn’t what you SHOULD do, it’s what you should STOP DOING.  Stop assuming that this will get better somehow.  COVID isn’t going away (the governors love their new powers), the civil unrest isn’t going to stop, and no magical secret spy group is going to swoop in and rescue the world.  Prepare to defend yourself and your family, because before this is over, you’re going to have to.

What do you have to lose if I’m wrong?  You’ve picked up some more skills, a little extra food & water, and are in better shape, while also being more aware.  But, sadly, I’m not wrong.  

Go back and review my old post and check my predictions.  Not one has been wrong.  I literally predicted the Rashard Brooks shooting to the exact day it occurred.

Be alert & of sober mind;

Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion,

Looking for someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8

Prepare. Train. Remain Aware.


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I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

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