How Civil Wars Start

First, let’s lose the idea that a Civil War will be some sort of noble quest.  It will be violent, brutal, and will destroy this nation forever.  But is there any other possibility at this point?

I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian – 

Brother will fight against brother,

Neighbor against neighbor,

City against city,

Kingdom against kingdom”

Isaiah 19:2

The Ultimate Tactical Handbook (The Bible) paints a bleak picture of civil war in the Prophecy Against Egypt that Isaiah made, and it has never been inaccurate throughout human history.

Probably the most recent and best example we have of a civil war in a modern Western Nation is the example of The Ukraine.

Ukraine is the second largest nation in Europe, second only to Russia in size.  As far as population, the ethnic makeup is 77.8% Ukrainian, and 17.3% Russian.  This is relevant, as the percentages are similar to ethnic makeups in the US.  The Ukraine maintains the third-largest military in Europe, behind the Russian Federation and France.

On February 17th, 2014 a group called Right Sector (see flag below, does it look familiar?) called for protestors to flood the streets in a “Peace Offensive” and the Maidan People’s Union also called for a “Peace Offensive”, suggesting some coordination between groups (again…sounds familiar). 

Large groups turned out to protest the morning of February 18th, and by 10:30 AM, the protestors had seized several buildings.  Riot police counter-attacked around 11:30 and fighting continued all day, with many reports of snipers shooting civilians.  When they seized City Hall, the protestors beat a computer technician to death for resisting them.

The first day’s fighting saw 20 people killed.

The next morning, while everything downtown was closed, life was operating as normal throughout the rest of the city and country (normalcy bias).  Overnight, the death toll had risen to 26, 10 of those being police officers.  The Government declared that it was responding to an illegal attempt to seize power, a coup, and began using military forces.

Sporadic clashes continued all day, and the Ukranian Military increased security at it’s facilities throughout the country.  Both sides accused each other of employing Russian snipers against each other.  Throughout the day, 42 people were killed.

The government and the protestors reached a deal, but the most radical group, Right Sector (flying their red & black flags) refused to agree.

The President fled to Russia, and immediately Russian minority groups in the south and east of the country formed armed militias and began protesting.

On February 23rd, protestors tried to bring down the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Kharkiv, but it was being protected by Pro-Russian militias and clashes ensued (sound familiar?).  Of course, those militias were also called fascists by the opposition.

Protests and clashes between supporters of the revolutionary government and the loyalists to the Constitutional government continued daily until March 1, when the former President requested Russian military assistance and Vladimir Putin received Parliamentary authorization to use military force in the Ukraine.  Within 24 hours, Russia had seized complete control of Crimea, to “protect ethnic Russians”.

Pro-Russian Militias who supported the country’s Constitution rapidly seized power in Donetsk and Luhansk, and declared themselves as independent nations, and Russian military aid to the separatists was immediate.

The Ukraine has been in a state of Civil War ever since, refusing to accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea or the secession of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Then another horse came out, a fiery red one.

Its rider was given the power to take peace from the earth

And to make people kill each other.

To him was given a large sword.

Revelations 6:4

The similarities and parallels between the Maidan Revolution in the Ukraine and current events here are striking.  We have people targeting statues and we have both sides shooting each other on the streets.  We have “mostly peaceful protests” that are actually riots.  

Most importantly, we have an aggressive side that wants to abolish our Constitution waving the same red and black flags, and we have patriot militias, loyal to the Constitution, trying to defend buildings and statues, and being called fascists for it.

Life in The Ukraine

Quality of life in the Ukraine has gone down for everyone.  While life is nearly normal in most of the country, the country is at war and there is a constant risk of Russian attack.  There is active fighting and mass destruction in the south and east where the separatist governments are.  Rolling blackouts are common and in parts of the country, there is no electricity or running water and people are living off the land.

Make no mistake, as brutal as the fighting in the Ukraine was, a Civil War in the United States will be worse.  The cities will become war zones across the nation.  Autonomous Zones and enclaves will spring up, we already have the NFAC claiming large parts of the south as a black nation, and I’m certain that the residents there will oppose that.  

Every week, we are seeing escalations.  

Kenosha Fires

At the time of the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting, the situation in Kenosha could only be described as open warfare; any other description is window-dressing.

Since then, a Patriot Prayer member was executed simply for wearing a hat and we’ve had at least 4 police officers shot.  While I am typing this, the LAPD is searching for a sniper that fired on a Trump vehicle caravan in what can only be described as an ambush.

Stop pretending there isn’t a war already happening; it’s here.


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I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

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