Immediate Steps – RBG Protests

Crowd at Supreme Court

The impending appointment of a Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going to erupt civil disturbances, protests, and riots across the country as soon as the nomination is announced.

I’m not going to discuss the issues surrounding whether one should be or should not be appointed, because the politics of the situation don’t matter, the need to be aware of the potential for violence and make preparations for you and your family’s safety is what matters.

All across the country, media figures and prominent political figures are already threatening that if a nomination is made, they will “burn it to the ground” and “nothing is off the table”, yet I still hear people saying nothing will happen, and that once the election passes, things will go back to normal.  The Ultimate Tactical Handbook talks about this:

The prudent see danger and take refuge, 

But the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

Proverbs 22:3

Let me ask you this….which of these two courses of action is more prudent?

1. Take a few steps to prepare, and not need to have.

2. Take no action, but you should have.

Easy, right?  If I buy a little extra food and water, and pay a bit more attention to my surroundings, and maybe carry a little gear and it all be for nothing, I’m out nothing and I have some extra things that I will use anyway.  If I do nothing, laugh it off, and then get caught in a riot and power outage, I’m in a bad spot and may not recover at all.

So, what steps can you take?

First, and I know I keep saying it, but INCREASE YOUR AWARENESS LEVEL.  On the Cooper alert scale, you should absolutely be at at least Yellow.  Pay attention to local news, conduct daily social media searches for events in our area that could lead to protest activity, and pay close attention to what is happening around you.

Many people say “I don’t watch the news anymore, it’s all so depressing”.  That’s a silly position to take, you need information to keep safe.

Second, seek alternative news sources that are fact-based.  Independent journalism, unfortunately, is far more honest than the mainstream media.  As an example, did you know that last Friday, a Black Lives Matter supporter in a Breonna Taylor t-shirt walked into a bar owned by a police officer and randomly murdered 3 people?  It hasn’t been carried on a single major network, yet it happened.  The fact that it occurred should increase your awareness level when sitting in a restaurant. 

No matter what news source you use, verify the information from a second, unrelated source.  Information from a single source is just that, information.  Once confirmed by a second source, it becomes intelligence that you can take action on.  In the above example, you might decide to make sure you sit where you can see the entrance and be near an emergency exit.  Don’t be afraid to ask the host/hostess for a seat near an emergency exit, you are paying for the experience.

Third, gather food and water.  In the event of mass protests and rioting, going out to get groceries or to go eat could be dangerous.  During the Ukranian Revolution, while there was a literal war going on in downtown Kiev, the rest of the city had open stores and restaurants, until the tanks and troops finally rushed in.  You don’t want to venture out and risk getting caught up in it or trapped on the wrong side of a sudden battle line.

Highland Tactical Apollo

Fourth, carry basic emergency supplies with you.  I alway keep my “patrol bag” in the car as a “get home kit”.  It’s a Highland Tactical Apollo backpack (  Inside I keep rain gear, a US military poncho and poncho liner (excellent emergency tent/sleeping bag), a full MRE, emergency drinking water, some protein bars and jerky, full first aid kit, and a few specialized items:

1. Shemagh – A shemagh can protect you from dust, smoke, tear gas, and other nasty things in the air.  It can also be used as a bandage or for warmth.  While I own various colors, in an urban area I use a plain black one so that it doesn’t look “tactical”.

2. Sillcock Key – A specialized tool for turning on outside water faucets at businesses in urban areas.  When you need water in an urban area, this tool is a life-saver.

3. Multitool – Always a good item, I carry a Gerber M600 and a Gerber Suspension.

4. Flashlights – In an urban area, flashlights are a must.  I generally carry a 700 lumen light on the backpack and a 300 lumen light on my belt.  A headlamp is also inside the backpack.

5. Packable Jacket – The ability to quickly change your outward appearance can be helpful.  I carry a Propper packable jacket that folds up into it’s own pocket (

6. Paper Maps – I always carry a map book in the backpack and I also have a paper map of the local area (wherever I go) in my BattleBoard Scout Medium (

BattleBoard Scout Medium

Next, realize that, YES, THIS REALLY IS HAPPENING.  Normalcy bias is the tendency to assume things aren’t really that bad and will return to normal shortly.  Things ARE really that bad, and they aren’t going to go get better anytime soon.

Lastly, make an important decision, RIGHT NOW.  What issues and ideals are the red lines for you and what will you do to preserve them? The biggest problem we’re seeing right now is the desire to “go along to get along”.  That only works with people who actually WANT to get along with you, on either side of the political aisle.  

On September 30, 1938, in an attempt to appease the demands of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, Britain and France agreed to let Germany annex Czechoslovakia.  That decision led to millions of deaths worldwide and the near world-domination of National Socialism.

While you are considering that last point, I want to leave you with one final instruction from God’s Ultimate Tactical Handbook:

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves

Be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Galations 5:1

Seems fairly clear, doesn’t it?

Prepare, and stay safe!


Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

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