The Danger of a Color Revolution

Taken in Detroit today

Let’s talk about Color Revolutions.  A Color Revolution is the name given to various movements throughout Europe and the Middle East.  A Color Revolution most often involves a disputed election, followed by mass street protests, which ended in the government being overthrown or resigning.

What is common among them is serious provocation of government forces by protestors, leading to the government over-reacting, usually with deadly result.  In turn, the protestors then make their case to the international media, pointing at the government’s violent response as evidence.

What they don’t show are the provocations beforehand.  Many people saw videos of Armenian police attacking protestors outside a police station, but they didn’t see the video of the protestors fire-bombing the police station just before that.

Any of this sound familiar?  It should.

Another feature of the Color Revolutions was the involvement of international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) like the Open Societies Foundation and others.  This lends the revolution free media coverage with a false air of legitimacy and neutrality.

Michael McFaul, US Ambassador to Russia under Obama, classifies the following stages of a Color Revolution:

1) A perceived semi-autocratic rather than fully autocratic regime

2) An unpopular incumbent

3) A united and organized opposition

4) An ability quickly to drive home the point that voting results were falsified

5) Enough independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote

6) A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud

7) Divisions among the regime’s coercive forces.

Keep in mind, these points are from the point of view of the REVOLUTIONARIES and were written by an Obama official.

We can argue that President Trump is wildly popular, with his base, but he’s also wildly unpopular with the opposition.  The opposition sees him as autocratic.

When an Obama official says “independent media”, they mean media willing to go along with their narrative.  Do you have any doubts that the American Mainstream Media will claim that the vote is falsified?

Do you have any doubt that the opposition is united?  Do you think they can organize tens of thousands of protestors?

So many in the preparedness community keep saying “This will all get better right after the election”.  The Color Revolutions tell us that the danger doesn’t even begin until the day AFTER the election.  That’s when the mobilization and violence begin.

Ukrainian Antifa Logo

Protestors will flood the streets worse than they have all summer.  They will provoke the police into increasingly violent control tactics, and scream foul, while they hide the molotov cocktails behind the bushes.

My point in saying this isn’t to stoke fear, it’s to get you to realize that the danger is GETTING WORSE, and not less.  Sitting down on the couch and saying “we made it” is far too premature.

Nothing in my over six months of going undercover inside these organizations leads me to believe that they will suddenly become rational and say “Aw, shucks, our guy lost.  Maybe next time”.  

Everything I’ve seen indicates that they will increase the violence and scream foul about everything.

In fact, the documents I gather indicate that their plan has been a violent revolution all along and that they don’t want EITHER candidate to control the country.

Many people say, well, if they come to my neighborhood, I won’t let them win.  THEY DON’T HAVE TO COME TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.  They just have to take control.

Ukraine ANTIFA Fighters

The Ukrainian Revolution was over in 72 hours.  It began as protests in the capitol and all the fighting was confined to Kyiv.  After 72 hours, the government was overthrown, but the majority of the people didn’t even know it; they just heard that the protestors were clashing police in the capitol.  They thought it didn’t effect them, in their neighborhood.  “Those people are always protesting”, they said.

When they woke up on the 20th with the President fleeing to Russia and a new government, re-writing their constitution, THAT finally got them out of their comfortable homes and into the streets to fight.

One problem, though….they were now the OUTLAWS, instead of the good guys.  Because they didn’t ever get off the bench and support the elected system of government (good, bad, or indifferent), they lost their ability to legally affect it.  By taking up arms, the men of Luhansk and Donetsk were unlawful rebels.

Why is that significant?  Because they can be ARRESTED, rather than be treated as Prisoners of War.  That’s an important distinction.

Today, there are now three countries in the space once called the Ukraine, and a foreign army from Russia controls another third.  Citizens of a once-modern western society now struggle to maintain electricity, dodge land mines, and under constant threat of military action.  This all happened in 72 hours.

If you wait until they overthrow your government, you are letting the opposition gain control of the tools of the State to fight against you.  ANTIFA & RevCom doesn’t have tanks today, but if they somehow take control, as they plan, they will.  And bombers.  And artillery.  Do you doubt that they have the will to use them?  Read their Twitter feeds, they already want anyone who disagrees with the extreme far left DEAD.

Major news organizations are openly talking about the need to abolish our existing Constitution and go back to some type of loose confederation, giving even more power to tyrannical governors (I’m certainly not talking about sweet Aunt Gretchen Whitmer, because that will get you arrested).

Gretchen Whitmer
Alien Nazi Leader Diana (Whitmer)

Think it can’t happen here?  GrandMaster Jay is a folk hero, and he claims he’s going to establish, by force, a black-only ethno-state.  Consider how his militia is portrayed by the media versus all of the others.

Be aware.

Be prepared.

Consider what you will do to preserve the republic, and protect your loved ones.


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