Chaos Actual

I want to relay to you all my observations on the last few days in Michigan.  Bear with me, and at the end I’m going to discuss concrete actions that you can take as the chaos escalates.

On Thursday, I was with some some people down at TCF Center (Cobo Hall for the Detroit old-timers) in Detroit, to observe what was happening where the Wayne County ballots were being counted.  

There were people from both sides present, and our friends of BLM/ANTIFA were present in brand new yellow hoodies that said COUNT EVERY VOTE.  

I wasn’t there to promote or defend either side, and live-stream footage of the day from a few sources shows that I was clearly in the middle, restraining both sides at times and chatting amicably with both sides at times, and I even got the professional agitators from BLM that I’ve seen all summer long to laugh along with me at the Detroit Police antics.

I spent most of the time with a legislative candidate (who will not be named for his protection), and our friends from American Patriot Media and the American Patriot Council (check them out at:

Within a few minutes, I quickly spotted a known personality.  He’s the second in command of the Metro Detroit ANTIFA security team.  I normally see him in full battle gear, including an Interceptor Body Armor vest.  Today, he was dressed down and pretending to not really be involved.

Upon watching, he kept walking over to the 2 known BLM agitators, and within seconds, they would target a conservative for harassment.  There’s a certain irony in that, but that’s not my point.

BLM Agitator

My point is, while the media portrays BLM as a “grass-roots” spontaneous group, and ANTIFA as an “idea”, there is a well-established hierarchy and organization, that puts leaders where they need to be and the “spontaneity” is rather scripted.

When CL Bryant, a civil rights legend and former NAACP leader, began to speak to the crowd, BLM started to rush the crowd, but the Detroit PD Tactical Services Team held them back….at first.  

As soon as the police formed a line, the ANTIFA organizer got involved.  He said “Why did you let the white people in but not the black people?”.  The conservative crowd had white, black, hispanic, and asian people in it, but that does’t matter, they played the race card anyway.  I’d also like to point that CL Bryant is indeed a black man and a Baptist minister.

The Detroit PD quickly melted away, after being called racist, and predictably, the BLM/ANTIFA crowd took over the stage and began screaming at CL Bryant, calling him a “Coon”, and a few other things I won’t repeat here.  I took a peacekeeper role, placing my body between CL and the violent men trying to shove him and created space, while telling the DPD that it was really this easy and that it was probably their job to protect BOTH sides.  They didn’t answer or act to protect either side.

When the BLM women’s auxiliary arrived and began screaming at both black and white women on the conservative side, we again all put ourselves in the middle and tried to calm both sides.  Eventually, everyone had to leave that area, and that’s where we found some common ground, when we pointed out that the police could trample all of our assembly rights equally.

Throughout the day Thursday, I saw the conservative side attempt to make rational arguments, while the leftist side made emotional ones.  As Jason from the American Patriot Council pointed out, they were speaking two different languages and not understanding each other.

The most important observation from the day though, was the observation of the police action.  Every time a conservative stepped off the curb into the road, a line of tactical officers came over and ordered everyone out of the street.

The same thing did not happen when BLM/ANTIFA stepped into the road to harass the conservative side, or to harass the driver of the Trump Unity Bridge ( or other drivers.  If a conservative intervened in this harassment, police responded quickly.

Ironically, on Friday, the Detroit Police arrested Rob Cortis, the driver of the Trump Unity Bridge.  The alleged charge:  Noise Ordinance violation for playing music from his vehicle speakers after 9 PM.  In over 150 nights of BLM/ANTIFA marching into neighborhoods after 9 PM and shouting on loudspeakers and banging drums, they have NEVER made a noise ordinance arrest.

So, why does the police target the conservative side?  No one knows for sure, except that the city has democratic leadership, but we’re seeing it nationally.  I personally feel it’s because when they try to engage in law enforcement on the leftist side, they get a violent response.  When they conduct law enforcement on the conservative side, the conservatives comply.

There’s a lesson in there.

On Saturday, there was a Stop The Steal Rally planned at the Lansing Capitol.  As part of my ongoing project to observe ANTIFA tactics, I decided to go and watch.  ANTIFA was heavily armed with rifles, shotguns, handguns, bats, and shields.  There were a few rifles and handguns among the conservatives, but ANTIFA/BLM had people in FULL COMBAT GEAR.  There was even one in a full head-to-toe German Army uniform, including a German helmet and body armor.  I guess no explained the irony of claiming to be “Anti-Fascist” while wearing a full GERMAN uniform.

The first time ANTIFA/BLM tried to disrupt the rally, they forced their way into the center and occupied the area in front of the Capitol.  How did the conservatives respond?  Was there a violent response from those wacky right-wingers?  No, they sang patriotic songs.  After a couple of songs, and no fighting, ANTIFA marched off.  It’s hard to pick a fight with people who are singing to you.

Since ANTIFA/BLM had arrived fully armed and in full battle gear, you’d think the Michigan State Police and Lansing Police would be out in full force to keep everyone safe, right?  WRONG.

The absence of law enforcement was COMPLETE.  It was so absent, that it could only have been intentional.  I’ve never been at the Capitol where you didn’t see at least a trooper on a bicycle.  Nothing.

After a couple of hours, ANTIFA marched back into the area, and no one paid them much attention.  They quickly seized control of the portable toilets and wouldn’t let anyone use them, and wouldn’t let anyone out.  When a woman tried to slip past them, they shoved her back.  Immediately, at the other end of the area, several ANTIFA/BLM members rushed into the crowd, pepper-spraying people indiscriminately.  There were a lot of small children present at the time of the attack.  

Me being who I am, I went forward to try and break things up and I saw a man come out of the bathrooms.  ANTIFA/BLM members jumped on him and took him to the ground.  I tried to get him, just to extricate him, and a woman shoved me with her shield, demanding I get back.  I ignored all 95 pounds of her (I’m no Drew Baye, but I’m a substantial man) and stepped closer to try and free the man being beaten.  Another BLM/ANTIFA man shoved me with a shield, also ordering me to get back.  I asked him if he was a police officer and he said no.  I then informed that he couldn’t tell me to get back and I told them to let the man on ground go (he was simply leaving the restroom and hadn’t done anything).  He told me to get the *expletive* back as he snapped out his ASP baton.  I ordered him to drop the weapon, but he raised it, and told me he would hit me if I didn’t get back.  I told him that if he swung that weapon at me, he was going to have a very bad day.  

By this time, I had gotten enough of them to look my way that members of a local “group” were able to rescue the man from the bottom of the pile.  

Another round of pepper spray from BLM/ANTIFA occurred and the young man in front was still deciding what to do about me when the state police arrived.  I immediately informed the *SINGLE* trooper who arrived what had happened, pointed at the man STILL HOLDING A WEAPON IN AN ATTACK POSITION, and he said, “There is nothing I can do”.  I informed him I had the entire thing on body cam video, and he said  “I can’t do anything”.  I pointed out the man who was spraying the crowd, who still had the can in his hand, and explained that he had attacked dozens.  The Trooper said “I didn’t see it”.  I pointed out the dozen or so victims reeling from spray and the dozens of witnesses, who were all agreeing with me, and again said I had it all on video. He said “If you want, we can sort it out much later, but I can’t do anything right now”.  I told him never mind.  If the police don’t ID the suspect at the scene, since they are all wearing masks, and all dressed in black, there is no sense wasting time reporting the multiple felony assaults.

ANTIFA Leader in Middle

As I looked across the street, who did I find directing this attack?  The same man I had seen in Detroit on Thursday, only today he’s in full gear and toting an AK.  I have significant information on him, but it will do me no good to report it.  I’ll keep it for my own protection.

Now, let me come to the preparedness point of these tales.


As you are preparing for the coming and rapidly increasing unrest, understand that and make your own safety and security plans.

Also understand that if any enforcement action is taken, it will most likely be against the side that defended itself.  Yes, it’s a horrible catch 22.  The police won’t help you and they’ll arrest you if you resist.  As I’ve said, this war was lost months ago.  

So what can you do?  The most important thing you can do is practice Don’t-Be-There-Jitsu.  Yes, I’ve already had several friends point out that I violated that myself, but I am a professional and it’s just not in me to let an innocent person be beaten in my presence.  I wasn’t there for either side, and I have principles I won’t violate.

Aside from not being there, gather information on local personalities and groups that cause unrest and track where they’re going to be, so that you can avoid flash points.

Get out and train in fitness and self defense.  I can’t tell you what that looks like for you, but if you aren’t doing anything at all now, even 5 pushups a day is an improvement over sitting on the couch.  As fitness instructor Drew Baye ( says about fitness, do something every day to make yourself harder to kill.

As things come more and more off the rails, you’ll want to avoid grocery stores.  The Safety Doc has reported that many trucking companies are paying drivers extra to deliver to cities involved in unrest.  There isn’t a truck driver alive who doesn’t know the name Reginald Denny, and as unrest gets worse, drivers will just refuse to go, creating food scarcity.  Buying a few cans of food extra per trip RIGHT NOW may carry you through the unrest.  Subscribe to the Safety Doc Podcast on YouTube for great analysis, by the way.

I keep saying it and I’ll say it again…get and carry with you EVERYWHERE a quality first aid kit.  A few days ago, ANTIFA/BLM stabbed 4 different people on the street in Washington, DC.  Having an aid kit on hand is VITAL and could save your life.  Both days I documented here I had Solatac PTK ( in my cargo pocket.  It’s a robust kit, in a convenient zip-loc bag that fits in a pocket.

I know, many of you still believe that the AP calling the election for Biden means this is all coming to an end.  Let me dispel that for you.

First, Biden has already promised another full lockdown and more movement restrictions.  NY just deployed literal troops to airports and land borders to check for “interstate travel papers”, also known as “test results”.  Those troops are forcing anyone without the papers into 14 day house arrest (quarantine).  Just because you’re confined to a hotel doesn’t make it any less house arrest.  Do you think that this will cause more or less unrest?

Second, BLM & ANTIFA are now openly admitting that they don’t want Biden/Harris either, just like I reported to you months ago.  They’re now also attacking Biden/Harris rallies.  Do you think that is going to cause more or less unrest?

Lastly, Donald Trump, right or wrong, has absolutely nothing to lose by fighting all the way to January 19th.  Do you think this is going to cause more or less unrest?

Be alert, be aware, and prepare.  Things are going to get worse, not better.


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I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

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