What’s Really Happening?

DC Emergency Service Ribbon

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you will know that I’m a big proponent of reading indicators. For those into preparedness, you need to be paying attention, regardless of which side of the political aisle you are on. The rhetoric and actions being taken are increasing the risk of domestic conflict within the United States, and you need to be prepared for it.

The United States Army National Guard Bureau is authorizing the issuance of a “DC Emergency Support Ribbon” for any National Guard soldier deployed to Washington DC after the January 6th incident. This is a BIG indicator.

To understand why, you have to understand how the US military issues ribbons and medals. Typically, particularly for the National Guard, in a deployment during a short term emergency like this would result in the issuance of a “Presidential Unit Citation” for each unit, allowing them to wear a PUC ribbon.

The other way in which ribbons are assigned is what we call “campaign ribbons”. Service in wartime, during a particular campaign, or push to accomplish some goal in a theater, would result in a campaign ribbon for someone who was there during the campaign. As an example, we currently issue Iraq and Afghanistan GWOT campaign ribbons. This ribbon seems to be like a campaign ribbon, and may well be the first campaign ribbon in the Second Civil War.

I know, at this point it’s claimed that this is a “local” award, but it’s being reviewed as a Federal-Level ribbon.

That’s the first indicator.

The second is the phrase “deadly January 6th insurrection”. Any time you see the events of January 6th described, it’s written like this word for word regardless of which outlet published it. This should tell you that you have no free press, but I digress.

Have you ever heard the phrase “deadly BLM/ANTIFA insurrection” to describe the events of the late spring and summer of 2020? An insurrection is defined as revolting against civil authority. The burning of police stations & courthouses, ambushes and bombings, and looting certainly meet that definition.

If the press was objective, they would realize that if you called the summer “protests”, and they were more violent and destructive than the January 6th incident, then you have to either call both protests, or both insurrections.

So then, it’s clear that the use of different terms is designed only to inflame and shape opinions. Protests are inherently virtuous and Constitutionally protected, whereas insurrections are inherently violent, evil, and unlawful.

The only death from violence on January 6th was when the US Capitol Police shot & killed an unarmed protestor. The other 3 protestor deaths were from health issues, not the event, and Officer Sicknick died from a stroke, not from an attack. Contrast that with the number of deaths from the summer protests.

The National Guard deployment has already been extended twice, and officially is supposed to end in two months, but the recommendation of blatantly racist General Honore, who is in charge of such things, is that they remain indefinitely.

They keep bringing up the specter of “right wing extremist violence”, even though they have presented no evidence of it whatsoever. This comes as every single night ANTIFA/BLM in Washington state are in an active insurgency, attacking businesses, assaulting police, and setting fire to government buildings. The media ignores the active insurgency.

Gather up your belongings to leave the land,

you who live under siege.

Jeremiah 10:17

As the passage from the Ultimate Tactical Handbook illustrates, be prepared. Tough times are ahead for all of us, regardless of politics. Have a plan, have gear ready.

Many take issue with the use of the term insurgency, but read the definition above. The conditions on the ground in Portland & Seattle meet that definition.

Again, we must ask WHY? Why the intentional ignoring of the on-going Marxist insurgency, while at the same time pushing the narrative without any evidence that we are on the edge of a violent assault by right-wing extremists?

Because even the Democrat Party knows that they aren’t far left enough and they can’t put the ANTIFA/BLM genie back in the bottle. They know that as we hit the anniversary of the Breonna Taylor & George Floyd incidents, there will be widespread violence again, and it’s better to blame it on “right wing extremists” attacking “mostly peaceful” protests.

Early in the summer, a BAMN activist handed me this document while I was undercover conducting surveillance at a protest in Detroit. It laid out that the goal was a violent revolution, and that they didn’t want Joe Biden as President either.

They know that a violent conflict is coming, and they want to frame it properly, to get the populace on the proper side.

Look at the treatment of those arrested on each side. BLM/ANTIFA protestors routinely have charges dropped, even for throwing firebombs. They are frequently released after only a few hours. For the January 6th event, people are being held for months in pre-trial confinement for misdemeanor crimes. Before you say, “but it’s the Capitol”, no one arrested for unlawfully being inside the Capitol or interfering with police during the Kavanaugh hearing (the same charge was used) was held longer than a few hours.

Another indicator is the continued comparisons to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 for the January 6th event. Both of those incidents led to actual wars.

Don’t get me wrong…There are some right wing extremist groups out there, but if we are truly honest with ourselves, they are over-run by federal law enforcement agencies to catch the extremists, so they aren’t really a threat.

I’m not saying either side is wrong or right. Protesting police violence is not inherently bad, and neither is demanding election integrity & transparency.

My point is that the rhetoric of the media is increasing the risk of violence and civil disorder, rather than reducing it.

Pay attention to the indicators and be prepared.

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