Normalcy Bias – Again

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I know, I talk about this a lot.  You want to know why?  Because people still have a normalcy bias.

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Normalcy Bias is the tendency to believe that unusual events are not actually happening.  Let’s talk about some objective facts and then we’ll analyze them.

Police Shootings/Rioting

This week, there have been riots in various cities throughout the US because of the Duante Wright case.  There has been violence and widespread damage and losses.  The level of conflict has not gone down, and there are planned protests for the foreseeable future.

Fiery, but mostly peaceful

Yesterday, news came out of police shooting in Chicago that happened last month of a 13 year old.  There are already protests being planned throughout the weekend over this shooting.

The reality is that protests are expanding, so the risk level is high.  The protesters, based on personal observation, are shouting about it being a “REVOLUTION”, not protests.

In Dallas, where a BLM supporter once killed 5 police officers, last night an armed BLM militia seized a shopping mall.

In Michigan, there are protests planned throughout the state all weekend.

Derek Chauvin Trial

The Chauvin trial will be ending Monday and sent for deliberations.  This is going to lead to more rioting either way.  Yes, either way.  First, if he’s acquitted, we all know what will happen, and the case has fallen apart.  Second, if he’s found guilty, it will be seen as proving that police are just attacking minorities, leading to rioting.

Law Enforcement/Prosecutorial Response

In Minnesota, we saw that police weren’t able to respond anywhere but the police station.

Prosecutors across the country are stating that they will no longer prosecute certain crimes, and are dropping all charges against rioters.  We are even seeing people charged with murder being offered some type of diversion (SF and DC), in the name of social justice. Coincidentally, in both of these cases, the victims were Asian, #StopAsianHate, right?

At the same time, we are seeing police take action against anyone who defends themselves against these actions.

In South Carolina, residents approached an Army Sergeant who lived in a neighborhood and told him about a suspicious man in the neighborhood who had put his hands down a girls pants.  When the sergeant told the man to leave, the man tried to approach the sergeant’s wife on their property, & the sergeant pushed the man away and told him to leave.  The Richland County Sheriff ordered his deputies to arrest the sergeant, who was completely within his rights.

The next night, a massive crowd surrounded the sergeant’s house, threatening him, standing on his lawn, and NOT ONE ARREST WAS MADE.

Mass Shootings

Yet another mass shooting occurred last night.

World Economic Forum

Without drifting off into conspiracy facts, the WEF famously predicted the COVID 19 pandemic about 3 months before it started.

They are now predicting a massive cyber attack that disrupts the electrical grid.

ANTIFA Intelligence

Last week, I reported that ANTIFA is seeking more violent protests and an actual violent revolution, ending in the abolition of the United States.

So what?

What does this mean for us in preparedness?

This environment is absolutely unsustainable.  When people know that they won’t be prosecuted for violence and damage done during protests or in some cases, at all, violence escalates.  Last year we saw cities with 600% increases in violent crime.

The potential for riots worse than last year’s George Floyd riots is at 100%.  We are seeing the hardcore Pacific Northwest rioters being embedded with groups throughout the country.

We are ALREADY in a societal collapse, and these events will just hasten it, along with accelerationist groups agitating it.

Regardless of your views on the events leading to the protests, you need to take action to prepare for them.

The most important takeaway: IT’S NOT GOING TO GET BETTER, IT’S GOING TO GET WORSE.

As people into preparedness, we need to take the same actions we took before, and remain highly aware:

  1. Identify your local protest groups and monitor their social media to be aware of where planned protests are taking place.  I keep this in a notebook indexed by date.
  2. Keep your car full of gas – When a riot is declared, the local government usually orders that the sale of gasoline be stopped to prevent arson.  You also don’t want to run out of gas while trying to escape a riot zone.
  3. Have a weeks worth of food & water at a minimum in the house, most of which is non-perishable.
  4. Carry and maintain a first aid kit, EVERYWHERE YOU GO.
  5. Keep a “Get Home Bag” with essential supplies in your car.  I recommend keeping a change of clothing in the car as well, if you wear business clothes to work or a uniform.  A good pair of boots is a good thing to keep in the car as well.
  6. Have a Communications Plan – Know where the people you care about are going to be over the next few days.  Have a plan for if communications go down.  We are currently seeing that inside the protest areas, so many people are on their phones that the systems are overloaded.  If you plan on using radios, keep them with you.
  7. Decide now what you will do to defend yourself and make your plans.  I’ll offer no advice here, you make your own decisions.
  8. Ensure that your fire extinguishers are fully charged and accessible. If you don’t have one in the car, put one there.
  9. Never be so tied to a location that you can’t walk out the door on minimal notice.  You can leave before things get really bad and then come back, but if you wait too long, you may never get out.

Let me leave you with one quote from the Ultimate Tactical Handbook:

Since they heard the sound of the trumpet

But did not heed the warning,

Their blood will be on their own head.

If they had heeded the warning,

They would have saved themselves.

Ezekiel 33:5

Be ready, be safe.


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