Could It Happen Here?

A common pushback I get is “Yeah, but a without rule of law situation would never happen in the United States.” We’re going to talk about that, address some vulnerabilities, and discuss whether or not we are already in a WROL situation.


In October of 2017, the Commission to Assess the Threat of an EMP Attack, released their findings to Congress. In it, they stated that a single nuclear device detonated at high altitude would cause 90% of the US population to die within one year. They estimated that local grocery store food stocks would be depleted in 3 days, and within 30 days, food at regional warehouses would spoil without electricity.

Our society is tied too closely to electricity for us to not consider the effects of a widespread power outage. While I mentioned the EMP assessment, it wouldn’t have to be an EMP attack by a nation-state. Domestic Violent Extremist groups, Islamic terror groups, and rogue nations have all indicated a desire to damage the US electrical grid.

We saw smaller scale grid failure in Texas this winter that caused widespread damage, some loss of life, and some localized law & order issues. Imagine it on a national scale. Imagine also that without grid power, most people would have no idea what was happening, and if help was coming, causing even more panic.

So, the short answer is yes, it can happen here. A loss of the electrical grid would cause a WROL situation rather quickly.

A feature of modern ethnic conflicts, from the Balkans to Georgia and the Ukraine, is the use of food, electricity, and water as a weapon. When one group see that another has those things and they don’t, rather than work together for the betterment of all, the groups attacks the other group’s resources.

Do you think we’re far from that here?


A Without Rule of Law situation doesn’t have to come from a disaster or an attack, either.

Currently, we are watching the degradation of self-defense laws, and the refusal of prosecutorial authorities to prosecute law breakers in the name of “social justice”. This is EXACTLY how you get an ethnic conflict. It was the direct cause of the Balkan Conflict and subsequent wars of secession and ethnic cleansing.

Just today, we saw men charged with federal hate crimes for shooting a burglar who had been trying to take their gun. Say what you want about the case and the rocket scientists who chased him down, but at the time the gun was fired, it was indeed lawful self defense. Last week, we saw a US Army sergeant charged with assault for trying to prevent an assault on his wife.

Time and again, we are seeing violent and destructive rioters being released without prosecutions. We are seeing police refuse to engage with looters and rioters, to avoid being the next viral video sensation.

And, we are seeing the immediate vilification of any police shooting, despite evidence that there was no other logical option.

These all contribute to a declining state of law and order and a greater risk of a WROL situation in the US.

But, what can we do? I’m glad you asked. Before I give you some practical steps, let me give you some advice from the Ultimate Tactical Handbook. My man Nehemiah faced a WROL situation and was completely surrounded by people waiting for an excuse to attack him. Here’s what he did:

Neither I nor my brothers, nor my men, nor the guards with me

took off our clothes; each had his weapon, even when he went for water.

Nehemiah 4:23

That’s pretty solid advice. Since he knew the enemy was about, he made sure that his entire crew was fully ready, fully armed, and ready to defend, no matter what they were doing. Let’s start there.

  1. Make a personal defense plan, whether that involves a firearm or not is up to you, and then follow it EVERY SINGLE DAY. In this environment, you don’t know when things will go bad.
  2. Ensure that you always have a first aid kit (I recommend a PTK from
  3. Adjust your defensive mindset to realize that you may have to choose to retreat, despite what the law says. We have seen people charged for things that are not crimes, but lawful self defense.
  4. Swallow you pride. I know, raising the fist isn’t in my nature either, but in the current legal climate, you can’t rely on the police or a jury. We know that the Chauvin jury was motivated by fear of the mob.
  5. Even though I got negative comments for it before, I still recommend making your vehicle and house “gray man”. Remove political signage and gun-related things from your car and clothing. There is no need to force yourself into a confrontation. No one is asking you to change your beliefs, just be smart about the current legal climate.
  6. Lastly, and most importantly, understand that this is going to get WORSE, rather than better. It’s coming to a head and some action will have to be taken to either restore law & order in America, or devolve completely into anarchy. Sadly, they both will have the exact same short term result of making conflict more likely.

I hope that this article has given you some ideas and maybe been a bit of food for thought.

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