Self Defense is Over

Plano, TX

Everyone said, “Wait until they come to Texas! The cops here won’t play that”. Then they came to Texas, and the cops protected BLM/ANTIFA. “But that was Austin”, they all said.

Then they went to Plano, Texas. There, BLM/ANTIFA blocked traffic. One motorist, pictured above, got angry and walked to the front, demanding that the crowd unblock the road. He was threatened and yelled at.

He said “Where are the cops?” Then, he found a police officer and demanded that the officer clear the road. It’s worth noting that the man was legally in the right. As a motorist, he had every right to drive down the road. BLM/ANTIFA had NO RIGHT to block traffic.

Crowd Closing In

So what did the Plano officer do? Warn the man to get back in his car and shut up. As the man started to walk away, the crowd closed in on him, and when he told them to get back, a man in the crowd pulled a firearm on the man, in full view of the police officer.

Gun Drawn

Again, the officer ordered the man to return to his vehicle and took NO ACTION on the felony assault committed directly in front of him.

The person who drew the gun cannot claim self defense, as they were part of a crowd facing one man, they were not where they had a legal right to be (you have no right to block traffic), and they were not the innocent victim of attack (If you are committing a crime, you cannot use self defense).

I personally had a similar situation occur in Lansing, Michigan a few months back, when ANTIFA was attacking a man in the crowd. When I waded in and told ANTIFA to let the victim up, one of them drew an expandable baton on me and ordered me to back up. I told him that I was not backing up and he threatened to strike me in the head with the baton, while we were standing right next to a Michigan State Trooper. I demanded the Trooper take action on the felony assault occurring right in front of him and he said that he could not. The police aren’t coming to help you.

During the same week, we saw multiple armed confrontations in Portland. In one, ANTIFA set up an illegal armed checkpoint, manned with vehicles blocking the road and several people with long guns.

As you can see, the red pickup was boxed in from the front by a red Jeep. He was approached from all sides by armed personnel and he exited the vehicle, demanding that they move. They kept ordering him back into his vehicle at gunpoint, which they had no legal right to do.

At one point, a male armed with a long gun shoved the man, knocking him down. As he was on the ground and surrounded by armed men, the subject drew his handgun and got up. He was immediately jumped by the crowd and his gun was stolen. The crowd, which was illegally blocking traffic, had no right to assault the man or to disarm him.

So, what did the Portland Police Bureau do? Nothing, because they weren’t there and didn’t arrive until much later.

What does this mean for us, as people into preparedness? It means that you cannot rely on the police to help you and you cannot rely on the law to protect you if you resist the BLM/ANTIFA mob.

Tactical Wisdom on Self Defense

Our best defense is to practice the martial art of Don’t-Be-There-Jitsu and avoid these situations. As I’ve recommended before, monitor Facebook and Twitter feeds of known activist groups in your area so that you can be aware of planned actions, so that you can avoid being trapped in one.

If, despite your best efforts, you find yourself trapped in a protest, the best thing you can do is pull your car to the side, lock it, and leave on foot. Have a “Get Home Bag” in your car, always ready to go. You can’t rely on just sitting in the car, because people have been violently pulled from cars and beaten. If you are absolutely trapped and they demand that you make some sort of display, like raising the fist or shouting black lives matter, the safest route is just do it. It doesn’t mean you believe in it, just make it through the incident.

I recommend, once again, buying and wearing some type of wearable body camera. I have a couple always with me, and if things look like they may go bad, I start recording. Don’t rely on using your phone, that ties up your hands and you may need to make a phone call.

Even if it’s obvious that the police are there, make a phone call to 911 and get it on their recorded lines that you are being unlawfully stopped at a roadblock and fear for you life because there are armed people outside your car. It could be a crucial piece of evidence later on.

Keep some type of notebook and pen with you. I always keep a tactical pen, so that I can use it to defend myself as well. You can document exactly whats happening or right after an incident while it’s still fresh in your mind. Don’t underestimate the value of this.

The biggest takeaway that you need from this situation is to be aware that the police aren’t going to help you and that traditional self defense laws are not necessarily going to be applied to protest cases.

Remain aware, and always have a plan to leave, on foot if needed, should a protest develop.

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I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

9 thoughts on “Self Defense is Over

  1. Remind me again why I should buy a recording device? My reasoning being, if the po po aint gonna do their job, what makes you think the courts will do theirs? I’ll pass on the cam and avoid the situ at all costs. But if it comes to me, the only movies I’m makin are horror flicks. Think Michael Myers gettin all shooty and stabby. Ohio Guy

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And I’ll bet you’re still an NRA member too. Somebody needs to loan you a fish hook remover.


  2. Maybe the blue line gang will wake up when the bullets are coming from two directions… those that hate and distrust them and those they have failed to protect. Because if they are there and not doing their sworn duty, they are in the way and complicit with the thugs and criminals and need to be dealt with accordingly.


  3. Sound advice. If you’re a person they can call “white” then you’re legally a second class citizen in these situations. Defending yourself will risk federal charges, if nothing else. Only option is retreat, sadly.

    Wise a serpents…I’m thinking buy a BLM or Che Guevara t-shirt to keep in that Get Home bag, blend in better while getting out of there.

    Liked by 1 person

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