Is Israel a Preview?

Lod, Israel

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars.

See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet.

Matthew 24:6

As I sit here watching the situation unfold in Israel, I can’t help but wonder if it’s a preview of things to come here. Now, I’m not referring to the rocket attacks by an external party, but the other thing that the US media isn’t covering, because it paints their darlings the poor, oppressed Palestinians in a bad light. The ethnic riots.

The Mayor of the city of Lod, after a night of violent rioting by Arab citizens targeting Jewish citizens, declared that he had lost control of the city and that a civil war was raging there. He compared the ethnic attacks to the Kristallnacht event in Nazi Germany.

I know that it sounds extreme, but BBC spoke to a woman named Michal Abraham, who lives in Lod. Her family lives in a mixed-ethnicity neighborhood, as most of Lod does. Her family and their Arab Muslim neighbors got along just fine, and worked together to see each other be successful, before the rioting. As soon as the angry mob got on their block, though, the Arab neighbors ran to the agitators and quickly pointed out where the Abraham family lived and where their cars were parked. Both of their cars were destroyed by fire during the night. Abraham reported that despite multiple calls, the police and fire departments never showed up.

Destroyed Vehicle in Lod

Is there a preparedness lesson there? There sure is. However nice your neighbors are today, they may be VERY different when the mob gets to your block. In our current environment, they may point out that you had a certain political sign in your yard or you normally fly a US flag, in an attempt to make the mob attack any house but their own.

Post-WROL, they may point out that you are the only person in the neighborhood not losing weight, and that they never see you go out foraging for food. That will at the very least get the hungry mob knocking on your door. They will be looking for your cool 10 year food supply, to “re-distribute” it.

Another point of concern is that Netanyahu is considering authorizing the use of “administrative detention” by executive order. This is an arrest without charge or court authority of people who, based on history and social media activity, “may” commit a crime at some later time. Yes, may at a later time. There is evidentiary standard to meet and no time limit on the detention.

You may think, “but we have a Constitution that guarantees due process”. We also have Extreme Risk Protection Orders that set aside the Constitution that the President wants to make national. Think about how people who attended the January 6th event are being treated (beaten by corrections staff and solitary confinement for TRESPASSING charges), and the rhetoric of Attorney General Garland. We aren’t that far off.

The root of the problem is an entire generation of ethnic Arabs growing up & being told by the media, their teachers, and religious leaders that they can’t succeed because of another ethnic group. Does that sound familiar? It’s the exact same as Critical Race Theory. The only possible end result of this type of education is violence.

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Take, for example, the claims that the West Bank and Gaza are “occupied” by Israel. They are not. They are part of Israel and have been since it’s founding. You can’t “occupy” territory that is already yours. We see the same terminology used here when BLM claims that police “occupy” their neighborhoods.

The West Bank and Gaza have become autonomous zones by force. A general uprising led to Hamas and Hezbollah seizing that territory during riots and then declaring it “autonomous”. That’s exactly what we are seeing with the Seattle CHAZ, the Minneapolis George Floyd Zone, and the attempted Zones in both Atlanta and Detroit. Israel is just farther along the path than we are.

America is on a trajectory towards the same path as Israel, and to a large extent, the Balkans. We are headed for more racial & ethnic strife as we approach “George Floyd Week” (May 22-29), and we risk an actual civil war and Balkanization.

What can we do, as preparedness-minded people? We can ensure that we have a 2 week supply of portable food & water, we can remain aware, keep our cars filled with gas, and have a plan to avoid the conflict however we can. Ensure that you have a meeting plan for your loved ones and preparedness group, as well as a communications plan.

Most importantly, we can stop pretending that this isn’t happening. If you look at the root causes, the situation in Israel is EXACTLY the same path that we are on.

Prepare and train like it.

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