The Government View on Prepping

Prepping Hillbillies is a Show. Really.

I have long said that the government views people into preparedness (“preppers”) as a threat. Many people point at the FEMA website and say “See, you’re wrong. They want you prepared.” Have you really looked at their guidance?

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of great information on that site. However, that site is geared at preparing you to wait for government assistance. They make no mention of long term storage, survival, or growing foods. They give a good 7-14 day supply list, intended for you to wait until they come to the rescue, and register you for their handouts. That’s not self-sufficiency.

They frequently say on their site “evacuation plan”….by that they mean evacuation to a FEMA shelter. They mention “listen to local authorities”, meaning “do what you’re told”.

This is the same FEMA who forcibly moved people into the stadium in New Orleans where there were rapes, robberies, and murders. Where dead bodies piled up until they were a health risk. The same FEMA who sent troops door to door to seize lawfully owned guns, while gangsters shot up neighborhoods. People had to fight to get their guns back.

No, I don’t think I’ll rely on FEMA.

People call me paranoid, but I frequently point out that federal agencies look at preparedness as a sign of potential extremism. It’s not extreme at all, but they view it that way. They do NOT want people who are interested in taking care of themselves.

This evening, as Kabul falls completely, myself and every other veteran in America received an email from the Veteran’s Administration, expressing concern about our mental state after the fall of Kabul. I want to share with you an excerpt that CONFIRMS that the government thinks preparedness is sign of extremism. Among the harmful coping behaviors it mentioned was this gem:

Uh….you mean they may become preppers?

Mind you, they are straight up saying that feeling a need to be prepared for what may happen in the future is a BAD THING. They would rather that you not be prepared. Being unprepared leads to dependency.

Later on in the email, it says that if you feel this way, you should call the VA Hotline and report yourself. Yes, really.

Brothers and sisters, I don’t care which side of the political spectrum you line up on, but I BEG YOU, tighten up your Operational Security around your preparedness plans. People are taking note of your posts and comments. Remember my warnings about the Defense Production Act.

So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, 

but let us be awake and sober.

1 Thessalonians 5:6

This piece of Tactical Wisdom just that, don’t let yourselves be lulled into reliance on anyone but yourself. Let us also be awake & sober in knowing that some people don’t like the idea of us being self-reliant.

Some practical tips:

  1. Stop sharing your preparedness plans on Facebook, even in private groups. FB hates you, and keeps track of these.
  2. Understand that anything you put on the internet you no longer have a privacy interest in. Your posts and messages belong to the website, service, or provider.
  3. Don’t trust too heavily on “secure messaging services”…the FBI currently has hundreds of cases using allegedly secure messages as evidence. I know…we’re not doing anything wrong, but they don’t care.
  4. Have a communications plan that doesn’t rely on the internet or any service provided by someone else (not cell phones). Radio is really a lifesaver and if you get licensed, you can literally talk across the world, without any middleman.
  5. Never allow anyone, not even Nest or Ring, access or permission to access your home camera system.
  6. Be mindful on Zoom/Web Conferencing of what is visible around you. Again, you may be talking to your friends, but the PROVIDER can record you.
  7. Be especially mindful of where your children have online classes. Many activist teachers are reporting all kinds of silly things, because you let them see it. I recommend a corner with a blank wall.
  8. Talk to your children about what their teachers are asking them about their home lives. It’s a REAL problem.
  9. Never talk about preparedness at work or with people you just met. Especially with people a friend introduces you too.
  10. Realize that neighbors who are your friends today, may be tempted to turn in your stash of food after they haven’t eaten for a few days and they are offered extra food rations to report who has extra food. This has happened in other countries. European ones, not third world.
  11. Be aware that there are people who are distrustful of the preparedness community and will play Nancy Drew, feigning interest, just to find out what you have and report it.
  12. Lastly, understand that denying that a problem exists, doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist. I showed you real-time evidence above. They really think that people into preparedness should be monitored.

In closing, please be careful in disclosing your preparedness, we live in dangerous times.

On a side note, production has begun on Volume 3 of Tactical Wisdom, Defensive Operations. This book will be geared to building a defense for your home, neighborhood, bug out locations, or anywhere really, and on building an information network.

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