Exercising Caution


When our tempers flare, we get very tempted to say some not very nice things. When you combine that with edicts that affect our kids, it gets ten times worse.

As I pointed out the other day with my post, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Netflix, we are at a momentous point in American history. Freedoms that have been taken for granted because they are enshrined in the Constitution are under threat and are being taken away. That’s not an opinion; it’s a fact.

Take the Memo from Attorney General Garland, shown above. He’s saying that speaking out at school boards may be considered domestic terrorism if it rises to the level of a threat. He does state, though, that there are Constitutional rights in play. Let’s begin with explaining that exact right:

Congress shall make no law…prohibiting…the right of the people to petition the Government for the redress of grievances.

The specific wording here makes disagreement with mandates and edicts 100% inherently lawful. It makes arguing with government officials over curriculum and school rules inherently lawful. That’s important.

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Where we get into trouble is when we let our emotions carry over and say things that could be construed as a threat, allowing the FBI & local police to challenge your statements. Make no mistake, under the Free Speech and Petition clauses, you would probably win in court, but why risk it?

There’s a piece of Tactical Wisdom from the Ultimate Tactical Handbook that applies (shocking, right?):

Fools give full vent to their rage,
    but the wise bring calm in the end.

Proverbs 29:11

Let’s be wise in how we convey our displeasure. When we shout, “We’re going to get rid of you!” at the school board member, we know in our hearts that we mean by voting them out, but it could be construed as a threat of violence. Especially if they WANT to construe it as a threat.

I implore you all to exercise caution and WRITE OUT your comments before stepping up to the podium and stick to what you wrote. Winging it leads to us speaking in anger, rather than speaking from calm reason.

Here’s why I ask this: hundreds of people are sitting in jail on trespassing charges still. A long-time federal tactic when they have a case that they think they might lose is to delay it and delay it, hoping that you will get sick of waiting and just plead guilty to be rid of the case.

We are seeing this play out in Michigan with the NASA Brain Trust candidates who let the FBI talk them into stupid plots. Two have already pled guilty, but the rest demand their day in court, because they know they didn’t do anything wrong. What did the federal government do? Delayed the court date for SIX MONTHS, and scheduled two conferences, where defendants will be offered plea deals. Because they are trying to wait out the defendants.

Don’t give them ability to do this to you. By writing out your comments ahead of time and then sticking to them, you avoid letting them bait you into a conversation that can be construed as a threat. Stick to the policy and curriculum issues, not personalities of the board members. Never mention a board member’s children.

Also, stick ONLY to matters under the purview of the board/council you are speaking to. Your local city council can’t change a Presidential Election. By mentioning these issues out of place, you allow people to call us “unhinged” and allow them to dismiss us because they can’t address the issue. Force them to deal with things under their control.

During the most secure election in American history, when the board of canvassers for Wayne County met to vote to certify the election, a man with ties to ANTIFA and BLM groups made several comments to one of the Republican canvassers, mentioning specifically the school her children were attending and asking her what she thought life for the children would be like if she don’t vote to certify. She changed her vote to yes.

The same man then mentioned to the male Republican specifics about where his business was located and asked him how hard he thought business would get for him if he didn’t vote to certify. He called them both Nazis. The man also changed his vote from no to yes.

These were clearly threats, veiled as free speech during public comment. Make no mistake, if this man had been a conservative speaking to liberals, he would be facing federal charges. Instead, myself and some associates volunteered to provide security to these families for a few days.

WE CANNOT LET OURSLEVES FALL INTO THIS TRAP. Just because they do it, doesn’t mean we should.

The entire intent of this campaign against “domestic violent extremism” is to end all dissent against the sitting government and COVID measures. Understand that they will make an example of you if you let them.

If you think they aren’t really going to do this, check out a story by the NY Times a few days ago about Alex Jones and the Sandy Hook families. The story called Alex Jones a “Conspiracy Extremist”, rather than a “Conspiracy Theorist”. That subtle change in language is to justify violence and oppression.

Our cause is just, so I want to give you another piece of Tactical Wisdom that is so important that men who go through the Every Man A Warrior bible study program must memorize it:

The anger of man does not work the righteousness of God.

James 1:20

In other words, speaking out in anger seldom accomplishes our goals. If we instead speak from calm reason (while we may be angry), we are less tempted to say things that could land us trouble.

Remember: We have entered a “Different Rule of Law” situation in the US, and you can’t rely on Constitutional protection, just like you can no longer rely on self-defense laws. Use your head and be reasonable in speaking to these boards. Don’t let them win by making it easy to call you an extremist.

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