Knives in a Church

Godspeed, Sir David

This afternoon, Sir David Amess of the British Parliament was holding a ‘constituent surgery’, which is what we in America would call a Town Hall meeting, inside a Methodist Church in London. During this meeting, a man stabbed Amess several times. Despite the heroic efforts of the Emergency Services, Sir David died at the scene.

Police have reported that the suspect is in custody and that they are not seeking any additional suspects. Sir David was a Conservative Member of Parliament.

I wanted to discuss this because it is the natural next step to harassing lawmakers in public. Our current environment of encouraging people to aggressively confront lawmakers no matter where they are, is going to lead to more of this. It’s the only outcome one can expect.

Last week, we saw protestors trap Kyrstin Sinema in a bathroom stall. There is only a ridiculously small step from that to violence. A few days later, the same woman, who happens to be an illegal immigrant, approached Sinema on an aircraft in flight. She should have been arrested for using a cell phone while in flight and harassing other passengers. These acts are DANGEROUS and only a small step from actual violence.

But what does this mean for us? How does it tie to the larger picture? As they tell you these are isolated incidents and that you need to get a vaccine for everyone else’s “peace & safety”, I’d like you to consider this:

While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

Understand that even at secure venues, terrible things can still happen, and as a Warrior, you must always be ready to defend not only yourself, but also those unable to protect themselves.

Another example came a few days ago, out of Norway. In the aftermath of the Anders Breivik shooting, Norway banned firearms in almost all circumstances. That didn’t stop Espen Andersen Brathen, a recent convert to Islam. Brathen killed 5 and wounded many others with a bow & arrow. He made his way through the small town, forcing his way into homes and shooting arrows into people.

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, the Norwegian security services report that they were warned that Brathen was a radical Islamist OVER A YEAR AGO. Maybe if someone had to told them he was a right-wing extremist instead, none of this would have happened because he would have been arrested that very day, but I digress.

The point is that in the environment of “peace & safety”, people allowed themselves to be disarmed so that when the day came that evil kicked in their door, they couldn’t defend themselves at all.

If only there was some Tactical Wisdom that applied here…

Therefore, put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Ephesians 6:13

God expects you to stand your ground, and he expects you to still be standing when it’s over.

Let’s discuss some practical aspects of how you can be ready. Now, the links below are indeed affiliate links, and we make a few pennies on them, but understand that I will never recommend anything I don’t use myself.

First, be AWARE. Always pay attention to your surroundings and what the people around you are doing. Watch hands. Know where all the emergency exits are. The Marine Corps Combat Hunter program teaches you to be aware for anomalies or sudden changes in the environment. The book “Left of Bang” is written by the author of the Combat Hunter program, and it is helpful in learning situational awareness.

Learn your local laws and be as armed as you lawfully can be. Understand knife laws & gun laws and use them to your advantage. In Michigan, I know that in areas I can’t carry a gun, I can carry a knife of ANY length, as long as it isn’t concealed, but I also know that I can carry a knife with a blade of under three inches concealed. Knowing this, I have a large fixed blade on the side of my backpack, and I found a 3-inch fixed blade knife that I can conceal on my waistband. Fixed blades are better than folders for self-defense, because they don’t require manipulation to bring the blade into play. My newest one is a Warpath Kitchi in green (link below).

Warpath Kitchi in Green – Amazon Link:

Tactical pens are another good option. You can carry them anywhere, as long as you don’t get one that looks overly militant. I have several, but I recently found a low-key one. It’s small, but solid, and doesn’t look like a weapon at all. For more restrictive areas, the Zebra F-701 is an all-stainless-steel pen. While it doesn’t have a strike end, I guarantee you that the point will still do considerable damage.

Carry a high-quality flashlight everywhere you go. Spend some money, and get a Streamlight or Surefire, something that will last and that is meant to be used with firearms. It will last longer and be resistant to drops. They make good impact weapons. I’ve had both of my Streamlights for over 10 years and they still work. I also recently bought the ASP Scribe. While it’s slightly larger, it bridges the gap between a light and a baton. It still fits in a pocket and is solid.

I recommend also continuing to track known far-left (and far-right) agitators on your local social media pages to remain aware of potential issues. Subscribing to is a valuable tool as well.

As always, have a communications plan that might even include planned check-ins. When a law enforcement officer is on a call, if he doesn’t clear the scene in a specific time, the dispatcher makes contact just to make sure he’s OK. Implement daily check ins or if you are going somewhere specific, arrange a check in a reasonable time after with trusted parties.

Stay aware and understand that “Peace and Safety” is a fallacy.

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Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

2 thoughts on “Knives in a Church

  1. On examination of the ‘pen’ I carry… the Zebra F-301 that I thought was all stainless steel… I find it is not.

    Duh !! Too busy to pay detailed attention to what I bought long ago.

    Bought a couple of F-701s as Joe suggests. ALL stainless steel housing.

    If I’m forced into a corner with no escape and have no choice but to savage cray cray jigger stab my assailant in the throat or thorax like a prison assassination… the new pen will stay in one piece.

    By the way… slap your assailant in the face hard and fast first. I’ve done that in a fight with a guy much bigger than me and he hesitated just enough to allow me to take him down with a hit to the throat. He started it Mom!

    Jack Lawson
    Associate Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Author of “The Slaver’s Wheel”, “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil,” “Civil Defense Manual” and “In Defense.”

    “The winds of change blew through the dream factories of make-believe, tore at its crinoline tatters…. The hedonists, the homosexuals, the hemophiliac bleeding hearts, the God-haters, the quick-buck artists who substituted shock for talent, all cried: “Shake ’em! Rattle ’em! God is dead. Long live pleasure! Nudity? Yea! Wife-swapping? Yea! Liberate the world from prudery. Emancipate our films from morality!”…. Kill for thrill – shock! Shock! To hell with the good in man, Dredge up his evil – shock! Shock!”
    Frank Capra, the director of the Christmas classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart, expressing his feelings about the declining standards in the film industry and why he quit making films.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jack isn’t wrong with the slap thing…try slapping to the carotid artery…it will give you a solid 2 seconds of the person just blinking while their system reboots.

      Liked by 1 person

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