Everyone Is A Fed

Last) Weekly Roundup: What If The Feds Held A Fed Rally And Only Feds  Showed Up Edition - Riverside Green
Hello, fellow insurrectionists.

Last week, when it was apparent that a verdict in the Rittenhouse case was imminent, I suggested that Kenosha might be a good place for like-minded people to meet, and maybe prevent a repeat. I got dozens of responses that either I was a Fed, or that I should “Have fun hanging out with the Feds”. Another common one was “Don’t, the Feds will be all over the place”.

I get the same response every time that I suggest going anywhere and doing anything.

Here’s the honest truth: That thinking is EXACTLY why we are where we are today, and why we will lose. The FBI set up the events of January 6th, and the very public arrests to scare you into inaction. When people started to actually use their First Amendment right to petition their government for redress of grievances at school board meetings, what happened? They first threatened to use terrorism laws against the people, then began doing it.

What was the effect? It had an immediate cooling effect on the public protests and people started the “You better not go, the Feds will be there” chatter and we lost momentum.

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They are taking these actions because they are AFRAID. They would much prefer that WE be afraid and sit at home waiting for some orange-faced Savior to save the day. No cavalry is arriving, nor is Gandalf going to appear at dawn on the third day with the Rhohirrim to save the day.

Here’s the honest truth: This will not be won on Twitter. We must at some point offer resistance by speaking out and marching against tyranny. Otherwise, they win by default. You cannot win by playing defense. No war, culture war or actual war, was ever won by not engaging.

The other fallacy is the “by reacting and doing literally anything but sitting at home and tweeting, we are playing into their hands, and they’ll be able to enact tighter controls on us.” Guess what? The tighter controls are coming either way, so you MIGHT AS WELL resist them in some way. Doing nothing is not winning.

If there is nothing that you are willing to get off the couch for, then stop sending out your hot takes and complaints via Twitter. If you aren’t willing to get out in the real world and stand up, do the rest of us a favor and stop play-acting. Admit that there is NOTHING you will resist and just accept it. The rest of us need to know who our TRUE allies are.

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Now, I don’t mean take drastic action, I mean do literally ANYTHING. Attend a school board meeting and register your opposition. Counter-Protest (and no, I don’t mean attack the left, I mean protest). Attend a march. Go meet like-minded people. Make your voice heard.

Yes, this is a tough love post. You need to hear it. You need to stop screeching “FED!!” every time one of us is willing to stand up to the growing tyranny. Cowering at home in fear of the government is living in tyranny in case you weren’t clear. Staying away from events because you’re afraid of the FEDS isn’t “being smart”, it’s cowardice. No, I won’t be giving out participation trophies here, because YOU AREN’T PARTICIPATING.

If this post offends you because I used the word COWARDICE, that’s on you. Re-evaluate your life. Decide. You can either decide to get off the couch and start organizing and making your voice heard, or you can get angry. Do me and yourself a favor though…If you’re going to get angry, unfollow this blog and unfollow me on Twitter. You aren’t doing either of us any good by continuing to follow me.

“But I thought this was a preparedness blog, what’s this rant about?” It is a preparedness blog. Most of the people involved in preparedness prepare in case of a tyrannical government. That is happening now.

What does the Ultimate Tactical Handbook have to say? I’m glad you asked:

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Galatians 5:1

Another, more direct, way this applies to preparedness is that the Department of Homeland Security now considers “preparedness” or “concern for Constitutional rights” to be signs of “domestic violent extremism”. The government is directly calling preppers and others into preparedness potential terrorists, and instead of resisting it, we’re letting them drive us underground and we are being apologetic.

The Founding Fathers believed that Tyranny can only exist when the people fear the government more than government fears the people. That’s where we are today. If you don’t believe me, buy the book listed below and read their writings.

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When people say, “But I can’t lose my job”, I get it; it’s a tough call. But now, they are threatening that job if you refuse to bend the knee. It’s a vaccine today, it will be your social credit score tomorrow. At some point, if we don’t resist in a unified way, you’re going to lose that job anyway, if you don’t completely bow down to their agenda.

If you want to see a good illustration of this point, watch “The Patriot”. Benjamin Martin refused to fight, because he had to provide for his family. He was able to postpone the fight, but the fight still came. And the cost to his family was MORE than if he had fought from the first day.

It’s time to make a decision. Either stand and fight (in Minecraft, FEDS), or stop complaining and accept your masters. It’s really that simple.

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5 thoughts on “Everyone Is A Fed

  1. I will take your advice and stop following your blog. Not because of the word cowardice, but because you constantly misuse and misinterpret scripture. I really makes little difference if I stay or go other than possibly causing you or another reader to re-examine scripture. Also that I won’t get upset every time I read you incorrect exegesis of scripture.


    1. Thank you. I hope you feel better. You’ve done nothing but spew hate on here repeatedly, and that is not exactly Christian. I’m not certain who appointed you as His spokesman for Scripture at any rate.


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