Guest Post – Comms

A few days ago, several of us were talking about comms and sharing ideas. When we got past the angry HAMs telling us about how we were all threatening democracy and were going to go to prison for using the wrong brand of radio, we got some great sharing going. Please don’t take that theContinue reading “Guest Post – Comms”

Indicators: New Military Training

We can learn a lot by taking a look at a couple of the emergency training changes that the US Military in general are making, and one that the US Marine Corps specifically has made in preparation for the next conflict, which seems to be rushing closer every single day. The next conflict appears toContinue reading “Indicators: New Military Training”

Learning from Mongol Moon

When I first joined Twitter, some guy named Mark Sibley was promoting his novel, Mongol Moon. I had no idea who he was, but the book summary seemed interesting, so I bought it. I was so moved by the scenario the book presents that I began engaging with Mark, and now I consider him aContinue reading “Learning from Mongol Moon”

Assisted Living Family Members

In his ground-breaking novel “One Second After”, the first place William Forstchen talks about the disaster impacting is an assisted living/long term care facility. It’s important, because most people don’t realize what life-ending implications a power outage will have on such facilities, starting within MINUTES. Here, we are going to discuss some of those risks,Continue reading “Assisted Living Family Members”

The Truth About the Ukraine

As the media and international leaders point their fingers at Vladimir Putin for the current situation in the Ukraine, I thought I would take us on a trip down Memory Lane. I’m no fan of Putin or Russia, but the truth needs to be told. First, let’s remember that Barack Obama famously said he’d likeContinue reading “The Truth About the Ukraine”