Review – Civil Defense Manual Volume 2

A while back, I reviewed Volume 1 of Jack Lawson’s Civil Defense Manual. I finally had time over the Christmas Holiday to finish reading Volume 2 and take some serious notes.

Bottom Line: You need both Volumes 1 and 2 of the Civil Defense Manual in your library. The good news is that they come as a set when you order them at

But first, here’s the Tactical Wisdom that I want you to consider related to buying this book, and I’ll explain why at the very end:

 then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not heed the warning and the sword comes and takes their life, their blood will be on their own head.

Ezekiel 33:4

Volume 1 dealt with the generalities of forming what Lawson calls a “Neighborhood Protection Plan”, organizing the group, gathering group gear & supplies, and starting a training program. It covered how to sell the group to your neighbors as well. This makes it an excellent companion to the Tactical Wisdom Series.

Volume 2 begins to cover topics that most in preparedness planning gloss over or totally neglect.

First, it covers field hygiene and sanitation. If you’ve read anything of mine, you’ll know I talk about this a lot. A WROL situation or societal collapse will lead to a large number of dead, rampant disease, and a lack of formal medical care. There’s also information on dental issues in a collapse, which can quickly become a life-or-death issue.

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Another life and death issue covered in the book is hypothermia and the need for WARM shelter. Winter was a killer throughout history, and this modern era of climate-control gives us a false sense of security related to winter. As I am writing this, Russia has severely limited the amount of gas available to northern Europe for heating. Without a way to heat homes, most of northern Europe is uninhabitable during winter.

Lawson also devotes a chapter to the need for fire, and therefore a need for fire-fighting ability. I’ve mentioned this a few times as well, and with no fire department responding in minutes, it’s something you need to worry about. Do you have fire extinguishers and fire blankets? What about in your car?

There are several chapters on the tactical defense of your neighborhood, written by Jack Lawson and Matt Bracken, both acknowledged experts in their fields. Jack’s experience in Africa is invaluable because the Rhodesian Bush War and conditions in South Africa are very similar to what WROL/Collapse life will be like. On an insiders note, you can tell that Jack’s experience is real, because he discusses the Y and Half-Y foot formations, which I learned from a South African. That’s the only place you learn it and it comes from hard-won experience tracking humans in the wild.

There is a chapter from my friend Mike Shelby at on gathering defensive intelligence. As always, Mike puts solid information out there for you to better prepare. On a side note, I will be reviewing Mike’s new book, Low Intensity Conflict, as soon as it comes out.

Following the chapters on the hard-skills of defensive combat and intelligence gathering, come several “disaster-specific” chapters, written by experts on their topics. There are chapters on massive volcanoes, EMP, nuclear attacks, underground shelters, biological attacks (like COVID 19). There is so much information in there that you need the books as a reference set, at the very least. I can say that I thought I was fairly knowledgeable, but I learned a LOT in those disaster-specific chapters.

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I won’t give away any secrets here, but I think you need this book set in your preparedness library. I’ll even address the elephant in the room: The set is not cheap. It was just under $100. But what is your life worth? It’s less than $50 per book, and I have some classic martial arts books in my library that were over that price and not nearly as full of life-saving information. Consider it an investment.

Note: I do not receive compensation EVER for reviewing books or gear. Most often, the company or author has no idea that I’m even doing a review.

Now, Jack and I have communicated via email because we know a lot of the same folks, and we just happen to think so much alike that we are natural friends, but he didn’t ask me to do a review of the second book, I felt compelled to, because I know a lot of people are apprehensive about the cost. I want to assure you: It is INDEED WORTH EVERY PENNY you will spend on it.

I’ve pointed this out before: Some of you will drop $1700 on a rifle without even thinking, but balk at spending $100 on a radio, optics, or a good training book. Switch the priorities, skills will keep you alive long enough to “acquire” a rifle from someone who no longer needs his, because he had no skills.

Get the set and get off the couch. Start training.

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