Developing Comms Plans

When things go bad, communication is often the first thing to go. Even if the cell phone network is still up, it doesn’t take much to overload it. A high volume of calls and lots of people streaming video, and suddenly you are without voice communication. I am by no means an expert on theseContinue reading “Developing Comms Plans”

Lessons from Canada

Without getting into the political aspects, the events unfolding in Canada carry vitally important lessons for those of us interested in preparedness. First, the changes that they are making to their Terror Financing Laws under the Emergencies Act Declaration are draconian and PERMANENT. In other words, as Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said, even when theContinue reading “Lessons from Canada”

The Russians Are Coming!!

I know, your favorite media personalities told you today that everything is fine, because the Russians are withdrawing and have announced that their exercises are over. I assure you, though, the Russians are indeed coming. I ask you to remember all the way back to last month, when Russia made a similar statement, yet neverContinue reading “The Russians Are Coming!!”

Organization – Notebook

While working on Tactical Wisdom Volume 4, I got a lot of questions about how to apply and organize the steps and information in the first three volumes. An idea was hatched by the smartest person on the team (which is clearly not me) to create a companion book. A Contact and Notes organizer forContinue reading “Organization – Notebook”

The Gray Zone

My friend Mike Shelby over at Forward Observer (find them at: talks a lot about Gray Zone Conflict. The Gray Zone is that space between peace and war that we used to refer to as a “Cold War”. Gray Zone is a much more fitting name, because in many aspects, Gray Zone Conflict canContinue reading “The Gray Zone”

Gathering/Foraging Post-WROL

One of the issues that I get frequent questions about relates to gathering supplies after rule of law has collapsed and how that is done. There is no easy answer, but we can look to history and common law to guide us. First, I want to point out that your first responsibility is to PREPAREContinue reading “Gathering/Foraging Post-WROL”