Action Steps – 4th Of July Weekend

The “Night of Rage” may have been a bust, but the left is still indeed out in the streets, taking action, and some events happened that have us wanting to issue some reminders and help you prepare for the holiday weekend. This weekend is the 4th of July, a holiday that Marxist extremists hold in particular contempt. Those who think “America was never great” hate this holiday. The lack of cover last weekend has also enraged the most militant and made them even more likely to lash out this coming holiday weekend.

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The one-two punch of rulings on Thursday and Friday continued this morning, with a ruling about prayer that will only fuel their feelings that a “Fascist Christian” takeover is underway. On Friday, we already saw thousands screeching about it in the streets, and then this morning, the SCOTUS announced that even school employees have a right to pray while working under the First Amendment.

Keep in mind that this ruling doesn’t in any way mean that organized prayer in school is now legal, the Marxists say that it means that America will FORCE you to pray. It’s the same false logic that they said over the weekend that the government will FORCE you to get pregnant, as if that’s even possible.

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But, as people interested in preparedness, we aren’t concerned with what people think, we are concerned with how they are acting, and people behaving badly is one of our risk factors. Over the weekend, we saw traffic blockages, vandalism, and assaults.

The prudent see danger and take refuge,
    but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

Proverbs 27:12

Our first reminder is that if there is freeway blockage, swallow your pride, turn around and go the other way. We saw several over the weekend, one which involved a protestor allegedly being ran over. I know, we all like to talk a big game about never backing down, but unless you are prepared to kill a hundred people, you are on the losing side and the POLICE AREN’T COMING. In fact, if the police do come, they are more likely to arrest YOU, than the protestors. Just turn around, even if it means driving the wrong way on the shoulder, and get out of there.

If you are trapped in a blockage, pull over to the side, grab your Get Home Bag, lock the vehicle, and LEAVE on foot. You can always come back to the car, and they are less likely to vandalize your car if you aren’t trying to drive through them in it. We saw them trying to remove people from cars, and yes, I know, you’d shoot them, but then you’d go to jail. Self defense is dead.

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You can avoid this for the most part by maintaining situational awareness. Monitor local social media and sign up for local police alerts from Everbridge. Focus on your surroundings, rather than your phone. For everywhere that you frequent, have 4 routes already planned out, including at least 2 on foot.

Another great situational awareness thing that you can do in the next 24 hours is to go talk a walk around your neighborhood. Look for political signs on cars and houses that may indicate where the threats in your neighborhood might reside and where potential allies might be found. We’re not building a target list here, we’re just trying to decide who might be a risk in our neighborhood.

Walk the neighborhoods adjacent to yours and look for paths or foot routes into your neighborhood. In the event that you might have to leave your neighborhood on foot in a hurry, it will be important to know what the ground looks like and what the safe routes might be.

Do this at work, too. Get out on your lunch or your break and walk the blocks around your place of employment. What areas might offer you a safe haven and what areas will draw protests (police stations/courts/clinics/etc.)? What is the best way out of the area on foot? Note how most people in the area are dressed so that you can plan to dress to blend in.

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Ensure that you have proper emergency supplies in your car. You should carry a Get Home Bag (addressed below), a full first-aid kit, a fire extinguishers, and some light tools in the car at all times. A fuel siphon pump is a good idea as well. I carry 2 US-Issue 2 Quart canteens in the back of my SUV in case I get stranded without water. I also keep my tactical walking stick (see affiliate link) in the car. It can serve as a self defense tool if needed, or it can stay broken down in my bag. I keep a pair of tarps in the car also, in case I need them for shelter.

The Get Home Bag should contain the gear needed to help you traverse from work to home on foot if needed. It should contain another first aid kit, a change of clothes, rain gear, some type of shelter (I use a US Poncho and an emergency bivy), a fixed blade knife (7-11 inches), a multi-tool, and some food. I also have two roll-up water pouches and water purification tablets, as well as a sillcock key. The sillcock key lets you open commercial water faucets on the outside of buildings for drinking water. I would use tablets anyway, especially if the power is out. A radio and light source should be included as well. For light, I have both a LiteBand head lamp and a tactical flashlight. A Baofeng radio will let you communicate with friends as well as listen to FM news broadcasts. A Bandana or face-mask can help you change appearance or hide your face. As an added touch, I keep a packable jacket in the bag to alter my appearance when needed.

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Today, Sri Lanka banned the sale of gasoline to most civilians for at least the next 2 weeks, and Peru & Ecuador are expected to follow suit. Keep your car full of gas, both due to potential shortages, and the possible need to drive far out of your way to avoid protest activity.

I hope these reminders from the Baseline Training Manual help you be ready for what may come as the 4th of July Holiday comes up.

Remember, America is the greatest country on Earth, no matter what anyone else says, and it is our last, best hope for Freedom in the world.

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I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

6 thoughts on “Action Steps – 4th Of July Weekend

  1. “A fuel siphon pump is a good idea as well.”
    If the idea behind that is to be able to siphon fuel from another vehicle (a.k.a. “Georgia Credit Card”), you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Virtually every vehicle now on the road has a baffle between the fuel cap and the fuel tank to prevent the theft of gas. That began soon after the last big fuel shortage in the 1970’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are methods to get around this. A few minutes on YouTube will enlighten others. I didn’t include because I’m not actually advocating theft. Longer tubes will get you into old storage tanks, and you can siphon from your own lawn mowers, etc.


      1. If you plan on serious Petroleum Piracy, you’ll need at least a 12-Volt Electric “Transfer Pump” like for a Bed Tank in a Pickup. (you’ll need one or more of those, too.) and lots of Hoses with Camloc-type Quick-Couplers. Look up this stuff in Petroleum/Gas Station Supply websites. And ALWAYS have a Grounding/Bonding Wire with Clips, and more than one Fire Extinguisher. If you plan to “Lift” Fuel from Underground Tanks, you need a Diaphragm-Type Pump that can Self-Prime 10 Feet or so.Filters. Don’t forget Filters, big ones, and lots of Elements for them.


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