Technology is Not Your Friend

The Eagle is Listening

As you all know by now, I advocate a low-tech to no-tech approach. Mostly, this is because we can’t rely on having the ability to connect to a network, or to even charge and power our devices. Being low-to-no tech keeps us able to function.

Recently, however, a couple of events have me leaning even farther from technology. While it’s a great tool for us all to chat and learn, it’s also a tether to the world’s largest surveillance system. I’ll illustrate in a bit how seemingly innocuous things can link you to thought crimes in the New America. The first event was attending NC Scout’s ( SIGINT course, where he taught how pattern of life data is collected via the web. The second is reading the indictments of the J6 defendants, and especially the newer ones, being charged on very shaky grounds.

Let’s face it, everyone was worried about being microchipped, yet they are never more than 3 feet from their phone. You don’t need to be microchipped; you are VOLUNTARILY submitting to tracking. Don’t come at me with “but I turned location tracking off”; I’ve told you repeatedly and Tucker Carlson showed you on his show about how that only turns off the tracking YOU CAN SEE. Google and Apple still can track you and do.

They all, including Alexa, listen constantly. I’ve had people tell me, “but I’ve muted it.” Yes, you muted the sound you can hear. The other thing I get from people is “It only listens after I tell it to”….Well, smart guy, it wouldn’t know that you said “Hey Alexa/Google/Siri” unless IT WAS ALREADY LISTENING. Those recordings can be, and have been, subpoenaed and used as evidence.

The best thing you can do to defeat this threat is to throw away your cell phone. We all know that’s not going to happen, so I offer a solution. Don’t take your phone places you don’t want to be tracked to, and leave your phone in the car when having conversations you don’t want anyone to hear. The biggest pushback I hear is “but if you’re not doing anything wrong, why do you care?” Two reasons, the first is that our system is NOT based on the premise that we should be surveilled in case we commit a crime. The second is that free speech can, and has been, interpreted as seditious conspiracy. The entire debacle that is the Michigan Whitmer plot was really nothing more than a bunch of drunken campfire conversations that got steered in the wrong direction.

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Another option comes from our friends at SLNT. I have a SLNT Faraday Dry Bag (see above). This bag is 2.5 liters, just big enough to store my phone and a tablet. Not only does it protect against EMP and is waterproof, it stops all RF signals. I have tested it out thoroughly and it’s a solid product. Even cooler is that after having a discussion with the folks at SLNT, they told me that anyone who clicks my affiliate link below the picture will get 10% off their purchase, and the bag is only $49.95.

Let’s talk tactical use here. If you drive to a location for a “mutual aid group” meeting, then drop your phone in the bag at the meeting location, and then pull it out after the meeting, all you did was alert folks that you did something interesting at that location, and that they should ping all phones that were in that area. A better idea is to keep the bag in the car, and drive to a logical location like a shopping mall or movie theater and put the phone in the bag there. Then go to your meeting elsewhere, drive back, and take the phone out of the bag in that same lot. There, it looks like you went shopping or to a movie. Tradecraft is important.

In a Post-WROL situation, just keeping any tech that you have inside of a Faraday dry bag is smart idea. I have several friends who keep “WROL Tablets” that have hundreds of manuals and files, plus maps stored on them. You can recharge the tablet from a solar panel. Personally, though, I recommend not using an Android Tablet for this. If you do, never connect it to your home Wi-Fi and use generic log in data. Needless to say, for security reasons, I’d never use a cell-enabled tablet for anything secure.

The second thing that happened was reading the FBI criminal complaints. The FBI obtained purchase histories from people who made Amazon purchases and were at the January 6th event. They listed as evidence of seditious conspiracy things like buying a “black tactical backpack”, purchases of “Baofeng Radios”, and “black Under Armor face mask”.

I know, Amazon is so easy to buy from and you can’t beat their turnaround time. But they are turning over your data the second they are asked. I get it, I sell the majority of my books there and I even use Amazon Affiliate Links here, because it is the way we buy now, but understand that there is also a time and a place for cash purchases.

Let me clarify, before someone gets this twisted: I don’t advocate what happened on January 6th, and in fact, I told people that they shouldn’t go, because it was a terrible idea and a trap. My opposition to going was because I KNEW that the government would do EXACTLY what they are doing. Some of those people I warned (including one prominent one) are under indictment now. Don’t take the bait.

That being said, if you ARE going to do dumb things, don’t order all your supplies via Amazon, fly commercial to the area, and then register at a hotel down the street. Don’t carry your phone around. This isn’t hard. This is how we targeted folks in the sandbox. It’s called patterning.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring up some Tactical Wisdom and some history to illustrate the point, so here we go.

Keeping a close watch on him, they sent spies, who pretended to be sincere. They hoped to catch Jesus in something he said, so that they might hand him over to the power and authority of the governor.

Luke 20:20

The use of informants isn’t new, and even this account of spies deployed against Jesus is several thousand years after Jezebel used spies to entrap Naboth so that he would be executed and she could take his land. The more a nation relies on informants and undercover operations, the more tyrannical it is.

One of the grievances that the Colonials had against the Crown that led to the American Revolution was this gem:

For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences

That sounds pretty similar to arresting people all over the US and dragging them to Washington DC for detention, and then delaying the trials.

I will leave you with this piece of the Declaration to close us out, presented without comment:

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us

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I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

4 thoughts on “Technology is Not Your Friend

  1. what is the practical use for an faraday bag? blocking an EMP is good, but only if you suspect one is coming, right? And what/when are the RF signals (sent) that would need to be blocked in my daily life?

    In other words, I get the concept of avoiding tracking, but, where does implementing the bag fit into my rhythm or practice?

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  2. Another good Article, JD, as for “Cell Phones” aka “The Microchip up your a$$” you are Spot-On about how all those people who are concerned about the “Mark of the Beast” stuff are also 100% likely to have the latest and best I-crap Tracking Device right in their Hand, constantly. I have an older, Motorola “Flip Phone” that is incapable of having most of the Spyware that is secretly loaded on the 5-G System devices. Yes, it can be “Tracked”, but that’s what the Phone Network needs to do in order to Function. At the end of 2022, the Phone Networks will no longer Operate with older devices, and I’ve already decided to Not replace it.
    That raises interesting questions as to when the “Beast” demands that everyone have one for “Identification” purposes. As is seen in some Places, the Coronascam was used to demand that People install a Tracking/Vaccine Passport type of Program. Should be Fun to see how That plays out, along with (((their))) “Central Bank Digital Currency” system that will be introduced when the ‘fiat paper dollar’ collapses, as all Ponzi Schemes Do.

    Interestingly, almost All of the Christians (perhaps ‘in name only’) that I know, will Whine On about the “Mark of the Beast” stuff, but then turn right around and say “But there’s Nothing I can Do about it”, meaning that they have already decided to Comply. I have answered some of them with, “Well, since I’m not a Christian, I’m Not Obligated to Comply with that.” Talk about Heads Exploding…. But sadly, it’s all too Obvious, people whose Bible says they should Refuse this Tyranny, are unwilling to actually Fight the Physical Manifestation of Evil when it is right in their Faces.


  3. “Don’t take the bait.”

    Very true, yet we see folks looking at the shiniest lures that some of all know were on aisle 9 at Cabela’s like they are the bestest and tastiest free meal….
    We tell folks that there is always a catch…
    We write based upon facts, observations, and the understanding that the hearts of men and the core of government can be either gracious or remorselessly vindictive at the drop of a hat or the shit in the winds of political opinion…

    And yet, they don’t seem to listen.

    All we can do is understand the vulnerabilities, plan for the eventualities, and hope for the best in the days and years to come.

    Keep at it… we’re listening…

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