Winter Preparedness

As I write this, word is coming out that NY Police are finding bodies frozen in vehicles all along the highways in areas impacted by the storm. Buffalo is finding frozen people buried in the snow. It’s a horrible tragedy, but all the more so because it was 100% avoidable. Over the weekend, we alsoContinue reading “Winter Preparedness”

Stranded in Peru – Lessons Learned

As Peru devolves into civil war, tourists, including Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, found themselves stranded in a remote region that was experiencing a full Without Rule of Law situation. There was no law enforcement, and armed groups & protestors were on the roads. Some of these tourists were forced out of vehicles and had toContinue reading “Stranded in Peru – Lessons Learned”

Principles Over Fear

A few days ago, I shared the video of NYFD Lt. Alison Russo-Elling being murdered on the street. I lamented that no one stopped to help her or engage her attacker. She was walking to lunch when a man stabbed her 19 times, killing her. Multiple people drove by or walked by, without even slowingContinue reading “Principles Over Fear”

It’s Not Hyperbole

Normalcy Bias is a killer. No matter how bad things get, most people think that “it” can never happen here. The entire world is devolving into civil war or open conflict, yet folks in the West, and the US in particular, just believe that those are problems for “over there where those people live”. Now,Continue reading “It’s Not Hyperbole”