Sad Hams are Killing GMRS

Let me begin by saying that the vast majority of Amateur Radio people (Hams) that I know are NOT Sad Hams. Most of them are very helpful and good people. It’s sad that a few people are going to kill not just one hobby, but two. My first real experience with a Sad Ham cameContinue reading “Sad Hams are Killing GMRS”

Tradecraft in Uncertain Times

Times are scary right now. People on both sides of the political spectrum (yes, both sides) are leveling threats at each other and people are seeking to “cancel” each other, which is a white-washed way of saying ruin each other’s lives and ability to make a living. Add to this the ever-present threat of anContinue reading “Tradecraft in Uncertain Times”

Prudence in Uncertain Times

Banks are on dangerous ground, the Russo-Ukrainian War risks escalation, and China is expanding it’s challenges. What more could go wrong? Well, the Manhattan DA claims he’s about to arrest Donald Trump. Rather than calling for calm, Donald Trump, as usual, decided to play right into their hands and call for protests to “take backContinue reading “Prudence in Uncertain Times”

Review: Blue Dawn & A Most Uncivil War

My friend and fellow Michigan Native, Blaine Pardoe, has done something not many have – He sent a chill down my spine with his Blue Dawn Series. And, unlike my dear friend Mark Sibley, Blaine is pumping the sequels out pretty quick. I just finished Book 2, “A Most Uncivil War”, and I have toContinue reading “Review: Blue Dawn & A Most Uncivil War”

Review: Brushbeater Scout & Recce Courses

I recently attended the Scout and Recce courses at Brushbeater. While NC Scout is a friend, he didn’t ask me to write this, and I have received nothing for it. This is an unbiased review. The TLDR of it this: TAKE THE COURSES. I know you’re afraid of the feds. Go to the class anywayContinue reading “Review: Brushbeater Scout & Recce Courses”

Seven Nights in the Field

Last week, I spent 8 days and 7 nights in the field attending NC Scout’s Scout and Recce courses at his facility in North Carolina. Later in the week, I will do a review of the courses, but for today, I want to talk about the gear and review some of it. “…The Lord is with you, mightyContinue reading “Seven Nights in the Field”