Is the NFAC a Danger?

Grandmaster Jay thinks he’s Black Panther

The Not F***ing Around Coalition is self-described as a black nationalist militia, affiliated with the Nation of Islam and the Black Hebrew Isrealites.  It is led by the enigmatic “Grandmaster Jay”, a self-proclaimed rapper, hip-hop producer, DJ, and (apparently) a 2016 Presidential Candidate.

They first appeared on July 4th, marching in a massive armed formation on Stone Mountain, Georgia, with approximately 400 armed and uniformed troops.

According to what I could gather, Grandmaster Jay claimed that they were responding to a KKK threat to begin killing black people on that day in that area.  He has produced exactly no evidence to support this claim, and no one has challenged him on it.

We all saw the video; Grandmaster Jay proclaiming them all to be highly-disciplined former military expert shooters.  The video proved the lie with a disorganized gaggle of people carrying airsoft guns, BB guns, at least one clearly jammed firearm, and apparently, at least one bow and arrow.  

After watching the video, it would be easy to write to them off as a bunch of LARPers playing weekend warrior.

Is that what we should do?

The prudent see danger and take refuge,

But the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

Proverbs 22:3

I think not.

The Real Grandmaster Jay’s real name is John Fitzgerald Johnson, and he ran for President as an independent during the 2016 campaign.  On his personal website, there is a photo of him in a room full of long guns, but appears that he photoshopped himself into it.  On a side note, there are several photos of him with hip hop elites that he appears to have photoshopped himself into.

A quick scan of his Facebook page will reveal that there are issues.  He is deeply racist.  He believes that African Americans cannot live peacefully with whites or with the Chinese, and he praises terror groups in Nigeria who have attacked the Chinese presence there.

He has an odd personal logo that he claims has some Aryan influence, which is at odds with his ideology, but then when someone challenged him on that, he immediately claimed that it’s ancient and that Aryan peoples stole the logo elements and that it’s too deep to explain to people (meaning it’s bull).

GM Jay’s Personal Logo

He is gathering a large militia of black only personnel (which is illegal), and they are flying a flag that shows several southern states in their own black-only nation.

During the Stone Mountain march, Grandmaster Jay used a loudspeaker to call out “rednecks”, the KKK, militia groups, and the “boogaloo boys”, whoever they are.  He challenged them to come out and fight.

Make no mistake, despite the speeches he gives on YouTube about not starting fights, Grandmaster Jay is seeking a violent confrontation with law enforcement or with white people in general.

The NFAC has announced plans to march in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend in support of Breonna Taylor, to demand that justice be served in her death. Based upon his own claims, they are going to meet and then march, heavily armed, to “some people’s houses” to ask questions.  He didn’t list who those people are, but he’s looking for a confrontation. During one of his live streams, he highly recommended wearing body armor for this march.

His live streams this week also addressed the glaring issues from the previous march, such as being familiar with your weapons, don’t bring anything that isn’t an actual firearm, and act professional.

He originally had directed the group to meet at noon at Central High School at 1130 W Chestnut, but there were several people, including me and our partners at the Mom-At-Arms blog (, who quickly pointed out that this would be a violation of state and federal law (bringing firearms onto school property).   A new location hasn’t been announced yet.

My assessment, and that of others I trust, is that Grandmaster Jay and the NFAC is a growing threat that is actively seeking a violent confrontation to touch off a set of escalating incidents.

Just because they don’t appear to be squared away doesn’t mean they can’t cause a lot of havoc, in fact, it means that because of their untrained state, they are MORE LIKELY to cause a conflict by over-reacting.

Grandmaster Jay himself implied that they defeated the Stone Mountain police so badly that the Louisville Police are afraid to confront the NFAC.  

The more that the NFAC is allowed to get away with their threats, the more emboldened they will become.

Grandmaster Jay claims to be based in Los Angeles (because what self-respecting hip hop king isn’t), yet there is nothing to substantiate that claim.  He was interviewed standing in front of a vehicle with Michigan License plates and there are photos of him in Flint, Michigan at a local radio station.  Ironically, when he talks about going to Louisville this weekend, he keeps saying “heading down to Louisville”, which you wouldn’t say if you were in Los Angeles, as LA is farther south (but you would if you were in say….Flint, Michigan).

Whoops, cover that plate

According to the Law of Land Warfare (Geneva/Hague Conventions), a militia can be legally classified as a belligerent if they:

  • Wear an identifiable uniform
  • Openly carry arms
  • Have a distinctive flag/insignia
  • Have an indentified leader or heirarchy of leadeship
  • Represent either a major power or a political cause

Sounds like they meet that description pretty well.

I’ll post an update after this weekend’s festivities in Louisville and we’ll re-assess the threat then.

Until then, keep on paying attention to local indicators (article coming on that), keep your vehicle fueled, and maintain a war footing. 

If anyone has any further VERIFIED data on the NFAC, feel free to share it here or email it to


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