How committed are you to the cause of freedom?  Do you want to retain your freedom of speech, religion, to peaceably assemble, and to keep & bear arms?

I ask about your level of commitment, because I have more observations from inside ANTIFA/BLM protests that should open your eyes.  They are far more committed to their cause than you are to resisting them, and even more than the government is.

Before I get into that though, let’s talk about what small groups of committed people have done throughout history.

During the American Revolution, only about 3% of the colonists actively fought the British.  The vast majority sat at home, because they didn’t want to “make waves”.  They discussed with their friends how the Continentals were doomed to lose, because how can you fight the most experienced and powerful military the world had ever known?  Sound familiar?  When the tide turned, and it became apparent that the existing government might lose, Loyalist militias formed up and rushed into the fight, but it was too late.  Want to guess what happened to the Loyalists who didn’t flee to Canada?

Afghanistan is known as the “Graveyard of Empires” because they have constantly been invaded by advanced militaries, but they always resist and win.  Think about just recent history….Since 1980, small groups of highly committed illiterate farmers with basic weaponry have successfully resisted the three most powerful & technologically advanced military forces in the world (I include NATO as a separate military).  It’s proof of the value of the highly-committed light infantryman in defense of his home.

Let’s talk about our current crop of Marxist revolutionaries in our streets.  They are highly committed to their cause.  Several of the people I track are attending 3-4 protests every single day, no matter the weather or conditions.  

Today, I was among them while they marched in a miserable mist that soaked everything through and made the walk horrible, but they did it.  Our side would have re-scheduled.  Be honest, you know it.

They are showing up increasingly armed.  Last weekend, they shot at least 6 people (I know, 5 of the victims were their own people, but that’s not the point).  This week, more people are showing up at these events armed and wearing level 3 and level 4 body armor.  They are showing up with goggles, helmets, bats, and other weapons, including firearms.

When I first started watching them closely, they were using a single radio channel for security and medical units.  Yesterday, at an anti-federal agent protest, they were using 3 different radio channels for different functions and coordinating between the different functions and channels seamlessly.  They are evolving into an effective organization, and we’re sitting on the couch sending tweets, thinking we’re “RESISTING” the Marxists.

Be honest, when was the last time you considered how you might communicate with your family, your fellow patriots, or your friends?  A few groups that I coordinate with (I don’t join groups, that’s how you get on a federal list) have set up radio and Zello App comm groups, but what have you done?  The time to consider this is NOW, not 5 minutes after the power goes out. 

They are increasingly showing up more medically prepared to treat gunshot wounds as well.  The first few events I attended, the medical staff consisted of girls in hot shorts handing out bottles of water.  Yesterday, there were medics in full gear, all wearing tourniquets on their gear and what appeared to be full IFAK’s.  Are you keeping a full Individual First Aid Kit handy throughout the day?

The media isn’t telling you the whole truth, either.  As part of my research, I’ve reviewed many of the videos that the protestors are posting online.  There is far more conflict with the police than what you are hearing about on the news.  A review of a few archived livestreams showed frequent street battles with police in riot gear that never made the news.  

Last night, the group By Any Means Necessary, which is known for violence, distributed the handout below at the McNamara Federal Building in Detroit.  I always doubt the authenticity of random typed documents appearing on the internet, but I was literally handed this document by a subject wearing a By Any Means Necessary shirt, and I have it on video, for evidentiary purposes.  That’s also why I dated and initialed the document.  

This document illustrates how strongly they believe that violence is the way to achieve their goals.  Notice that they denounce the Democratic Party as well.  They state clearly that they have no intention to allow an election to decide who leads this country.  If they aren’t going to wait for an election, what do you think they intend?

We, as a collective, need to get as committed as they are.  I keep seeing tweets that say “Just waiting for the word”…what if that word comes too late?  Or never comes?

We are allowing the left to dictate the narrative.  By not counter-protesting, or holding events of our own, we are allowing the impression to be created that there is no resistance to the demands of these Marxist revolutionaries (stop calling them anything else).

I know, I keep hearing people say, “But on the right, we have jobs” or “We value law and order”.  If you are willing to put those things as more important than your freedoms, you’ll lose them, along with your freedoms.  Answer me this…when is the right time to begin fighting back?

If we are truly as committed as they are, we need to stop writing them off as a fringe group.  A fringe group led the American Revolution and established a new nation.  THEY believe that is exactly what THEY are doing.

Begin by attending a rally and listening to the things they believe.  You will think they’re crazy and that their beliefs make no logical sense.  Understand…THAT DOES NOT MATTER ONE BIT.  Just because someone’s beliefs are illogical, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to kill you over them.  Read that again and again.  These people are so committed that they are willing to commit violence and potentially be killed to bring about their Marxist wishes.

Many on the right say, “I’ll fight if they come to my door or if they attack me”.  That’s a silly response, because they don’t need to come to your house or attack you to completely remove your freedoms and your way of life.  We need to get that through our heads…they don’t have to attack YOU, they have to attack our SYSTEM, and we’re letting them do that with ZERO resistance.

I know, you think the government will fight them.  Let me dispel that for you.  

First, when I first started going to the protests, the police were present and trying to maintain control.  This week, the police are GONE.  On a couple of instances, I saw the police literally turn around and drive away, rather than risk a confrontation. 

I’ve received the above warning twice from the Harper Woods Police.  Read it carefully, especially the last paragraph.  It tells you that they value the First Amendment…for the Marxists.  It very clearly warns you that if you disagree with BLM, YOU are not to exercise YOUR First Amendment Rights in favor of THEIRS.

Still think government is going to offer resistance?

Understand that the government has become a living entity, and like all living entities, it wants to thrive.  What better way for the government to grow and thrive than to allow a Marxist takeover of our system?  The bureaucracy would expand and the government would be guaranteed an ever-increasing role.

Still think the government is going to offer resistance?

“Yeah, but what about the federal agent surges Trump has promised”.  Easy.  Those agents are there to protect federal FACILITIES.  They aren’t ending the rioting and don’t intend to.  They are in place to protect the buildings that the bureaucracy occupies, don’t be deceived….Trump has limited authority in this.

When I was 17, I first swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.  As you can see by the documents they are handing out, they intend to set the Constitution aside.  I, too, struggle with the fact that we would be risking jobs and potential legal issues if we resist the Marxist takeover, so I did what I always do when I have doubts…I checked God’s Ultimate Tactical Handbook for Life, the Bible.

If a man vows a vow to the Lord,

Or swears an oath to bind himself to a pledge,

He shall not break his word.

He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.

Numbers 30:2

That is 100% clear and unequivocal.

Let me leave you with a couple of quotes from tonight’s closing speakers at the BLM rally. 

The first was speaking about impending foreclosures.  The speaker asked for “O.G.’s” (gang members) to show up at the addresses of foreclosures to physically resist the Sheriff’s Deputies from enforcing the court orders.

The second proclaimed “If you’re not resisting in a militant way, you’re not resisting”.

The left is HIGHLY COMMITTED to their cause and willing to use violence to acheive their goals. As this point, we aren’t.

We need to get as committed as they are and get off the couch.  Tweets will not save the Republic.


Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

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