Indications & Warnings

In the US intelligence community, particularly military intelligence, there is a section called Indications & Warnings, or “I & W”.  The role of the I & W section is to look for indicators that warn of impending enemy action.  

For example, if thermal imagery shows that there are heat blooms in the engines of tanks that were cold previously, it’s an indicator that those tanks are about to move.

The USMC has taken the process a bit further, through their Combat Hunter Program, taking skills of old backwoods hunters and scouts, and applying to them with lessons learned to develop an I & W section inside every Marine, enabling them to observe indicators in their immediate area.

The Combat Hunter Program instructs us to analyze our area of operations and develop a “baseline” or a day-to-day feel of what normal activity looks like.  Once you have a baseline established, you can easily detect the anomalies that point to potential issues.  For example, If there is normally a bustling city market, but when you walked in this time it’s empty, there’s a good chance something bad is about to happen.  It’s an indicator, that should also be a warning.

This practice agrees with God’s Ultimate Tactical Handbook:

The prudent see danger and take refuge,

But the simple keep going and pay the penalty

Proverbs 22:3

That’s one of my favorites, because it encompasses the heart of tactical awareness.  If you don’t know that you are in danger, you will walk right into the trap.  Be alert & aware, and you won’t.

This concept is found elsewhere as well, not just in the Bible.  

The Hávamál, a Viking text attributed to Odin, has this to say:

At every door-way, ere one enters,

One should spy round, one should pry round,

For uncertain is the witting

That there be no foeman sitting

within, before one on the floor

Verse 1

The Hávamál

Being aware of your surroundings and the changes within them is the easiest way to ensure your own safety.  Remember, the police readily admit that they aren’t coming, so you are indeed on your own.  

Expanding this out to a larger context, analyze all world events through this same lens, and you’ll be more prepared through it.  For example, being aware of planned protests will keep you from trapped inside one of these impromptu roadblocks.  

We saw in Indianapolis over the weekend, two men draw handguns to try to stop a pickup truck.  Make no mistake, those two men were a deadly threat.  Treat such things accordingly.  

I know I mention these two warnings a lot, but they are important….Do a Facebook event search for all protest groups in your area EVERY SINGLE DAY, because Facebook is where they coordinate.  The second one is to sign up for Nixle and include every area that you travel to in your alert settings.  I’d rather delete unneeded texts than not know about an emergency on my route.

I began my project of going to protests by using the Combat Hunter guidelines.  I first established a baseline of what normal looks like at these events to then be able to notice anomalies, while making sure that I fit into the baseline (so that I wasn’t an anomaly to them).  Now, I’m seeing more and more anomalies, such as open wearing of body armor and open carry of firearms.

This is an indicator and warning.  This is telling us that the left is ramping up for more violence.  I posted a document I was handed by a leftist protestor that said that they cannot allow an election to decide who runs the country because even the DNC isn’t extreme enough.  That’s an indicator & warning of potential civil war.  I’m not exaggerating; not using hyperbole; it’s an observation and their own words.

A few days ago, a black man walked up to his 5 year old neighbor and shot him point blank in the head, killing a little boy for riding his bike onto his lawn.  The media hasn’t mentioned it outside the local news.  That’s an indicator.

Yesterday, a man attempted to rush the Secret Service Checkpoint at the White House, and was shot by the Secret Service.  That’s an indicator.

Ironically, a leftist group also is announcing a campaign to “lay siege” to the White House beginning in September.  They aren’t using the military term by mistake.  They didn’t say protest; which is Constitutionally protected, they said “lay siege”, which is a violation of 18 USC 2385 (Advocating The Overthrow of the United States).  Another indicator.

The selection of Kamala Harris today as the Vice Presidential pick was another indicator.  She hasn’t registered in a single poll since May 29th, when she got 3%.  Her highest rating ever in the whole election cycle was 5%, which put her in 4th place.  For a guy who already has issues, Kamala Harris was the worse possible pick if you wanted to actually win the election.  She is widely unpopular, especially with Black voters.

The only way in which her selection makes any sense if the DNC already concedes that they are going to lose the race, and they intend to point at Harris and claim that the loss was due to America’s systemic racism to increase tensions and bring more rioters into the streets.

If you don’t think this is possible, ask yourself why RINO King John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.  Simple…he wanted to let Barack Obama win, and be able to point at his running mate as the reason he lost.  She looked so much like Tina Fey, that to this very day, people still claim Palin said that she could see Russia from her house, when it was actually Fey doing a parody who said it.

Many people ask me why I’m so sure that the left wants uncontrolled violence in the streets.  It’s simple, yet people think that it can’t happen here.

The intent, based on my study of the indicators and warnings, is to increase the violence to a level that they can declare an emergency, remove President Trump forcefully, and point at the Constitution as the document that allowed all of this to happen.  Once they do that, they can set it aside and re-write it.

I know, seems far-fetched.  

If a year ago today, I told you that you would be forbidden from entering a church or going to a funeral, you’d be wearing a mask everywhere, and the government would dictate which direction you can walk in grocery store aisles and how many friends you visit at once, you would have been saying it was “far-fetched” while calling mental health authorities on me, but here we are today and all of it is the “new normal”.

Remember Andrew Yang and how he got the entire left on board with Universal Basic Income, but we screamed NO and it came off the table?  Then along comes the CoronaVirus, and we’ve implemented UBI with unending extra unemployment benefits that are discouraging people from returning to work.

See how this works yet?

The entire field of DNC candidates ran on law enforcement reform and prison abolition.  The ideas were rejected by voters on both sides, so they came off the table.  Along comes the CoronaVirus and we emptied the prisons & jails, and eliminated bail requirements.  Predictably, crime has skyrocketed, but we aren’t putting anyone in jail.  As far as law enforcement reform, we had one questionable incident and ever since then police and private citizens have been arrested and charged for things that aren’t even crimes.

Each one of these taken singly seems to be a different scenario, but each one is an indicator of the direction of things to come.  Put them all together and the only conclusion you can draw is that BOTH SIDES are allowing you to be forced to accept the far left agenda, without legislation, without referendums.

Are you seeing the indicators and being prudent?  Or are you being simple and walking into danger unaware?

We need to start taking action instead of tweeting.  Our opposition is in the streets every day, armed, ready for battle, taking more ground.  We are sitting at home complaining.  Yes, even me, despite the fact that I am at least getting out and gathering intelligence, I’m not doing enough.

And violent crime has skyrocketed, as has political violence, increasing your personal risk.

One side is fighting an insurgency, and we aren’t showing up.

Let me leave you with two verses that are remarkably similar, despite being from two different sources, both commanding you to arm yourselves and be ready.

Neither I, nor my brothers, nor my men,

Nor the guards with us took off our clothes,

Each had his weapon, even when he went for water.

Nehemiah 4:23

Holy Bible/Torah

Let a man never stir on his road a step

Without his weapons of war;

For unsure is the knowing when need shall arise

Of a spear on the way without.

Verse 38

The Hávamál

Be safe, be aware, and TRAIN.

Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

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