Self-Defense Climate Change

Have you had enough of 2020 yet?  Honestly, if October 1st rolls around and either aliens land from space or the reptilian under-lords emerge from underground, I won’t even shrug.  

I can however, report that 2020 has proven that climate change is REAL.  No, not that climate.  The self-defense climate has completely changed, and regardless of your political leanings, you need to understand what this means.  You need to IMMEDIATELY adjust your self defense plans to match the current legal climate.

The current climate means that certain activities are protected by the police & courts, and certain others, which would normally be lawful, are now being treated with zero tolerance.

As an example, armed protestors are stopping cars that are just trying to drive down the road.  If you hit the armed people in the road and drive away, you will be arrested, and they will not.

Last weekend, in Hollywood, California, a crowd of 300 blocked a road and began harassing drivers.  One driver, in a Prius of all things, drove out of the crowd, yet the protestors mounted up in two vehicles and chased the subject down, pinning the vehicle in.  The protestors got out and immediately began breaking windows with poles, bats, and skateboards, trying to pull the driver out the window, so the driver backed up into a vehicle that was part of the assault, and then drove off.  A short time later, that driver was ARRESTED AT GUNPOINT.  Not the pursuers who attacked him, but the person who used what would normally be lawful self-defense tactics to flee.  Arrested at GUNPOINT.

The next day, the police issued a statement, due to massive public pressure.  I expected them to apologize, but they defended their actions and even stated that they chased down another vehicle who fled from the crowd as well.

The week prior to that, a man inside his own house had a large group surround his house, chanting at him, and threatening him.  I heard one protestor say over a loud speaker “You don’t know what we have pointed at you right now”.  The man armed himself and showed the shotgun at the window.  While that wasn’t a smart move, it’s a gray area because while every state has brandishing laws, none has clearly defined what “brandishing” is and brandishing must generally be done in PUBLIC, not your own home.

Sure enough, the police arrived, and did the bidding of the hostile crowd that moments before had been threatening to harm a man for flying a Trump flag, and arrested the man.  As soon as the police left with the man, the crowd sprayed the house with graffiti.

We are seeing time and again, the crowds instigating a confrontation, and the police arresting people who resist the crowd.  

During one of the early protests, a Dallas business owner was attacked, and he fought off two men who were trying to hit his head on the pavement.  He shot and killed the third, and despite the local prosecutor ruling the shooting lawful, a “special prosecutor” filed murder charges.  The man took his own life last week.

This begs the question…Has our nation already been lost?  

Last weekend, highly publicized video went out showing police officers rounding up a church group that was meeting in a public park, socially distanced.  The legal issue was that the State had banned worship gatherings.  Most people who saw it wrongly assumed it occurred in California, but it happened in MOSCOW, IDAHO.  Yes, really.

Has our country already been lost?

Some police departments and chiefs are trying to stand against this, but they are being fired and branded as racists (no matter what their race).

Most famously, Chief Craig here in Detroit has taken a stand.  He stated clearly on the first nights that criminality will not be tolerated.  On August 23rd, a BLM/Antifa group tried to establish an autonomous zone (exactly like I predicted) on Woodward Avenue.  The police moved in and a riot ensued.  Of course, the ones who were unlawfully seizing territory by force claimed that the police “attacked” them.

The following Monday, the protestors filed a federal lawsuit and almost immediately an injunction was granted preventing the police from using riot batons, expandable batons, tear gas, pepper spray, flash-bangs, acoustic devices, and smoke against the protestors.  Chief Craig immediately responded that he hasn’t seen a peaceful protestor yet, but the injunction stands, allowing the protestors control of the streets.

If the police can’t defend themselves or the city against the mob, what do you think the courts will do with you?

Most police departments are not engaging at all with the mob.  They are letting them block streets, scream at people, and harass diners with impunity.  Invariably, you’ll see police standing by, just in case you attempt to defend yourself.

So, what does this mean for someone concerned with self-defense?  Well, it means a few things.

First, practice Don’t-Be-There-Jitsu and avoid areas where protests take place.  This isn’t always possible, but pay attention and do what you can.

Second, stop with the online comments, because they are being used against you.  As an example, a couple of men commented on what they would do to rioters if they were in Kyle Rittenhouse’s situation, then they drove towards Kenosha.  One night, while they sat at a hotel, federal agents arrived and arrested them.  Among the evidence presented for the arrest warrants were their social media posts.  The same thing happened with the Dallas bar owner who killed himself.  While the local prosecutor only relied on what happened that night, the Special Prosecutor scoured months of social media posts for evidence.

I know, you’re going to say, “But my First Amendment rights”.  Understand that the First Amendment is DEAD.  They’re arresting people for worship, arresting people who lawfully assemble for the “wrong” causes, and are using your free speech to lock you up.  WE’VE ALREADY LOST.   

Third, set aside your pride.  If you’re trapped in a restaurant, do what they ask, it means nothing.  However, if you resist and are arrested, the protestors and their friends will DESTROY you. 

The same applies to traffic.  If you’re driving and see a crowd ahead, throw it in reverse and leave.  Make a U Turn, illegal left, whatever.  I’d rather get a traffic citation than be charged with attempted murder by a liberal prosecutor for resisting the mob.

Lastly, my friend sent me this picture earlier today.  It’s a banner on the side of a local Target store.  The words “By the order of the State” should chill you to the bone and wake you up from the normalcy bias.

If they can order you to wear a face covering (notice they dropped the word “mask”), they can order you to do anything.  Decide right now what level of tyranny you’ll accept.

Many say, well, if they come to my house, I’ll resist then.  They don’t need to come to your house.  They’ve already won.

Understand your local self defense climate and adjust your personal self defense plan.  What was permissible 6 months ago will land you in prison today.  Adapt.  

Or, better yet, decide to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

4 thoughts on “Self-Defense Climate Change

  1. This year has been something else. I agree as you pointed out, personal defense tactics should be re-evaluated and adapted accordingly. The same can be said for other personal emergency preparedness and response plans. I think it was about a month ago I blogged about the need to update personal threat assessments (which should be done with a regular cadence anyway).

    One thing I’ve internalized and I suggest others do the same is that change is underway. Whether we like it or not, there is no going back to the old normal. So what do we do from here? As you suggest, every single person can and should get involved (by taking the high road) and help shape the new normal for the sake of liberty. I suggest starting locally. Get involved with the neighborhood, the community, and the city/township/whatever. Choose words and actions wisely. Standing by idly means accepting or at least tolerating whatever the new normal is (as it is defined by others).

    Just my $0.02.


  2. So if the police are defunded, aren’t those liberal prosecutors out of a job? Who will bring the criminals to court? With no police, WE police ourselves. I say keep your loved ones close and your aim sharp. The silent majority has been quiet long enough..


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