72 Hours

My preparedness philosophy revolves around the idea that at any given point in time, you are no more than 72 hours from a complete and total collapse. This may seem extreme, but let me give a historical context. The most recent example is Afghanistan. We spent years training their new military and they fell withinContinue reading “72 Hours”

Jack Lawson’s Review of the book Tactical Wisdom

By Jack Lawson, Author of the Civil Defense Manual Rare does a book catch my attention like Tactical Wisdom. It could have been authored by my alter ego. But the Author, Joe Dolio, has created what I consider a companion and must-read book to my book the Civil Defense Manual. His book “Tactical Wisdom TW-01Continue reading “Jack Lawson’s Review of the book Tactical Wisdom”

The Government View on Prepping

I have long said that the government views people into preparedness (“preppers”) as a threat. Many people point at the FEMA website http://www.ready.gov and say “See, you’re wrong. They want you prepared.” Have you really looked at their guidance? Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of great information on that site. However, thatContinue reading “The Government View on Prepping”


In these days of government over-reach and open militia groups on both the left and the right, it’s time to discuss a sensitive topic. Counter-Surveillance is a key tool in preparedness. Every time I start talking about stuff like this, people say, “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, why worry?”. Don’t fall into that trap;Continue reading “Counter-Surveillance”