Self-Defense is on Trial

TFW Your own witness just destroyed your case on cross.

As we are all watching the Kenosha Kid fight for his freedom, we need to understand that are bigger issues at stake and consider some things. The evidence that has come to light during the trial tends to indicate that charges never should have been filed, as this was a clear-cut case of self-defense.

If he is found guilty, then there is NO CIRCUMSTANCE in which you would be justified in using self-defense, ever again. It’s that important.

But if you’ve been following this blog for more than 10 minutes, you already knew that. The State and Federal systems have suspended self-defense laws FOR CERTAIN GROUPS, especially when defending against rioters. So, then, what is this trial REALLY about and how can we, as preparedness-minded people, plan for the implications?

This prosecution, and several others like it, are about teaching you that you cannot resist the Marxist takeover of America and the BLM/ANTIFA rioters. That’s the TRUE reason this case is progressing at all. The purpose, just like the unconstitutional jailing of the January 6th defendants, is meant to warn you not to resist.

Even worse, it’s WORKING.

Last week, I put out a tweet and article about men standing around while a woman was assaulted in their presence on a train. The VAST MAJORITY of men who responded (to be honest, out of their own guilty feelings) said that they wouldn’t get involved because they would be afraid to get arrested, lose their jobs, or be labeled a racist.

In other words, these malicious prosecutions are having the desired effect of making people afraid to stand up and resist the violence. Guess what? If no one opposes it, it will only get worse. It won’t skip over you, just because you didn’t resist it.

I always let the Ultimate Tactical Handbook, God’s Word, guide me. Here’s what He has to say when the helpless are attacked in your presence:

Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

Psalm 82:4

But you and I can’t do anything to change this situation. Why then am I bringing it up? To get you to consider a piece of Tactical Wisdom and then make some adjustments:

The prudent see danger and take refuge,
    but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

Proverbs 27:12/22:3

It’s so important, that Solomon included it TWICE.

I frequently recommend carrying and having available a body-worn camera. Some of the feedback I get is “But if I have to do that, it means things are terrible”. Yes. That’s true. Things are terrible, whether you want to admit it or not. We must start seeing things as they are, not as we want them to be. News Flash: It will get WAY worse before it gets any better at all.

As I discuss some of these things, there may be Amazon affiliate links, and they do financially benefit us to keep the site going. In all honesty, as much as we hate Bezos, he can get you the gear the fastest. With that piece of legal necessity out of the way…

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Having available a body worn camera can prevent you from being at the mercy of the FBI. Yes, I said it. This case has FULLY exposed the FBI. First, they presented a very grainy, IR version of video. When word came out that they had an 8K HD version, they first denied it, then said they lost it, then magically produced it. Obviously, the HD version supports Kyle’s position, not the State’s. If instead, you had a video that you made from your perspective, that you made multiple copies of, you wouldn’t be at their mercy.

But why not use your cell phone camera? Because wearing a pen camera or similar frees your hands to defend yourself or escape. You might need to make a call, and that would end your video. Just get one and keep it available for when bad things start to happen.

Another push back I get is “but if I do something I shouldn’t, it can be used against me”. Then don’t do things you shouldn’t. Act appropriately.

The next thing is, whenever possible, practice “Don’t-Be-There-Jitsu”, which is the martial art of avoiding places where bad things are happening. In his outstanding book (available below), my friend, South African Author Charles Marais sums it up best: “Don’t go to stupid places at stupid hours with stupid people doing stupid things”. Man, Dale Carnegie never offered such great advice.

Learn some type of martial art. Knowing a martial art develops confidence. It also gives you the skills to defend yourself if absolutely necessary. I won’t get into a discussion about which martial art you should study, because I think you should study as many as you can. Learn what works for YOU. Martial arts are also great for fitness and flexibility. Most, if they are truly martial arts and not just a sport (I’m looking at you, TKD), will teach you how to fall without getting hurt. Think about this…how many times have you been attacked versus how many times have you fallen down? See, it will help. Also, literally any martial art is better than the one most of you are doing now, which is nothing. No, Twitter fighting (which I am the Grand Master at), is NOT a martial art and this won’t be won with snarky tweets.

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One of the topics brought up in the trial was whether the young lad attempted to help the first person he shot. I’ve long said that anyone who carries a firearm for defense has an obligation to be able to treat a gunshot wound and to carry a medical kit if you carry a gun. From a trial standpoint, being able to demonstrate that you had medical gear available and attempted to provide aid is going to help. Buy lots of medical kits and keep them everywhere. You can never go wrong with one.

That evening, amid all that chaos, cell networks were overwhelmed, and the members of the security team got separated. Having handheld radios on each team member can help, especially since they had men on a roof, which would have given them much longer radio range. Get radios and require your entire team to operate with the same programming file. Everyone must have spare batteries. You should consider, if mounting a static security operation to defend a location like they did, having a more powerful base station radio and longer antenna with you as well. Having a dedicated radio operator to keep track of everyone could have gotten backup to Rittenhouse and prevented the whole chain of events. This could even be vehicle mounted, although portable and on the roof is better.

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While these are all things I mention a lot, they are vital. That’s why I keep mentioning them.

This brings me to the final warning. This case is winding down and it appears that Rittenhouse will be found not guilty, at least of the murder charges. George Floyd’s nephew and other ANTIFA/BLM figures are already threatening violent action if Rittenhouse is not convicted. This morning, Deputies found a man trying to get video of the faces of the jurors, likely for retaliation.

You should be upping your preparedness and operating at a higher alert level for the remainder of the trial and immediately after. Dreadful things are coming in the aftermath, whether they are protests about an acquittal or celebratory events for a conviction.

The prudent see danger and take refuge, or so I’ve heard.

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