The Summer of Love (Again)

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Just like the lyrics to ‘Pride In The Name of Love” by U2, “Early Morning, April 4, a shot rings out….”, a tragedy occurred the morning of April 4 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Just after 8 AM, a GRPD officer stopped a vehicle driven by Patrick Lyoya for improper plates. Lyoya would fail to provide ID, then run and eventually fight the officer.

The video clearly shows Lyoya take the taser from the officer before the officer shoots and tragically kills Lyoya. This article isn’t about the shooting, but if you want a very serious breakdown of every step of the incident, check out our new YouTube channel, which can be found at:

The focus of this article is, as always, preparedness. We would be remiss if we didn’t note that the weather is warming up, and the US has a critical mid-term election coming in the fall. A reminder from the Ultimate Tactical Handbook is in order:

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

Proverbs 27:12 (NLT)

When the shooting first happened, I predicted that the terrible optics of an officer shooting a black man in the back of the head would lead to protests and give the incident the longevity that certain groups were looking for to re-invigorate their agenda. Within hours, Ben Crump and all the usual suspects were en route to Grand Rapids.

As soon as the police department released the video, the “execution of an unarmed prisoner” narrative began running wild, despite clear evidence to the contrary. Inflammatory comments led to scenes like this:

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Never mind that the imagery is not rooted in reality (remember “Hands up, don’t shoot), it fit the narrative. I warned immediately that violent protests would ensue and on Saturday night, Grand Rapids experienced serious protests by a large number of armed people and several armed encounters.

For our purposes, it’s important to note that once again, the police surrendered the streets and reverted to defending City government buildings, and citizens trapped in the protest zone were left on their own. At one point, BLM and New Black Panther Party protestors trapped a vehicle at an intersection and an armed man approached the driver. Fortunately, they let him go, but imagine how this could have went.

Man Threatening Driver

The next night, as I predicted, rioting spread to Portland, Oregon. The protestors attacked and attempted, once again, to burn down the police station. They put out a statement that the riot was revenge for the killing of Lyoya.

As people interested in preparedness, the most glaring difference this time around is that the protest groups arrived heavily armed, including with long guns, and in body armor. These are significant escalations.

Over at Forward Observer (, Mike and his team have been reporting on multiple training sessions being held across the country to train armed leftist groups in firearms and combat tactics. We are seeing ANTIFA embedded in Rojava and Ukraine, to gain combat experience. This new Summer of Love will be different.

In the meantime, another police shooting has occurred outside of Pittsburgh, and we have seen two days of protesting there.

As our Tactical Wisdom above says, the prudent see danger and take precautions. We need to adjust our plans to include preparations, once again, to be ready for spontaneous protests.

Begin by double-checking your Get Home Bag. Ensure that you have adjusted it for the seasonal change. Springtime means more rain, so you need rain gear. Consider adding a face mask and a couple of hats for quick appearance changes and a black hoodie or packable jacket for blending in. Self-defense items are not a bad thing to add either.

Monitor social media groups locally to remain aware of potential protest activity, so that you can plan your day to avoid them. If a protest develops while you are somewhere, immediately develop a plan and switch to your alternate route.

If you happen across a protest, stop and turn around, and go the other way. We all like to talk tough about what we would do when an armed man approaches our car or these people try to block you in, but reality must intrude. The current legal situation is NOT in favor of lawful self-defense. Also, you serve no purpose by lawfully defending yourself against one guy, just to be killed by the mob before you can get away. Avoid conflict by being prepared and planning.

If you find yourself in a protest area for an extended time, like if you’re stuck at work or in a hotel, you can gather information. Watch for agitators, some may be known to you from previous events and document their activity. If you have a police scanner with a search or “close call” function, listen to determine what frequencies the protest groups are using (they use the same Baofengs as everyone else).

Developing a database of personalities, their vehicles, and their known radio frequencies could turn out to be very helpful should things eventually develop kinetically. It will allow you to know who to avoid (I say that for the Feds who read this).

If you think I’m ringing the alarm bells too early, I want to share with you an email about this event I received earlier today. They literally compare it to George Floyd and falsely claim that Lyoya was unarmed (he was armed with the officer’s taser). They are going to use this all summer. Prepare yourself.

Change.Org Email

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Published by JD

I am the author of the Tactical Wisdom Series. I am a personal protection specialist and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. I conduct preparedness and self-defense training.

6 thoughts on “The Summer of Love (Again)

  1. The old adage “Stay Away from Crowds” now should be “Stay Out of Cities”. Yet most people who are Not already in a fully Rural AO can come up with an Infinite Number of Excuses as to why they HAVE to be/go into Urban Areas.
    The Time is NOW to Stop that…. Flat-out re-arrange your Life so that you NEVER have to enter a “Blue Hive”. Even if that means Moving/changing Jobs, it’s Time to Get it Done.

    I fully agree with the idea that this Summer will see an Escalation of commie/thug ‘protests’ (mostly Peaceful, BTW) and the possibility of Violent (read Firearms) Escalation is higher than ever. What happens when, (not If) a bigger incident than Kyle Rittenhouse did, occurs, i.e. Multiple Defenders with lots more Firepower than the ‘mob’? Most of these blm/antifa ‘protests’ that I have seen are such Target-Rich Environments that someone with an M-1A, HK-91, AR-10 or any .30-Caliber Semi-Auto Rifle could create a true “Mass Casualty Event” in 3-5 Minutes. From 300 Meters+.

    That would change the ‘political dynamics’ of ‘gun control’ in a bigger way than ever before – the feral government and its commie ‘Owner$’ would of course, use it to (try to) “Ban Guns”, but what about the other side of this equation? What happens when People see how Effective ‘shooting back’ actually Works?

    But of course, if our esteemed ‘leaders’ keep it up with Poking the Bear, we could all be Playing Nuclear War by the Summertime….

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