It Will Just Be OK….

Friend, I know it seems like the economy is crashing all over the world. I know your grocery bill that was $150 is now $245. I know gas is over double what it was before the election. I know that every petty dictator in the world is pushing their boundaries. More importantly, I know thatContinue reading “It Will Just Be OK….”

Making A Stand

There’s a country song (No, not a country fan) that says, “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” The events of the last year in general, and the last 2 weeks, tell me that it’s time to revisit that idea. As our country continues to call anyone who criticizes the governmentContinue reading “Making A Stand”

Review – USMC One Man Combat Tent

Anyone who has read any of my writings knows that I advocate training in low-profile camping. By low profile, I mean stealth/hidden from view. In a WROL society, other people mean risk. Our best defense is being as unseen as we can be. In the Baseline Training Manual, I advocate buying a small 2-person backpackingContinue reading “Review – USMC One Man Combat Tent”