Action Steps – 4th Of July Weekend

The “Night of Rage” may have been a bust, but the left is still indeed out in the streets, taking action, and some events happened that have us wanting to issue some reminders and help you prepare for the holiday weekend. This weekend is the 4th of July, a holiday that Marxist extremists hold inContinue reading “Action Steps – 4th Of July Weekend”

Technology is Not Your Friend

As you all know by now, I advocate a low-tech to no-tech approach. Mostly, this is because we can’t rely on having the ability to connect to a network, or to even charge and power our devices. Being low-to-no tech keeps us able to function. Recently, however, a couple of events have me leaning evenContinue reading “Technology is Not Your Friend”

It Can’t Happen Here

When I talk about food shortages, a lot of folks roll their eyes and call me alarmist. They say, “Yes, but this is AMERICA. It can’t happen here.” Ok, let’s talk about that. As I type this, around 290 thousand Ohioans are in the dark and without power on the hottest day of the yearContinue reading “It Can’t Happen Here”

It’s Time, Christians

I won’t share photos or video here, but over the weekend, as Pride Month got into full swing, we saw footage of allegedly “Family Friendly Drag Shows” at adult bars all over the country. As if a strip show is ever “Family Friendly”. The videos included small children sticking money in the underwear of strippingContinue reading “It’s Time, Christians”

Brushbeater RTO Course Review

I’ve gotten to know NC Scout over the last few months by doing podcasts with him roughly once a week. I advertise with him, and we always have a great conversation on his podcast. When I checked out his training schedule ( and saw that he was running a series of radio-related courses here inContinue reading “Brushbeater RTO Course Review”